Mid week teaser and more

Hello, hello! It’s Wednesday and that means teaser time….

“…I sense the weight of it around us, he’s overcome, so touched that it moves me to tears, but it’s the last thing I want to do. Affected as I am myself, I feel it should be an utterly happy moment. I smile, doing the only thing I can think of to lighten the mood. From beneath my head I grab the pillow, watching him, watching me, his eyes turning bemused as a little frown forms on his brow. Lifting my pelvis I shove the pillow beneath it, elevating my hips just like Christian’s collection of baby-making websites explained to do after sex.

I sink my teeth into the kiss-swelled fullness of my bottom lip, fighting the giggle trying to escape when his look turns to surprise, my own amused face telling him that I know all about his little illicit baby-making searches. After a fleeting second of bewilderment a sheepish grin cracks over his face.

He shakes his head, chuckling, “You got me.”…”

Happy news:

Also, I have some super exciting news to share with you. As you already may know, Meander is being translated in Italian, and through another group of enthusiastic FSOG lovers, will also now be translated into Portuguese. The Super Hot Translators (SHT) team, a group of Fifty Shades fans that meet on Facebook, is handling this love job. The chapters will be posted as they get translated. I am deeply touched and flattered by this honour, and would like to thank the SHT team, and especially Vivi Cordeiro, for their generous efforts in brining you the Portuguese version of Meander.


Please find it in the sidebar, just below the Italian translated version.

Thank you Ladies! 😉

Movie news – or maybe not…

Then, the rumour mill is doing what it always does, spitting up titbits for us to chew on. The latest one, and I’ve heard this from two sources, though that doesn’t translate to truth, is that Alex Pettyfer has taken on the role of Christian Grey. Please note that this, as far as I know, is not confirmed. I’ve not seen this news on the Movie sites that I follow – people who claim to have the inside track on what’s happening with our beloved book’s silver screen version which is, at least in my mind, fast becoming a dream instead of a real possibility….

ap  ap1

Personally, he’s not my choice, but I shall remain vigilant to see if I can get absolute conformation….

Thank you Josy83 for the heads-up on the info!

35 thoughts on “Mid week teaser and more

  1. Anna says:

    Oh no no no please!! Don’t get me wrong he’s cute and all that, but he’s too skinny and not sexy enough for Christian. I’m starting to dread this film cos I know I’m going to be disappointed, I’d rather keep CG in my imagination.


    • Josy83 says:

      Hey Anna, I’m totally with you on that. I don’t want to provoke any Alex P. supporters but I think he’s way too young and just doesn’t look right. Having said that, I’m not even able to name my favorite choice. I’ve a certain CG in my mind and I just know that nobody will live up to that. Whoever they’re going to choose, there will be happy as well as disappointed faces all over the FSOG-world.


    • Monique Lain says:

      I’m with you on that Anna, wayyy too many expectations to fulfil! 😉


  2. Fiona Fraser says:

    Hi Monique, Glad your back & thanks again for your teaser..love it, as usual!! I’m with you on this so called ‘film’. It’s so frustratingly slow, that I think they are just doing this on purpose. I bet they are sitting back thinking that when it does open, there will be thousands of horny & frustrated women/men who have been brought to this level of distraction by their teasing!!!! LOL! Very cunning on their behalf. I just want them to announce the cast at least to put us out of our miseries. My choice is Matt & Alexis, but at this stage, I just want to know!


  3. Kym Thomas says:

    Monique glad your back, This teaser seems like it is going to make us girls & guys alike have a giggle whilst we loose ourselves in the alluring lives of CG and Anna, I will be waiting with anticipation for the full chapter. Thank You ❤


  4. Andrea says:

    What an awww moment 🙂 can’t wait to read the rest!


  5. paoladonati says:

    I’m happy, congratulations!




  6. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique, few things to say here as usual lol
    Congratulations on getting Meander translated into Portuguese, it is a fabulous story and I really don’t know why you don’t have a published book
    Alex Pettyfer??? I hope not!
    Midweek teaser – hmmm as usual you leave us wanting more, I don’t know if this means more baby making adventures or what but I look forward to finding out x


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Katherine! Thank goodness turns out not to be true! And thank you for the congrats. I don’t have a book because I’m writing Meander! LOL! 😉 Hope the chapter lived up to the teaser! 😉


  7. Sheila says:

    Welcome back Monique, good news about the translation, well done to you.
    Alex is a nice young man but he is not my choice for Christian, but we will have to wait and see what EL James thinks. I have to agree with Anna, I do not want to be disappointed with this film but if I am not keen on the actor chosen for Christian, I know it will spoil the film for me.
    Love the teaser, thank you again.


  8. atterbury (Liz) says:

    Monique, After the Boo! on FB and this teaser you have my smiles today! I am with Anna up top about the movie. So happy for you going even more global! Everyone should be able to enjoy Meander!! It’s the best! Hope you had some fun on your trip. See you soon, xx, L


  9. Corinna says:

    Hi Monique,
    Glad you’re back !!! I love your teaser, thank you.
    I’m with you with the movie, it’s a pain in the a… 😉
    I think no actor can fit our imaginations, but Alex is it definitivly NOT, he’s only 23 and only 5.9 ft tall.
    Can’t wait for Friday


  10. Janien Meissner says:

    So happy to find a teaser today! Very nice! Your story should be translated in more languages . I would do the Dutch one ……
    Alex as Christian……no, not my choice! They should pick an unknown actor I think. And it is taking much to long!
    Monique, are you writing your own book? I hope so!
    Ik zou het direkt kopen!! Xxxx Janien


  11. Gayle says:

    Who is your choice Monique ? Is it arid hard Armitage?.;)


  12. Gayle says:

    Richard that is


  13. sassygurl says:

    Hi Monique. That’s an old rumor which started because he was asked by director Guy van Sant to play CG in his director audition. Alex does not look like Christian. I’m still a Henry Cavill fan and Amelia Clarke fan.


  14. dlk6995 says:

    That pic…a far shot as Ehan, but definitely NOT Christian…NO WAY~ That would NOT be a “HOT~Christian~” lol
    Now as far as the mid-week teaser…….OH YEAH~~Monique!!! HOT HOT HOT for sure……I cannot wait to read a full Chapter….I just knew that Christian would be in a mood that would be hard to name!!! Likely so, though as he is so anxious to reproduce with his Ana!!
    As much fun as them two have~~~making love~~~Monique, when you describe the best sex ever, then the baby making sex~~you so bring that level of sexuality up like 10 notches!!! It’s like the best sex them two will have had together trying to make a baby!!! You just know how to bring it Monique….keep it coming………..love love love all you do with your magical pen to paper………thank you…….Diana


  15. twinkie55 says:

    Welcome back Monique. Congratulations, you deserve the phenomenal growth in followers because you are great. I cannot wait for the new chapter….Now I will be very disappointed if this Alex is picked for the role. He is just not, nee, Christian.


  16. skinsavant says:

    thank you for sharing your great news!!! congrats!
    alex petyfer is a handsome guy but not as christian grey. i’ve seen most of his recent movies and watched his interviews…he doesn’t have the “christian grey” aura or energy in him…sorry!


  17. Vivi Cordeiro says:

    I was so thrilled by the honor, and especially, for you have mentioned my name. Very happy with this honor. Thank you for the opportunity, I love being able to be in touch with you.

    You are a sweet person.

    Vivi Cordeiro


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