Between the covers book club

Hello lovely ladies!

I trust your weekend is going well.

I had a good reading week even though my reading rate has sadly slowed due to time constraints!

book club

book (2)

This week I read:


Pulse by Gail McHugh, book two in the Collide series and she did not disappoint! Always well written, a great read and definitely one to add to your ever growing collection!

On my shelf I have:


Rush by Maya Banks. I’m looking forward to this. It’s also part of a series and I’ve heard many good things about this author.

It’s is actually disgraceful that I’ve not read one of her books before! What can I say? Too many books, too little time! 😉

book joke59

I hope you have all forgiven me for my evil cliffie but really, you should know me well enough to know that if I can, I will! LOL! Also, the new readers have the luxury of reading chapter after chapter without the dreaded cliffies to torment them, and I can’t have that! 😉

Thanks to the awesome Portuguese translators I’ve posted chapter 11 and 12 of the Portuguese Meander.

Have an awesome week, please remember to share your book treasures with us!

Monique xx


14 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. jeangb says:

    I will read the whole thing again just to refresh and to keep me on top Cliffies make nevous


  2. Janien Meissner says:

    I think you will like Maya Banks Monique! She is a good writer. The men in her books are really dominant, a bit to much for me. But it’ s a good read. On the beach I read FSOG again! Yes, this is very…….. But every time I read them I like them more. And now I’m starting to read Meander again! Lol! I cannot help myself! And in between I am trying to write…….
    I do hope you will not be as wicked with the next teaser! 😉 Janien xxxx


  3. Jen says:

    Hi Monique! Read all of Maya Banks books. They are great!! The third book in the breathless trilogy Burn will be out in August. Finished This man confessed and I’m depressed I’m not going to read about Jesse anymore😥. Reading Down London Road, from the On Dublin Street books. So far so good. Have knight and play and Beautiful Bastard series on my list! Happy Reading📖📚😘


  4. tracy says:

    I’m finally catching up with all of you…lol. I’ve read most of the books mentioned above, Rush…Fever…Dublin….Collide .(by Gail McHugh)…Pulse…This Man series…and Beautiful Bastard series. Loved them all…especially The Lord of the Manor 😉 …although Gavin is not so bad himself in Collide 😉 I have quite a few “book boyfriends” at the moment…lol! Oh, and did I mention I met them all here…at the book club??? Any time you need a new book boyfriend, I’m sure you can find one here. I’ve found so many here that sometimes I forget their names…shhhh, don’t tell them that! And yes, Monique, you ARE the QUEEN of TEASES and we love you for it! Your characters and story are written so well. The teases are just frosting on the cake! See you next week, oh wait , I’m going out of town WITH NO INTERNET and will have to WAIT 2 WEEKS to go back into the PLAYROOM! Ahhhhh!!!!


  5. Winterstorm says:

    Picked up reading Release me by J Kenner and loving it! So glad the final book in the series is coming out this week!!! Your book club is feeding my reading obsession! Rush is on my “need to read” list with Burn coming out in Aug! Trying to time my reading based on complete series and release dates- I’m impatient when i fall in love w the characters!


  6. Valerie says:

    Well, I finally finished This Man Confessed and it was fantastic! Definitely goes on my reread list! I will miss Jesse Ward and his antics…I loved the ending of the book from his point of view! Any book with the Man’s POV is always so much more interesting; why is that?? I read Jodi Ellen Malpas’s story of when Jesse met Ava on her website…AMAZING!! It’s well worth going to her site to read it 🙂


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh goodie, I love Jesse and I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. I guess because we LOVE to know what’s going on in men’s heads! Yes, I posted the link a while ago, it is HOT!


  7. Amy says:

    I realized that Pulse is part of Collide and glad I waited to read Collide cause I don’t think I would have survived the cliff hanger and having to wait for Pulse!! Loved the books!! Pulse was great and I actually was sobbing during the one chaper towards the end….I don’t want to reveal anything but I am sure anyone that read Pulse can probably guess the part that I had my meltdown along with the character Emily! I don’t usually get like that with books but this one really played with my emotions but I loved the rollercoaster ride!!! 🙂


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