Mid week teaser

Hello lovely ladies.

Hot news off the press regarding the long awaited FSOG movie is that the casting call for it is now closed, so if you were hoping to play Ana alongside our favourite fifty shaded Dom, the chance has now slipped through your fingers! LOL!

joke 1

Then onto our teaser…. What is Mr Grey going to do? Is he going to submit to his wife or is he going to growl his dismissal and storm from the room?

“…The sensual beat of Straight To Number one by Touch & Go filters through the hidden speakers. The music is just loud enough to hear, her words whispered rather than sung, seductively breathing suggestions of what the night may hold.

Go large or go home, I tell myself. If I’m going to make this work I have to sell it.

As he turns I close the door, kicking it decisively with a spiked heel while snapping the strip ties I’m holding in my hands. The sound cracks through the room, drawing a raised brow from my husband before his gaze rakes the length of my body, taking in my bold Mistress Ana ensemble…”

I Find You Very Attractive 2

Cue evil laugh from me…. 😉

Paola is fast catching up with me, so for the Italian followers, I’ve posted chapter 42 – Enjoy!


26 thoughts on “Mid week teaser

  1. Sheila H says:

    Wow Monique now that is what you call a teaser, love it. My money is on Christian not turning down the offer and submitting – ooooooh I do hope so 😉


  2. moire says:

    OMG———————————!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – the music is perfect Have it on whilst reading the mid week. Go Ana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!woohoo


  3. jeangb says:

    So pleased to see that you are up and about; on top form at driving us all mad with apprehension. Can’t help yourself can you?


  4. Maxime Noyes says:

    Sweet Writer, Monique… This is the first time I have made a comment or communicated to you on your blog. I have been absolutely terrified of being found out… that I like something so… Naughty! And… so…Lovely! I started at your prologue, and breathlessly could not stop until I reached your current chapter! You are a magnificent writer, and I have no doubt that we will see your original work in print… and fan fiction devoted to following your characters and your train of thought. I “be-moan” that I had not found you sooner… your work, your avocation, your passion for your story… is such a gift!

    What a gift it would be for Christian T Grey, to “let” his adorable wife top him. However, (lol) I can’t imagine Christian allowing this ” opportunity” to negotiate some “terms” that Ana would have to comply with…post her sexy scene- a fantastic opportunity to inject a comical aspect! I know some ladies would disagree with me, but I think it would be sad to “strip” Ana of all her clumsy, naive, ” Perils of Pauline” experiences, and turn her into a female version of Christian. It is far to titilating watching him out do himself again, and again, and again… constantly surprising Ana with his limitless prowess.

    I could see Christian negotiating with Ana, say “tit…for tat” to “let her top him.” Something that makes her squirm and shiver ( in a good way!) with every move she makes… 😉 There are so many possibilities! Will Christian turn the tables on Ana mid-play, and find herself inexplicably under his ” masterful” manipulations? Will Christian, with maddening amusement, lol, let Ana top him, only to find herself being romantically, erotically and expertly spanked… for making some nervous mistake while she was at the helm?

    Whatever it will be, I trust you Monique, to take us there with your exceptional storytelling. You are so good! Someday very soon, those of us following your blog will say ” We knew her work back then… before she was a New York Times Number 1, Best Selling Author.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful story!!! And whatever you do, Please Monique! lol, Don’t Stop!!!

    I truly hope you are feeling better, and that everything turns out… rosey! 😉

    Have Fun!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello Maxime! Such a pretty name. I’m sorry I’ve been so tardy with my replies, time has been short! Oh it’s not a shameful secret but a delicious one, though I empathise with your reluctance. But rest assured, you are in good company here! I hope you feel I’ve done the Red Room justice. I agree with you, Ana in full Domme mode will not be plausible and even tied, Mr. Grey wielded his uuhhmm. power over her! LOL! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, and your lovely compliments! 😉


  5. Valerie says:

    Sweet Mother of God, Monique!! Damn! I can’t wait to read this one! And as for the comment above…well said, Maxime!


  6. rashida says:

    the suspense is killing me!


  7. Sue says:

    I think you are feeling MUCH better!! I just can’t wait for the next instalment now!

    I’ll add my thanks to Maxine too. Sounds to me as if you have a bit of a writing talent too. It may have been your first comment but you managed to say so much of what I feel and don’t have the skills to communicate. I hope we continue to hear from you.


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! Yes Sue, MUCH! Thank you! And thank you for being so kind to another reader. It’s something I love about my blog, that despite being ladies, we have no cattiness on here. It’s beautiful!


  8. Marion Evans says:

    OOOh Monique Glad to see you are feeling better ….. and leaving us with that cliff hanger cant wait to read MORE also thanks to Maxime for her first comment it was awesome …..GO GIRL x


  9. Maxime Noyes says:

    Sweet Writer, Monique…

    :::Thursday night, 10:28PM Eastern Laid Back and…waiting time::: :::sigh:::

    Friday is just too far away! LOL

    Your story is such a sweet addiction!

    And I do thank your fa


  10. Maxime Noyes says:

    …… It’s almost Friday!!! It’s like waiting for…dirty Christmas!

    :::jumping up and down!::::

    thank you Monique…for…Friday!




  11. 1klkelly says:

    Crack that whip, Ana! *Grins*


  12. Barb says:

    The music is something else and really sets the mood. Wow!


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