Chapter 50

Chapter 50, freshly revised and primped with pictures…. 😉

bdsm11  dawn

Featuring guest writer Sasha Cameron, as Sasha Cameron, reporter for GQ

Check out Sasha’s 50 Shades blog, Fifty Shades Of Tribute:

10 thoughts on “Chapter 50

  1. Samara Stewart says:

    No rest for the wicked…. 😉


  2. Dawn says:

    We love you and thank you for your dedication to us!!!


  3. Connie Wilder says:

    I appreciate all of your good work for this blog. Get your rest, we can’t have you falling out on us 🙂


  4. Lillimarlene says:

    Excellent, Monique! I loved that you introduced Sasha into your story. If she’s a Dawn French look a like, she must be very pretty and smart. Outing themselves is definitely a good course of action, I wonder what the public response will be?


  5. Diana says:

    Oh Monique, you know I’ll be back with a juicy comment!!!! I’m so excited to read this Chapter…You are the best!!!!!!


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