Between the covers book club

Hello Ladies!

I hope you’ve had a lovely week and looking forward to a little bit of Jesse Ward coming up! Is anyone aware of why we can’t pre-order This Man Confessed from anywhere? I would hate to miss the moment of release! 😉

book club

I was really looking forward to reading more on my holiday but so far, I’ve failed miserably!

This week I read:


Lockout by Maya Cross, book two in the Alpha Group series. I’ve said it before, I dislike how short they are, in fact, I believe they were meant to be single book instead of a series of three, but I do like them. I think they are a refreshing take on the FSOG theme without feeling like a poor copy.

On my shelf (I WISH I HAD)……


This Man Confessed by Jodie Ellen Malpas, book three in the This Man series and the BIG news of the coming reading week. I personally cannot wait to take me a fresh bite of the wild ride that is Mr. Jesse Ward. The release date is the 2nd July and I’m waiting with baited breath, impatiently tapping my fingers on my Amazon Kindle app until then.

If you’ve not read this series then do yourself a favour. It’s voted by my blog readers as one of the top 8 reads after FSOG. It’s intense but awesome!


book j5

Happy reading ladies!

Monique x


This and that…

Dear readers

I have big news to share about our long awaited FSOG movie! E L James has just announced it’s release date: 1 August  2014…

Cue fireworks…. YAY!

Fsog boys 1

I am also extremely flattered. An awesome reader who goes by the acronym of M.A.C (Monique, Ana & Christian) 🙂 has written a little poem for me/Meander and I love it!


Thank you M.A.C! 😀

Corinna has made another suggestion for our dream cast of Christian hopefuls – thank you Corinna!

bd1  bd2

Brant Daugherty

U tube

Samantha has posted a Meander playlist on YouTube! How cool!

Check it out, it has a whole range of FSOG playlists, including an original FSOG classical playlist. It’s awesome! 

Thank you Samantha! 😉

Thanks to Paola I’ve also just posted chapter 35 of the Italian translation of Meander.

Then, as I am now officially on holiday, I will be posting the next chapter, provided all goes well, on the weekend of the 13th July.

I should be able to do the book club posts, so keep an eye out for those on Sundays.

Thank you ladies for all your well wishes, I so appreciate your cyber support.

I’m feeling the looooove!



A long overdue rest….

My dear readers, 

Apart from the odd breaks every now and again due to time constraints and work commitments (and one moving period) I’ve not had a real holiday for over a year!

I know you’ll miss the mid weeks teaser and the following chapters but seeing that our happy couple is in a happy place right now I thought it a good place to break for a much needed rest.


I shall see you when I get back, and hopefully by tomorrow let you know how long I’ll be. I will not abandon our story, so never fear, I will be back!

Love you all for your wonderful support and inspiring love for our favourite (literary) couple!

Happy day,

Monique xx


Between the covers book club

Hello ladies!

I’m hoping that you’ve had a good weekend. The response to the article and subsequent chapter has been awesome.

Thank you so much for embracing the idea of a guest writer on the blog, and making her feel so very welcome.

To Sasha Cameron, GQ reporter extraordinaire:


Thank you for agreeing to feature on my blog and making a success of a potentially tricky interview! 😉

book club

This week I read:


Beautiful Stranger by Christine Lauren. I loved it, more than Beautiful bastard. I felt it had more meat on the story, it was a great read.

Currently I’m reading:


Tangled by Emma Chase. As predicted by so many of you, it’s awesome! So funny, and so far, a fantastic read for in between those heavy book hangovers. I also love that it’s written from the male’s point of view.

On my shelf I have:


Lock Out by Maya Cross, thanks to my generous friend Audrey! This is book two in the Alpha Group series, and even though they are quite short, I really enjoyed the first one. I love when I can see where a story is going….

book3 (2)


Some FSOG movie news is that A DIRECTOR HAS BEEN CHOSEN!!!!! Sam Taylor-Johnson can “gracefully showcase complex emotions” according the Producer ,Michael De Luca. Read more on E L James’s site:

She seems like a good choice. I must say that I like their thinking in that they are taking the emotional aspect of FSOG seriously.

br f1

Our Brazilian ladies are working double time, I’ve just had the pleasure of posting three more chapters in Portuguese, Chapters 8, 9 and 10. Thank you ladies!

Happy reading!

Monique x 


Chapter 51

Hello lovely ladies!

I know you’re all waiting for this one, so here it is, unedited but at least done. Thank you for all the wonderful comments on the article. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the treat 😉

Thanks to the wonderful girls of the Super Hot Translation Team I’ve also posted Chapters 6 and 7 of the Portuguese translation of Meander.

Happy reading girls!


Translation of GQ atricle

Dear non-English speaking readers. Please allow me to apologise. I didn’t consider the fact that you would not be able to use the translation tool on the JPEGS I posted for the article. Please find the actual Word document on the bottom half of the posted article page for you to translate. I’ve just added it.

Sorry! 😉

A prelude….

Hello ladies!

As a prelude to chapter 51, which I will be posting tomorrow, please find the long awaited GQ article in the sidebar. This article was written by Sasha Cameron as a guest writer for my blog.


You can check out Sasha’s Fifty Shades blog on:

Thank you Sasha for your wonderful article. Christian and Ana enjoyed having you in their home.