Between the covers book club

My dear readers

As you can see the blog has had a little facelift. I hope you like it! 🙂

Thank you very much for all your kind wishes to get better. I am feeling better, hopefully back to work this week.

awesome (2)

I really appreciate all your support 😉

book club

This week I was supposed to read:


Rush by Maya Banks. I’m still looking forward to reading it – so much, but I was just too exhausted to get to it.

On my shelf I have:


Breathe Me In by Cherrie Lynn. This is a prequel to Leave Me Breathless, Macy and Ghost’s story before they hooked up….

book 2

I hope you have a lovely week, and if all goes well I’ll see you on Wednesday for the mid week teaser.  Just a quick reminder of why we like ’em so much…

book boys!

Happy reading ladies!

Monique x


20 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Janien Meissner says:

    So glad you are feeling better! I di not read a lot this week. Mostly I sat on the beach, looking for some guy to play Christian. Sadly……No Christian to be found! Are they ever going to find someone? This is taking soooooo long! I did read two books from Ann Rainy, they were not bad, of course the men were dominant…..what else! But nice to read on a hot beach! Lol! 😉 Have a nice week Monique, en blijf gezond! Janien xxxx


  2. Sheila H says:

    Glad to hear that you are feeling a lot better now Monique, but you still take care now and do not do too much. I just read another of Sylvia Day’s historical novels A Passion for Him, plenty of sex in them but just not Christian style.
    I have heard a lot about Fanfiction FSOG but never seen it, somehow from a link on Facebook I got onto those pages. I did not attempt to read them all as there so many of them, I just looked at the titles and read the two line description of the stories. One of them said that the story was about Ana, ‘what if’ she never met Christian and went to New York after graduation and met some other guy. Excuse me but if Ana did not even meet Christian then it cannot be FSOG. I thought it was odd, but of course that could just be me.
    One short story caught my eye it was about Ana and Christian who had been married for over 60 years. Christian was having heart problems and sadly, Ana was dying from an illness. The story was about the last few hours in a hospice that Christian had arranged so that Ana could spend her last hours without tubes and medication, just letting nature take its course. (Now I was crying while reading that part).
    Christian has his arms around Ana (in bed) and they go to sleep, he wakes up in the early hours and finds that Ana has died. He kisses her and then goes back to sleep himself. When the care nurses come into the room in the morning they find them still wrapped around each other and Christian has also died, he died one hour after Ana. The
    family when advised of the deaths said that it was no surprise to them as the loss of his one true love also meant that the sole reason Christian’s heart kept beating was also gone.
    Well I was bawling my eyes out by then. I thought Sheila you are 68 years old and crying over a story on a Fanfiction page! Sorry to waffle on but I had to share that story with you because it is the sort of ending you would expect if you are a Christian and Ana/FSOG fan.


  3. Chantel says:

    I’m reading REAL. I got it based on your review, as that is where I usually select my books, and I am enjoying the story. The first 50 pages were a little hard to get into but I’m glad I kept pushing myself to continue. I’ve also been retreading some chapters in This Man. It’s strange to me how attached I get to these characters…like they’re old friends. Also I haven’t read Meander in a few weeks so I happily have at least a few chapters to catch up on. I’m vacationing this week and will be driving for 18 hours…hopefully I can get lots of reading in.


  4. gmbizette says:

    Glad you are feeling better!!! Take care,
    Gwen 😉


  5. Valerie says:

    Seems like I’m only able to get through 1 book per week now 😦 This past week I read Skin in the Game by Jackie Barbosa. I liked it but probably won’t reread it. Monique, I hope you’re feeling a lot better; I look forward to the next chapter!


  6. 1klkelly says:

    Love the new look! Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well.


  7. M.A.C. says:

    What book does Cash & Remy go with Monique?? Thankyou
    Miss u 😉


  8. Romance4me2 says:

    I just read that Gideon is coming to television! Lionsgate bought the television rights to the series!


    • Sheila H says:

      I think that a television series of the Crossfire books would be really good. There is not just the love interest of Gideon and Eva, there is Nathan’s abuse on Eva, and all the hyp surrounding his death. Then there is Gideon’s abuse as a child.
      No doubt Facebook will start to fill up with pages supporting certain actors for the part of Gideon. Defintely a series worth watching.
      I am still looking forward to the FSOG film, although I am not keen on the idea of 3 films, I would have liked one really good film that covers all 3 books.


  9. tracy says:

    On a fishing trip this week and did not get to read ;( Planning on reading Burn by Maya Banks this week. It is the 3rd in the trilogy after Rush and Fever, and I enjoyed them both. Oh, also planning on reading Meander this weekend for sure…Hmmmm, will Monique actually take us back to the red room???? Will Christian really let Ana be in charge???? or will he take over???? Is it Friday yet??? or Saturday??? either will do


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