Mid week teaser

Hello lovely ladies!


E L James has posted an out take of Christian celebrating his birthday as yesterday was THE day.

So, from me and you, I’d like to say…



Thank you Jo for sharing!

Then, of course being Wednesday, it’s teaser day! I know we’re all holding our collective Grey breaths for the preggers test results….

“…Turning the handle I feel a frisson of excitement, threaded through with a strong current of fear. If I’m not pregnant will Christian blame me? If round one of baby making was undertaken with the military precision of a war, what would round two look like? Will I be joining Kate at the fertility clinic?…”

Marpuri was kind enough to put me onto another Christian maybe…

aaron  aaron1

Aaron O’Connel. The jeans are a good start…. 😉

I also just posted chapter 34 for the Italian readers of Meander. Thank you Paola! 😉

14 thoughts on “Mid week teaser

  1. Katherine says:

    Hmmmm you aren’t giving much away here are you?!!
    Friday cannot come soon enough


  2. paoladonati says:

    But … she is pregnant, I hope!




  3. atterbury (Liz) says:

    Monnnnnnnnnnnnniiiique! emphasis on the moan part! That vest of yours is pretty tight this week 😉 as always makes the next chapter even more enticing!


  4. Sheila H says:

    Monique, you are a little tease lol. Roll on Friday.


  5. DianeG says:



  6. kassie says:

    oh im so excited for Friday now! I hope she is pregnant!


  7. dlk6995 says:

    Oh Snap Monique….what a teaser….LOL, now I have a tight stomach with butterflies!!!!! With our time difference, I’m very happy to report that I just noticed that Chapter 51 is posted…………Talk to you later 😉 Diana


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