Chapter 52

Hello dear readers.

Here it is, I hope you enjoy! Unedited, I will get to that over the weekend…..  😉


13 thoughts on “Chapter 52

  1. He is Christian for sure? LK ❤🐇


  2. Wendy LeGrand says:

    Is this a real cover of Entertainment Weekly or did you make this? Matt is gorgeous but it should be Henry Cavill on the cover 🙂


  3. Mrs. G says:

    This is not a real cover. It’s a fake cover that came out last year when the Fifty movie madness began. But oh how I wish it were the real deal!!! Team Matt, baby!


  4. Heather B. says:

    So loved this chapter! I’m looking forward to a little “Red Room” action in the future!


  5. Mary O'Brien says:

    Excellent chapter…but I was hoping the EW cover was real…because they’re announcing the cast soon, aren’t they? Team Matt and Alexis all the way!!


  6. Mrs.C says:

    I am into the writings of Tiffany Reisz “The Mistress Files, The Prince, The Angel”. Have you read her books? Most intense! Kingsley Edge is my new love:)


  7. sully48 says:

    You know that I always read your chapters at least twice! Once because I have been waiting for it – and not patiently either! The second time is to take my time and breathe while I read it.
    That being said, I keep going back into this chapter to reread the line “Baby, you know I only see you, right? Oh my, he had me at the quotation marks! As always you zero in on all their feelings and we as your fans truly appreciate it Thank you!!!


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