Mid week teaser…

Hello lovely ladies!

I trust your week is going well 😉

Matt I want you

I love the mounting excitement for the possible Red Room shenanigans! 

Here is a little smidgen of Chapter 53 to whet your appetite…

“…I smile despite the small voice in the back of my mind that warns of being overly confident. With all of Kate’s pregnancy blues I can’t help the frisson of fear threading through my baby joy. This miraculous little life is already as fragile as it is strong – pitted against all sorts of odds that leave you marvelling at the fact that any of us survive at all….”

Then a word of wisdom to take you through the rest of the week:



Again I’d like to thank Paola for her amazing contribution in translating Meander in Italian. I’ve just posted chapter 38 and 39 thanks to her fantastic efforts!


Enjoy the rest of you week ladies! 



9 thoughts on “Mid week teaser…

  1. gkdt says:

    when will chapter 53 be posted in its entirety? i am new to your site, but absolutely LOVE the way in which you write!!!! thank you 🙂


  2. Sheila H says:

    Thank you Monique, you know how I love the mid week teaser. Love the photo of Matt Bomer, he is my choice for Christian. Have a good week as well.


  3. faith says:

    I’m all caught up!! Can’t wait for more! 😉


  4. moire says:

    The Matt Bomer piccy made me grin – no wait that was a HUGE smile and a giggle – the rest of the office wanted to know what caused the glow LOL 🙂 –

    ————- I just smiled at them


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