Mid week teaser

Hello ladies!

I trust that you’re having a good week and that you are all well. I should be able to post the new chapter some time over the weekend, most likely on Saturday as I’m working on Friday, which is normally my writing day.

All sorts of things are happening on the FSOG movie front. According to the fabulous Laters Baby website:

  • The Wrap has reported that Dakota Johnson is auditioning


  • Charlie Hunnam’s name has been thrown into the ring

charlie  charlie1

  • Model Bryce Thompson is in the process of auditioning

bryce  bryce1

Some other names that’s been mentioned in association with the movie is:

  • Shailene Woodly


  • Alicia Vikander


  • Imogen Poots


  • Christian Cooke

 Christian  christian1

  • Theo James

theo  theo1

Find the latest movie goss on:


Here is a another teaser for you, a further taste of chapter 56:

“…When he comes away from me he moves us, rolling onto his back, taking his weight off of me, and draping me over his from. Long minutes pass in silence, his strong arms surrounding me, holding me tight. It’s one of those moments where you become aware of your heart’s vulnerability where another person is concerned. When you realize that in this other half of yourself lays your ultimate weakness. If something where to happen to Christian, if for whatever reason, his love or his life would be taken from me, the devastation of my soul would be absolute…”

Lastly, thanks to Paola, I’ve updated the Italian version of Meander with chapter 46.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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Between the covers book club

Hello ladies! 

I hope that you are all having a GREAT weekend.

Let me just take a moment to tell you that I really appreciate every single one of you. I just sent an e-mail to a dear reader, reminding me, and it’s something I’ve touched on, replying back to your comments, but every time I read your messages, see how you interact with me and with the other blog users, my heart swells with pride. You are a wonderful bunch of ladies (and the odd gentleman). It struck me when I had Sasha on as guest writer, and then, more recently, ladies commenting on each other’s posts. Always kind, always in the best of spirits.

So, thank you ladies for never being catty and letting your inner beauty shine through!


We are A GO!!! with the Spanish translation of Meander, so I am super chuffed with that! I shall introduce my wonderful translator when she manages to put a little bio together for me.


This week I read:


The Mistress by Tiffany Reisz.  I was supposed to read Fever, but set it aside for this LONG awaited conclusion in a series that I LOVE! Tiffany has four, full novels in the Original Sinners series, (The Siren, The Angel, The Price, and The Mistress) with various novellas completing the range. The BDSM in these are quite hardcore, but there are lots of funny bits, intrigue, and I adore the main character, Nora. She’ got a LOT of spunk! I also had no idea how this conclusion was going to end – exciting stuff! Tiffany didn’t disappoint, another excellent read!

On my shelf I have:

weth  fever

Wethering The Storm by Samantha Towle, book two in a very well written hot boy rocker series, and still, Fever by Maya Banks.

book j8

I also posted chapters 47 and 48 in the Italian version of Meander. Thank you Paola! 😉

So I don’t know about you ladies, but I am ABSOLUTELY addicted to my phone… I might need some intervention soon! LOL!


I wish you a wonderful week!

Happy reading, and don’t forget to share your book treasures with us! 

Monique 😉


Mid week teaser

Hello ladies!

I hope you are having a good week . I have started with the following chapter, but this week, my little girl has been at home, off sick, and I’m sure you all know what it’s like to have a little one to care for when they’re not feeling well. Needless to say that despite the extra free time, I have less than ever! LOL! In all likelihood, I will only be updating by next weekend.  

joke 4

Nevertheless, a little taste to tease you…

“…His gaze on me is adoring, burning with love. “No. No more pain. Just you baby. Larger than life itself. I’m overtaken by you,” he breathes, his confession clear in his fierce stare…”

joke 5

Also, I’d like to share with you a little bit of happy news. It seems that Meander will now also be translated into Spanish. It’s still in the negotiation  phase, but it seems very likely that a wonderful Venezuelan reader will be taking on this mammoth task. I’ve had so many requests for this so I’m hoping to offer it shortly!

span face  ven

I hope you enjoy the rest of the week and for those of you that follow Tiffany Reisz’s series, The Mistress is out, and after the cliffie from the last book, The Prince, a very welcome relief, as well as the sequel to The Mighty Storm, Wethering the Storm by Samantha Towle.

mistr  weth


Monique x


Between the covers book club

Hello ladies!

Well, I think it’s safe to say that I found my muse, along with some dry knickers after that epic one! Phew! 😉 The reviews was, for once, very short which made me laugh! All centred around the same moisture problem I had writing it! LOL!

Thank you for letting me know 😉

Let’s see how I go this week, time wise, I don’t want to make any promises and I will always post when I’m ready. Thank you for being so kind and understanding about my time issues.

book club

This week I read:


Breathe Me In by Cherrie Lynn. I loved this, a Ghost and Macy prequel and hot like Cherrie does so well. I really do like her books, well worth the read. They don’t follow onto each other so you can start anywhere but the characters do cross over.

On my shelf I have:


Fever by Maya Banks. I have high hopes for this, the first book was great.

book 4 (2)

Lucky, lucky Italian readers because Paola is translating very quickly right now. I’ve just posted chapters 45 and 46 for your pleasure. Thank you Paola! 😉


Have an awesome week ladies, filled with great reads!

Monique X


Chapter 55

Let the Red Room play begin….

(Unedited – sorry)

x tease7

Have fun!


Mid week teaser…

Hello ladies!

Thank you so very much for your warm understanding and your encouragement!  I cannot tell you how much it means to me!


A little distance seemed to have helped, and you’ll be happy to know that I’m halfway through the chapter! Here is another little taste…

“…His eyes widen, sparkling with humor now as he drops all pretence and laughs outright. “Are you calling me skittish Mrs. Grey? There’s nothing fucking skittish about this,” He growls, gripping my ass and grinding his tenting groin into my belly….”

red room1

Thanks to Paola, I’ve also posted chapter 44 for the Italian readers.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Monique x


Between the covers book club

Dear ladies,

Chapter 55 is kicking my ass! Call it writers block but Ana’s foray into the Red Room is a whole lot of blank screen right now despite me staring at it since Friday! As a result I’m having a little crisis of faith in my own abilities, I honestly have no idea what to do about it. I am not ready to post it. You know I hate doing this, I really don’t like letting you down, and I know you are waiting with bated breath, but there really is nothing I can do other than apologise profusely. And NO, I am not doing this to tease you, even I’m not that cliffie cruel. I don’t know when the muse will be back, maybe she’s on vacation?? If you have her, please send her back!!! I really do not want to commit to a  time, but I’m hoping that it’s soon!


I’ve also been encouraged by so many of you kind and understanding readers to change my chapter posts from weekly to fortnightly in order help me cope with my new time constraints. Please understand that this is not a consideration I’m taking lightly, and as we are drawing near to the end of Meander, this is something I may have to do. I’m mentioning it only for the sake of managing your expectations. 

book club

This week I read:


Rush by Maya Banks. As I mentioned last week, this is an author that I’ve heard wonderful things about, and have been meaning to try for the longest time. I was not disappointed. Hot and well written, a great read with a strong male lead. I will definitely be reading the whole series.

On my shelf I have:

bme  fever

Breathe Me In by Cherrie Lynn, the prequel to Leave Me Breathless and Fever, book two of the Breathless series by Maya Banks.

book 1 (2)

Then onto some FSOG movie news:


According to the Laters Baby FSOG fan site, The List (UK) reported that Cara Delevingne  has had an audition for a “strong secondary” role for the film…. Like Crissy from the Laters Baby site, I too suspect  it is to play Kate.

devin  devin1

I know at least one reader that will be thrilled to hear that Devin Paisley’s name is popping up to play Christian. I’ve used him as inspiration for Chris’s rocker piano teacher. What do you think ladies? Could this be our CG?


According to Enstarz, Leighton Meester may be another contender for our long awaited movie.

Source: http://latersbaby.net/?p=2978#sthash.lUMvObh0.dpbs

I’ve heard this rumour before, but it’s official. Lionsgate has acquired the TV  rights for Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series, so we can dive right into speculating about who will star as Gideon Cross.


Thanks to the Super Hot Translators, I’ve posted chapter 13 and 14 of the Portuguese translation of Meander.

I hope you have a good week ladies, and again, I’m sorry!

Happy reading!

Monique x