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Hello dear readers!

I hope you’ve had an awesome week. Thank you for all the lovely messages regarding my daughter’s recital. It was adorable, so cute, I’m so proud! 

book club

Moire shared another new trailer with Matt and Alexis:

As for my reading week, I’m pretty sure most of us immersed ourselves in the world of Gideon and Eva. It was no different for me, I shelved what I was reading in favour of the much awaited third instalment of the Crossfire series.


This week I read:


Entwined With You by Sylvia Day. I say long awaited but really, it bordered on the ridiculous, and I’ve just learnt why. Apparently her publisher was pushing for an extra book in the series. I heard that she agreed, that book four would be from Gideon’s point of view which still left book three to be conclusive. Alas, ’tis not to be! Entwined was left open ended and now four has become five. I can’t help but feel a bit of momentum was lost in this move. Though I love Gideon and Eva, I honestly can’t give this one my five star stamp. Four most certainly but – at least for me – it missed that grab-you-by-the-scruff-of-your-neck WOW that book one, and even more so, two had. I can only hope that we won’t be waiting over a year for the release of the next, because I will be reading book four. Another very important point to make is the incredibly varied reviews this book has gotten so far. From one to five stars, a most unusual occurrence seeing that most people who would have read and reviewed it, made a point of buying the third instalment because they loved and followed the series. What were your thoughts ladies?

On my shelf I have:

lond  bs1

Still Down London Road by Samantha Young and Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren – of course everything else was pushed aside to read Entwined.

book i3

Thank you to the Super Hot Translators for another two Portuguese chapters. Chapter 4 and 5 now freshly posted. 😉



This is a little naughty but oh-so funny, I hope I don’t scare you!




Happy reading ladies!

Monique x

48 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. V says:

    Didn’t like Entwined. Found the story totally lacking, what was the story? Lemons were good, but very repetitive (in the sense of the same action and the same wording…Gideon seems to love the ‘c’ word). so apart from the sex, what exactly was h storyline this time?
    Let’s not even start on the ending, it was so abrupt that I thought there was something wrong with my download version!
    I honestly hope we don’t have to wait over a year to reach the end of this saga!


    • Monique Lain says:

      I hear you! I think she drew out what was supposed to be the starting scene for the whole book to accommodate the following books! too sad when publishers do stuff like this! GREED!


  2. Janien Meissner says:

    Monique! You really know how to make a girl laugh on a sunday! This picture was very funny, even my husband liked it! I did read Entwined with you and I do agree with you. I do like Eva and Gideon but this book felt like a kind of in-between book. I kept thinking, were is this leading to. And now there are two more books to come? A bit strange if you ask me! But I will read those of course!
    I also read 80 days of yellow by Vina Jackson, it was a good read but this whole bdsm- thing, I don’t like it that much. With FSOG it was a different thing,it was more about the love between Ana and Christian and that is what made it so special to me!
    Yes, Gideon is ……pfffffft, but I do love Christian! Can’t help it 😉
    Monique, i am waiting for the interview and the next chapter!
    Xxxx Janien


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Janien! Glad you liked the little joke! I know! So sad about book three! Let;s hope she’ll get back on track, she really is an awesome writer! 😉 Lekker slaap!


  3. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique I didn’t read Entwined because I didn’t really like the previous two books in my opinion they will never be as good as FSOG
    Anyway this week I read Sweet Surrender by Maya Banks, I really enjoyed it and it took a while for the s#x to start but when it did it was worth it. There is 6 books in the Sweet series and I will be reading them all


  4. Chantel says:

    I’ve haven’t been reading much lately and I got my hands on a copy of This Man. Oh Lord. It kicked my reading habit back into overdrive. I just finished Beneath This Man. Very impressed….can’t wait for the next installment.


  5. Valerie says:

    My thoughts…it’s unfortunate that many people were bitter that the book was delayed for so long; many of the 1 star reviews were posted by those who were angry; the book hadn’t been published yet. Aren’t reviews supposed to be AFTER the book has read???? Anyway, I really liked the book, I love Sylvia Day’s writing style, and I can’t wait to read the continuation of Gideon and Eva’s story.

    Without revealing spoilers, I have to say that I found the change in their relationship very refreshing after the way they tortured each other in the last 2 books. I loved the playfulness and increasing trust in each other. Yes, it did end rather abruptly, but I don’t care because Sylvia has said there will be 2 more books and the readers will not wait nearly as long as we waited for this. There’s a lot of story yet to tell…I can’t wait to see where she takes it!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Ah Valerie, that’s a good point you make. Thank you. There is a LOT of negativity about the delay, but hopefully the book ins’t solely judged on that. It just shows how important it is to manage your reader’s expectations. 😉


  6. Miss V says:

    I have to agree with your comments about Entwined! It was good, but not great! And I know we all hate cliff hangers we have to wait a year to get answers to but this book ended with an oomph for me! But I will say it was nice to get a bit of new Gideon and Eva back in my world.

    Do you know how long we have to wait for book four?
    Overall rating 3 1/2 stars out if 5


    • Monique Lain says:

      It just felt like she took a few chapters and stretched them over a whole book. But I do love her writing style. I have no idea how ling we’ll wait, I just know that she said it won’t be long – whatever that means….


  7. Andrea says:

    I loved it…I was a bit disappointed in the whole “keep the relationship a secret thing” and how Eva & Cary’s relationship kind of went off unlike the other 2 books. I’m a Gideon girl so I did find some of his stuff bring tears to my eyes…the airplane trip to me was hot and heart wrenching at the same time.


  8. Jen says:

    Lol hysterically at the ghost!! Love it! Although I’m rereading EWY for a second time because I read it so fast the first time I’m in agreement that I would like a fourth and a nice happy ending for these two, 5 books is a bit much. I will give it 4 stars but I’m with ya. Not a total grab you factor like the first two. Obviously we need to know what happens in San Diego trip comg up. Hope not more silly mistakes, that would lame out the story! Read all the maya banks books sweet seduction, etc. crazy hot and fun! Gonna start eyes wide open then onto down London road! Thanks for you!! 😍Jen


  9. tracy says:

    Loved the ghost!!! 😉 I had a good reading week. Entwined is sitting here looking at me and I don’t even want to pick it up. So disappointed in its reviews. I did read Rush and Fever by Maya Banks. Rush was good and Fever was even better. Burn comes out in August, I believe. The trilogy is about 3 best friends(Gabe, Jace, and Ash) that run a business together, are wealthy, and hot…of course 😉 Rush is Gabe’s story. Gabe’s wife left him and now all of his relationships come with a “contract”…yep, one of those contracts, even with THE forbidden fruit, his best friend’s little sister. Fever is Jace’s story. Jace and Ash “share” their women…at the same time…always…until they meet Bethany. Can’t wait for Burn to come out.
    I also read Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster. I was actually glad there were few lemons in these books as the girl is only a teenager and she is younger than my daughter! Loved the story though…liked Travis’ POV in Walking Disaster even better.
    I also read Undeniable and Unbeautifully by Madeline Sheehan. Okay, not sure what to say about these two. I read them both back to back…couldn’t put them down. Definitely not your average hearts and flowers. Its about a 5 yr old girl that meets a 23 yr old man while visiting their fathers in prison. Their fathers are both heads of 2 different biker organizations. They click right off the bat and their paths cross every 5 years or so. A very different read that involves bikers, drugs, murder, rape, whores, and a damn love story that you have to keep reading to find out just what the hell happens with these two!!! Despite all the craziness, I really liked them.
    On my bookshelf…Down London Road and Entwined.


  10. Maisie Scarlett says:

    I have EWY saved for my summer holiday read. Semper Fi was really good and in my favourite section.


  11. Fiona Fraser says:

    Hi Monique, I am only slightly disappointed with EWY. Of course I loved 1 & 2 but, I think the way she left the last chapter was frustrating. However, like you I would still give it a 4 star rating, because ultimately I did enjoy it & I will be buying the next installment(s). However, on a different subject……..Do you know anything about the latest rumor doing the circuit that EL James has been persuaded to do a 4th & final book in the FSOG series???? Anxiously looking forward to your next installment. Loads of love xx


    • Monique Lain says:

      HI Fiona. Yeah, I heard that a while ago and I’ve seen an interview where she all but insinuates that book four will be CG POV, but again, please don’t hold your breath! LOL! I know she is currently busy writing another book that by her own description will be “very different from FSOG” She won’t have to do much for CG POV because she had it in MOU. Personally I would love to see that happen.


  12. Michele says:

    Ok I don’t even remember what else I read since EWY made me so mad. I was very excited like everyone else about this book so of course I read it quickly. I would get really annoyed at parts like the secret relationship, the dang mob, her relationship with Cary started to feel weird, her feeling sexual towards Brett and like seriously who gives a crap about Megumi? Ok so you get to the end and then you realize why this book feels a bit full of fillers and you then understand why it was delayed. Of course the need for yet another book for us to buy. I’m sure she had to go back and put in crap to continue on with the story. This book should be over now. They are married and should live happily ever after, nothing else to tell but of courser she put in stuff to make us wonder what would happen next like the impending mess that’s gonna come from the SD trip where of course she will run into Brett and make goo goo eyes at him or something. I’m sorry guys but we deserved better.


  13. Liezel says:

    I enjoy ewy but not as much as the first two books. Im interest to know whats happend with megumi and lacy? Megumi went awol towards the end of the book.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Mmhhh, what indeed… 😉 Thank you Liezel 😉


      • Liezel says:

        I wonder if it has anything to do with the russians? Now looking forward to this man confessed..wahoo!! Trying to get my girlfriends around nz to read these book but none of them are keen…soo loving this book club right now 🙂


        • Monique Lain says:

          Awesome Liezel! Yeah, I can’t wait for a bit more of Jesse! *SPOILER ALERT* I’m so curious to see why he kept chucking her pills away, because every time he asked her if she was preggers he seemed almost angry about it???


  14. Jo Fergus says:

    Hey everyone

    I too read Entwined With You and really enjoyed it however I too thought there was a chapter missing at the end because it just ended. I liked where Gideon & Eva’s relationship was heading, thought he was much more romantic in this book. Still can’t figure out the weird Megumi storyline and Yep why the feck is she getting all hot & bothered about Brett if she loves Gideon so much. I kinda felt sorry for Brett because he is obviously trying to prove himself to Eva. As for Cary, jeepers, he is a lot different from the first two books. I enjoyed reading a bit more with Ireland in the storyline though. And I can’t stand Corinne, she is so annoying and Gideon has to stop pandering to her manipulation.

    Moving on from that subject, I’ve been ploughing through my kindle backlog but will just mention a few, today I started Forever Too Far by Abbi Glines so I’m having a small time out to type this but so far so good 🙂

    I read the two books in the Darkness series by Claire Contreras and LOVED them was a gripping read and hard to put down, book 1 has a big cliffhanger so buy them both, book 2 is the end of the series. Really good read.

    My laugh out loud book was Strings by Kendall Grey – freaking hilarious story, two rocks bands on the road but the thoughts in Lettys head were so funny.

    I also read the Find You in The Dark series by A.Meredith Walters and also found this to be a real page turner. There is a love story at the base of this but it centres around Clay who has huge mental health issues and at times was really sad but I enjoyed it.

    And I read Stealing Harper by Molly McAdams and cried like a baby, cos I knew what was going to happen and still couldn’t handle it, such a wuss and just for the record I hate Trish!

    I’ve been listening to the 50 Shades trilogy lately too so nearly finished book two, I listen to it at work to make the day more interesting 😉

    And this week after I’ve finished with my Rush Crush the wonderful C.J. Roberts book Epilogue: Caleb’s story will be out, comes out tomorrow = 11th June so really looking forward to that.

    And drop your panties next week girls for Jack ‘Fn’ Carter – The Game Changer 🙂 So much to look forward to!


  15. Mrs. G says:

    Sorry, not able to comment on the Sylvia Day series. I have been putting off reading them…not sure why. Mixed feelings I guess. This week I read Beauty from Pain and Beauty from Surrender by Georgia Cates. LOVED them!!! Nothing like a sexy multimillionaire from Down Under!!! I’d recommend these two if you’d seen them and are on the fence about reading them.


  16. Jo Fergus says:

    Oooh, have them on my kindle to read, they sound great 🙂


  17. Victoria says:

    Hi there

    I to read EWY and it wasn’t as good as the first but I still really enjoyed it and can’t wait for book 4!!!

    I saw in one of the posts above some one read a book the man and beneath this man who are they by as I can’t find them on my kindle thanks xx


  18. Sheila H says:

    I have just read one book this week The Scandalous Kolovskys by Carol Marinelli. It is about a Russian business family, powerful and rich living in Australia. The book is in three parts and tells the story of a daughter and two brothers, the final part links everyone together. Not my usual, type of books but a very good story and I would read it again.
    Today I bought a copy of Entwined With You, which I had been looking forward to, but after reading your comments, perhaps not so keen now. There are rumours that a television series is going to made of the books and other rumours that there is going to be another two books in this series – I wish they would stop with all the rumours and get the books published quicker.
    Nice to read everyones reviews on the books they have read.


    • Monique Lain says:

      I agree with you Sheila. There will definitely be 5 books in the Crossfire series, that’s not a rumour anymore, however Sylvia has promised that the wait won’t be so long! EWY wasn’t awful, just not quite book 1 and 2 standard. It felt a bit like a detour.


      • Sheila H says:

        I have just finished reading Entwined with You and although I enjoyed reading it, I feel that I have been left hanging. It certainly was not as good as the other books. I will still buy the next books simply because I like to know how things ends, I like a happy ending and all missing links put together.


  19. Winterstorm says:

    So I waited to read the series until she was releasing book three so that I can read it in its entirety…. Love the first two and only had to wait a week before entwined was released and I’m totally bummed! I was hoping half way through the book that she would have more substance on the storyline w Brett. So many times i wished Ava walked away when he created doubt for the drama component. Why bring Brett in and not give him a role? Oh wait, that’s right …so that we buy the next book. Such a pity. I really think she could have written another book easily and keep this book meaty. So many angles she could have went with to get a fourth book out there. I agree that this was a couple of chapters stretched out. Disappointed that she didn’t deliver on this book but I will read the others and hope that she gets it together for the next round.


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