This and that…

Dear readers

I have big news to share about our long awaited FSOG movie! E L James has just announced it’s release date: 1 August  2014…

Cue fireworks…. YAY!

Fsog boys 1

I am also extremely flattered. An awesome reader who goes by the acronym of M.A.C (Monique, Ana & Christian) 🙂 has written a little poem for me/Meander and I love it!


Thank you M.A.C! 😀

Corinna has made another suggestion for our dream cast of Christian hopefuls – thank you Corinna!

bd1  bd2

Brant Daugherty

U tube

Samantha has posted a Meander playlist on YouTube! How cool!

Check it out, it has a whole range of FSOG playlists, including an original FSOG classical playlist. It’s awesome! 

Thank you Samantha! 😉

Thanks to Paola I’ve also just posted chapter 35 of the Italian translation of Meander.

Then, as I am now officially on holiday, I will be posting the next chapter, provided all goes well, on the weekend of the 13th July.

I should be able to do the book club posts, so keep an eye out for those on Sundays.

Thank you ladies for all your well wishes, I so appreciate your cyber support.

I’m feeling the looooove!



14 thoughts on “This and that…

  1. Flores says:

    Bonjour.est ce qu on en sait plus sur les acteurs?merci


  2. Pielietje says:

    Have a great holliday! You totally deserve it!
    But come back soon also 😉


  3. Sheila H says:

    Have a lovely break Monique, loved the way you have made Meander come full circle as regards to Ana, thank you.
    Good news about the film, now I just hope that Matt Bomer is chosen as Christian as it would really make my day. However EL James may not have the same taste as me, no matter I will still go to see the film when it is out at the cinema.
    Loved the poem by Mac, well done Mac.
    Also enjoyed the Youtube clip. Take care now and enjoy your holiday.


    • Monique Lain says:

      HI Sheila. Yes, I liked that too. Closing that gap is a nice way to close that chapter in our happy couple’s lives. I’m 100% sure they will use an unknown to play CG, there re just too many expectations for a known one. I’ll eat my hat if they go for Matt though he would be an excellent choice. I will, thank you! 😉


  4. Janien Meissner says:

    Have a great time Monique! I will miss you I have to say. But I totally get your need to be free for some time. I do hope we will soon know more about the film! Who will it be? His life will change forever, that I do know! Just think about Colin Firth, he will be Mr Darcy forever! Being Christian for the rest of your life……..pfffffft, not an easy task! Ik schrijf ijverig aan mijn eigen verhaal, spannend! Liefs Janien xx


    • Monique Lain says:

      Absolutely Janien. Can you imagine what a career opportunity this role is going to be? Instant stardom. And imagine what it would be like for him in the bedroom. Every woman will have these HIGH expectations of him. LOL! Poor guy! Dis fantasties! Ek is bly vir jou! 😀


  5. Moire Franks says:

    mmmh just ewatche3d Graham Norton and Mr Cavill was promoting Superman – I am a Matt Bomer supporter but mmmhh might have to give that some thought maybe MS JAMES had it right !!!! – and if the picture has been scheduled for release on the date stated some casting must have been done !!!

    Have a happhapp happy holllieday and return refreshed – seeya on the 13th!! M[?] (thats a dirty martini vodka based !)


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! Funny Moire! Mmmhh, yes Henry makes a fine CG, as does Matt and you are so right, now they really have to start getting their act together! Thank you very much! 😉


  6. Vicki says:

    Enjoy you much deserved holiday!


  7. Sue says:

    Have a lovely restful holiday Monique. You really deserve it x x


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