Between the covers book club

Hello ladies! 

I hope that you are all having a GREAT weekend.

Let me just take a moment to tell you that I really appreciate every single one of you. I just sent an e-mail to a dear reader, reminding me, and it’s something I’ve touched on, replying back to your comments, but every time I read your messages, see how you interact with me and with the other blog users, my heart swells with pride. You are a wonderful bunch of ladies (and the odd gentleman). It struck me when I had Sasha on as guest writer, and then, more recently, ladies commenting on each other’s posts. Always kind, always in the best of spirits.

So, thank you ladies for never being catty and letting your inner beauty shine through!


We are A GO!!! with the Spanish translation of Meander, so I am super chuffed with that! I shall introduce my wonderful translator when she manages to put a little bio together for me.


This week I read:


The Mistress by Tiffany Reisz.  I was supposed to read Fever, but set it aside for this LONG awaited conclusion in a series that I LOVE! Tiffany has four, full novels in the Original Sinners series, (The Siren, The Angel, The Price, and The Mistress) with various novellas completing the range. The BDSM in these are quite hardcore, but there are lots of funny bits, intrigue, and I adore the main character, Nora. She’ got a LOT of spunk! I also had no idea how this conclusion was going to end – exciting stuff! Tiffany didn’t disappoint, another excellent read!

On my shelf I have:

weth  fever

Wethering The Storm by Samantha Towle, book two in a very well written hot boy rocker series, and still, Fever by Maya Banks.

book j8

I also posted chapters 47 and 48 in the Italian version of Meander. Thank you Paola! 😉

So I don’t know about you ladies, but I am ABSOLUTELY addicted to my phone… I might need some intervention soon! LOL!


I wish you a wonderful week!

Happy reading, and don’t forget to share your book treasures with us! 

Monique 😉


9 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Sheila H says:

    Snap, I read The Mistress as well and I really liked Nora, she is one heck of a woman. I did not realise that there were other books until I bought that book.
    Your words are very kind about all of us Book Club/Meander fans, we have books and Meander in common with each other. I sometimes get carried away chatting, but I am trying to be better and keep it short and to the point. We are just one big happy family and it is a delight to read what the other fans have written and read, they all seem like a great bunch of people.
    You still take care of yourself Monique, and thank you for all your hard work in writing for us.


  2. Audrey says:

    Oh I missed Sunday book club!!

    This week I read:
    ARC for Temporary Bliss by BJ Harvey. It’s a very refreshing take and I loved it! Think of Drew from Tangled and Simon from Wallbanger combined in a firm of a woman. Yep! Woman. It’s almost like having Samantha Jones present. It’s funny and great story all around. The book will be live this week so look out for it. I really enjoyed that.

    I read Savage Rhythm by Chloe Cox. It’s part of series but can be read as stand alone. Well… It’s a HOT little book. Imagine a Rockstar, a Dom and a tattoo badass guy in one person named Declan Donovan, this story is a bdsm theme. Declan is a total alpha.

    I also read Stripped Jasinda Wilder but I had to stop at 78 percent. I just can’t go on. I can’t stand it though i know a lot loved it. I guess it’s another case of everyone but me book.

    I read So much it hurts by Melanie Dawn and this book really close to reality and its a story that make you wonder about the what ifs of the past and the one that got away. And how sometimes in life things not always happened the way we wanted to but we just have to live by what’s best for everyone even when it feels so much it hurt.

    And I just have to recommend a great book that would touch everyone no matter what. Ruin by Rachel Van Dyken. It’s a book that made me sobbing mess. It’s truly a beautiful story. A story of hope and faith.


  3. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique
    Last week I read Rush by Maya Banks and really enjoyed it. I am about half way through Fever and I absolutely love it
    This is the eighth Maya Banks book I have read and even though I’ve enjoyed them all this is by far my favourite.
    I hope that you enjoy it as much.


  4. Valerie says:

    I read Afterburn by Sylvia Day; short, but I loved it and can’t wait until Aftershock comes out in November…there’s so much potential to this story! Under the Covers by Rebecca Zanetti was pretty good as was No Romance Required by Cari Quinn. I so wish I could read more! Wethering the Storm is on my to read list also…can’t wait until I get to it!


  5. Sharon says:

    Hi Monique! I’ve been away for a while, but never stopped my reading. I love your book club and have appreciated all the book suggestions. I also read “the Mistress” and enjoyed it. She has developed such depth in those characters…hard to think they aren’t real. Did you realize she has another book coming in the series, “the Priest”? Expected in March of 2014….can’t wait! Soren is amazing on every level.
    Just finished The Starke Trilogy by J Kenner. The final book came out the same day as the Mistress. Damien truly sizzles, and while the books are not quite the level of FSOG or Crossfire, they are still really a great read. One thing about reading a trilogy that isn’t finished, I have to go back and reread the first two books by the time the 3rd comes out, or I miss a lot of details that have gotten lost over the months of waiting. Rough, but I force myself. Really fun to finally get to that last book!
    And yes, I reread all the Tiffany Reisz books in the series before reading the Mistress! Yummy. Haven’t decided what is next, but I’m wanting to go back and read Meander from the beginning. Hmmm. Think I’ve decided after all.


    • Sharon says:

      Actually saw another site saying the title has been changed from “the Priest” to “the Saint”. It will be a must read for me by whatever title.


  6. fanny rebellon says:

    Estoy ansiosa esperando la traduccion al español cuando empiezan por favor me pueden dar la informacion gracias un beso desde maracaibo venezuela.


  7. Jo says:

    Hey everyone

    Better late than never right?

    So I read The Color of Forgiveness which was a follow up to The Color of Loneliess by Madeline Beckett and really enjoyed this.

    I also re-read Real by Katy Evans because I just love Remy & Brooke.

    Then Wethering the Storm by Samantha Towle. I was really pleasantly surprised by this 2nd instalment, Jake was so romantic and sweet and it was so nice to read.

    Also read Sometimes It Lasts by Abbi Glines, follow up to While It Lasts from the Seabreeze series. This was Cage & Eva’s story concluded but you also get to read about some of the others like Low & Marcus. Once again Abbi has had a song recorded and its on iTunes. I really love this series.

    Read From Ashes by Molly McAdams and enjoyed this too 🙂

    One of my favourites this week was I Love You To Death by Natalie Ward. This is about a young woman who has lost everyone close to her, 12 people in total and believes that she needs to now just be alone. She doesn’t want to risk loving anyone only to ‘kill’ them. It’s a sad but beautiful story about love and loss. Really enjoyed this.

    My find of the week was Price of A Kiss by Linda Kage. This is about Reese who due to an ex-stalker BF has moved across the country and has a new name etc. She meets Mr Hotness Mason who takes her breath away but he is the town gigolo, he sleeps with rich older woman for money. Reese gets a babysitting job looking after a young girl with cerebal palsy, who happens to be his younger sister. There is a huge attraction but they can’t do anything about it because of his ‘job’. They way she describes her attraction to him is freeing hilarious and had me laughing out loud so much. Anyway, if you want something romantic and funny in the New Adult genre this will fit the bill.

    This week I have managed to 1-click more than I read so my kindle backlog continues to haunt me but one day I will catch up.

    Hope everyone had a good week ☺



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