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Dear ladies,

Chapter 55 is kicking my ass! Call it writers block but Ana’s foray into the Red Room is a whole lot of blank screen right now despite me staring at it since Friday! As a result I’m having a little crisis of faith in my own abilities, I honestly have no idea what to do about it. I am not ready to post it. You know I hate doing this, I really don’t like letting you down, and I know you are waiting with bated breath, but there really is nothing I can do other than apologise profusely. And NO, I am not doing this to tease you, even I’m not that cliffie cruel. I don’t know when the muse will be back, maybe she’s on vacation?? If you have her, please send her back!!! I really do not want to commit to a  time, but I’m hoping that it’s soon!


I’ve also been encouraged by so many of you kind and understanding readers to change my chapter posts from weekly to fortnightly in order help me cope with my new time constraints. Please understand that this is not a consideration I’m taking lightly, and as we are drawing near to the end of Meander, this is something I may have to do. I’m mentioning it only for the sake of managing your expectations. 

book club

This week I read:


Rush by Maya Banks. As I mentioned last week, this is an author that I’ve heard wonderful things about, and have been meaning to try for the longest time. I was not disappointed. Hot and well written, a great read with a strong male lead. I will definitely be reading the whole series.

On my shelf I have:

bme  fever

Breathe Me In by Cherrie Lynn, the prequel to Leave Me Breathless and Fever, book two of the Breathless series by Maya Banks.

book 1 (2)

Then onto some FSOG movie news:


According to the Laters Baby FSOG fan site, The List (UK) reported that Cara Delevingne  has had an audition for a “strong secondary” role for the film…. Like Crissy from the Laters Baby site, I too suspect  it is to play Kate.

devin  devin1

I know at least one reader that will be thrilled to hear that Devin Paisley’s name is popping up to play Christian. I’ve used him as inspiration for Chris’s rocker piano teacher. What do you think ladies? Could this be our CG?


According to Enstarz, Leighton Meester may be another contender for our long awaited movie.


I’ve heard this rumour before, but it’s official. Lionsgate has acquired the TV  rights for Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series, so we can dive right into speculating about who will star as Gideon Cross.


Thanks to the Super Hot Translators, I’ve posted chapter 13 and 14 of the Portuguese translation of Meander.

I hope you have a good week ladies, and again, I’m sorry!

Happy reading!

Monique x


34 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Janien Meissner says:

    O, Monique, I do understand your problem! And it must be even harder knowing we are all waiting……. But I am sure you will manage, and it doesn’t matter how long it takes! Please do not talk about the end of Meander because it makes me very sad! I don’t want to think about it! I’m not suprised you liked Rush, you will like the other two books even more! I read something different this week, Before you from Jojo Moyes. I cried like a baby, omg what a lovestory, nothing kinky but soooo good. (I think Sheila will like this one!)
    As I am stock withe my own story, yes very frustrating, I wish you all the best with yours! Zet hem op Monique, je bent de beste! Janien xxxx


    • Jordison says:

      HI, after reading your post I went straight to read You Before Me, as you said it’s a good love story, well I read it in 2 days and I also cried like a baby, thank your for recommend this book and I hope Monique reads it too, I got something to read while I’m waiting for the next meander chapter I wish it took me longer to finish it though….thanks again Janien!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh I’m sorry Janien. I felt I had to put it in there, just good to prepare readers. The blog is not like a book where you can feel your pages dwindling, and you can prepare yourself for the inevitable end. Can you imagine, if one day, you come to read the update and it’s the last chapter, and you didn’t expect it? Now that I’ve experienced the dreaded writer’s block I can empathise with you Janien. I just went back to my fav books and authors, distanced myself from my story and read all your lovely comments to remind myself that there are a few people that like what I do. Baie sterkte Janien! 😉


    • Monique Lain says:

      Thank you Janien, I so appreciate the understanding, and the support! 😉


  2. Kym Thomas says:

    Monique take all the time you need, We all think you are amazing and have a fantastic ability to reach all of us on differant levels and in differant ways,


  3. Maggie says:

    M!! Ditto what Janien has shared…it’s soooo frustrating when the thoughts/words won’t reveal themselves 😦 Happy to wait as long as you need us to. While the rational side of my brain knows Meander cannot go on forever, you have given us such a gift with sooooo much potential, I selfishly don’t want your amazing take on Mr. & Mrs. Grey to ever end 😉 So, personally, I dread those two little words ‘the end’…I will wait patiently for 55, knowing your words never disappoint —


  4. Amy says:

    Please don’t worry about not staying on your schedule. Your writing is wonderful. We will be pleased when ever we get it. Don’t put pressure on yourself based on what you think your readers expect. Writing is supposed to be natural. We thank you for sharing your story! Thank you for updating us, but don’t feel bad, ok?
    Did I miss that you are thinking of stopping Meander? I hope not. It really could go on and on and I would enjoy watching the relationship and family unfold. Just so you know. Take care! Amy


    • Monique Lain says:

      Thank you Amy, that does make me feel better. No, I will never just stop and leave it unfinished, but the story does have an end and we are getting close to it, thought I wince just writing the words! 😉


  5. Franne says:

    Just relax, clear your mind, do something else…detach for awhile and it will come when it comes. Meanwhile, the rest of us (your fans/friends) will hold space for “the muse” to return gently, gracefully and fully. We can be very patient. It’s always worth it…and so are you. Be gentle with yourself. The creative process can be rocky sometimes…..


  6. marina says:

    Hei Monique…forse Ana nn è ancora pronta per entrare nella Stanza Rossa 😉 …. magari se la fai uscire, con una qualche motivazione, e proseguire la storia…Io spero proprio tu non smetta di scrivere, perchè quello che ho letto finora è stato davvero fantastico!! A big kiss!! Marina


  7. gmbizette says:

    I will still be here so take Your time with the chapter!! It must stressful thinking of us all waiting but no worries.

    I know all good things must come to an end but I cannot think about the end of Meander. I love your story!!

    Now go get a glass of wine or your favorite beverage ……take a deep breath and close your eyes and relax!

    Gwen xo


  8. twinkie55 says:

    Monique, Please do be kind to yourself. Honestly, you have spoiled us. Whatever works for you we will adjust and anxiously wait for your own book some day soon. You can skip the Red Room and catch up with Chris’s birth certificate or any of those other loose ends. Luv your work lots!


  9. Valerie says:

    Hi Monique! Just want to tell you that the pressure you feel is placed there by…YOU!! Honestly, your fans will read whatever, whenever you decide; you know that! Now, I’ve been following you for months and this is the first time I’ve seen you state that the story is nearing the end…say it isn’t so because I would enjoy reading about Ana and Christian’s lives (as well as their friends and family) from your perspective for years to
    come. I love your work!


    • Monique Lain says:

      I know!!! I’m crazy with the pressure I put on myself, Who knows why but I dread disappointing folks, or thinking that I do! LOL for the ending… I’m sorry! The story does have an end and we are getting close-ish to it, lots of loose ends to still tie, so it won’t be abrupt, I promise, but if I don’t end it I will never get to work on my own story… 😉 Thank you so much for your and words and your unfailing support Valerie, it’s valued!


  10. Rina says:

    We must have put too much pressure on you with always wanting more and having our ever increasing expectations (on which you always deliver). Relax, take it easy, don’t over think it, who knows what comes next. But thank you for all what you have already done, it was amazing!


  11. Fiona Fraser says:

    You always deliver a spectacular chapter Monique, so don’t be too hard on yourself. I know what it’s like. You just need to go and do something you enjoy preferably outdoors. Sometimes ‘Life’ get’s in the way of the creative juices and you just have to wait until it runs it’s course. We will wait, so don’t worry about that!! Cheers Here’s to the next chapter!!


  12. Diana says:

    Awe Monique, so sorry to hear about that nasty Writers Block 😦 However, I have so much faith in you when you put pen to paper!! You’re amazing and without a doubt I know you’ll get past this short block!!
    Now let me tell you my thoughts when I read the last chapter and how it ended!!!! At the end of each chapter I read, I always put thoughts into where you’ll take the next chapter!!! In other words, I have my version of what’s to come!! Lol
    So, let me be honest here, when I read the end of Chapter 54 and how you left us hanging (with bated breath), lol, I was literally stuck!! I literally couldn’t imagine where you were taking this! So, not that I’m a writer or anything close, I feel your pain in your mind being blank!!!!
    I, however, have faith in you like all your loyal followers! I guess you just need to put it to rest in your head for now. I’m sure one day or in the middle of the night, you’ll have a rush of words come to mind and you’ll continue and finish Chapter 55 and keep us smiling , happy and hanging by the end of the chapter!! 😉
    So rest assured Monique, we’ll all be here awaiting your pen to paper attack!!!!!!!!!!
    As always, thank you for everything………….


    • Monique Lain says:

      Diana, what a lovely bit of inspiration and support! Thank you very much. I hope you feel that I did it justice. Ana is no Domme and CG is SOOOO much of one that a change in roles was always going to be a delicate matter. To do it with Ana still her slightly clumsy self and GC topped but not… a fine line to walk! LOL! 😉 Thank you for your dfaith in me and taking the time to tell me so! 😉 I appreciate it 🙂


  13. Sheila H says:

    Monique you have been ill and told to rest! This does not mean that you have to sit with pen to paper writing another chapter! Please rest and make sure you are a 100% well, the chapters can wait, you have to think about yourself first and foremost. Your muse is probably still recovering as well, so relax, chill, whatever it takes so that you are better again. – right consider yourself told off, apologies, now back to the book club.
    I have been reading the second part of the Knight’s trilogy Knights Game, not too thrilled with this second book. Bit of storyline at the beginning then plenty of sex then storyline again near the end, I will still get the third book when it comes out though, I have to find out how things end.
    My other book was The Dominate by Tara Sue Me, follow on from The Submissive. Really this was just the same book as the first one only from the Dominates pov, still a good read though, sex is good in it. (at my age I can only read about it now 😉 )
    Cara would make a nice Kate but not an Ana. As for that young man, where has he been, I have not seen him before, he is quite a hunk. My choice has always been Matt Bomer but I think I might make an exception for the hunky Devin. The young lady, Leighton seems like a good candidate for Ana as well.
    Anyway think on Monique, take care and get better soon. Sorry other ladies in the book club, I tend to natter on a lot.


  14. paoladonati says:

    I have faith in your abilities!Only Matt can play Christian!!

    XXX Paola



  15. tracy says:

    I think we’ve pressured poor Ana to go back into the Red Room when maybe she isn’t quite ready to go yet. She is a woman, after all… she can always change her mind…lol. No hurries for the next chapter…they’re all like little presents and we will be happy for them whenever they come 😉 As for Meander coming to an end…all good things come to an end, unfortunately 😦 Hopefully you have some other stories swirling around in your head that you are interested in sharing. I like your writing style, it doesn’t have to be just about Ana and Christian. 😉 😉 😉


  16. M.A.C. says:

    Hi Monique…You know you have put a lot of pressure on yourself and because you have delivered week after week taking …your following… (us) into the lives of characters we love and do not want to let go off!!
    You know Ana has “never” been in control in the “Red Room” so that is already a huge game changer. When you said it… I immediately thought of the interview for GQ where Christian said ” Ana could ask anything of him”… in regards to their “play lives”… now if the door opened and she was tied to the bed already (by elves??) or on her knees waiting for him… I could go with that but her with the “crop” where do you go from there…he is the dominant!!
    Sometimes we just need to “go to the spa” and when you least expect it… OMG the idea and vision will “POP” into your head ~ if for no other reason than you are our Monique ~ and we don’t want it to end!!
    There are “Fifty Reasons why we will wait” for you… 😉


    • Monique Lain says:

      Awww, so sweet! Thank you very much, I so love that comment and yes, I “went to the spa” and came back with what I hope sizzled without CG losing his macho Dom-ness and Ana her little clumsiness! LOL! I hope you feel that same 😉


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