Dear ladies,


With the end of my holiday and the start of a new term came a flurry of activities that left me a tad behind this week!  

I know, I know, very naughty!


Rest assured that I will update over the course of the weekend and make it worth your while! 😉

As always I appreciate your understanding!



12 thoughts on “Delays!

  1. Fiona Fraser says:

    No problems, Doesn’t it suck when something like life gets in the way of more important things like reading…lol..!! 😉


  2. tracy says:

    No worries….take your time and post whenever 😉


  3. Patricia says:

    Your righting is worth waiting for


  4. Diana says:

    Thanks for update Monique, as always the wait is always worth it 😉 Although I anxiously await your next chapter, I can only imagine how juicy the read will be!!!! Don’t feel pressured as you know, we’ll all be here waiting………..Big Hugs & Muah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Lizette says:

    Thanks for the update Monique! anxiously waiting! 🙂


  6. Chris says:

    Dear Monique you more than deserve this break to rest. Me and my friends in Brazil are anxious to read what you will have to prepare for the next chapters. Don’t take too long…😉


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