Between the cover book club and Chapter 58

Hello ladies!

I trust that you’ve had a good weekend.

Chapter 58 is up, fresh off my laptop and unedited – better late than never huh? 😉

book club

This week I read:

price of a kiss

Price of a Kiss by Linda Kage. This was a big surprise. I really enjoyed it. A great read, a little gem worth pursuing.

book i7


Have a wonderful reading week ladies!

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Hello ladies, 

I hope you’ve had a lovely week. The new update should be up some time this weekend!

Thanks to the Super Hot Translators I’ve posted some fresh Portuguese chapters! 

According to the Laters Baby website, the only reliable source of all things Fifty as far as I’m concerned….

“For anyone who was afraid that Charlie might be too modest to do a true full monty in the movie don’t worry, he has confirmed he will not be using a body double during filming!

Come on, was that even really a question, though? If you’ve followed his career or know even a little bit about it, it’s kinda unsurprising to hear he’s so comfortable with nudity.  He starred in the British Channel 4 miniseries Queer as Folk, where he played a young gay character and filmed some incredibly explicit sex scenes.”

Also Erica has launched a range of FSOG wines:


“Red Satin is a decadent red blend of Petite Sirah and Syrah with flavors of black cherry, cocoa powder, creamy caramel and vanilla, leather and clove spice. Aged in a combination of new and neutral French oak barrels, this red blend is the perfect indulgence.

White Silk, is a delicate yet rich white blend of Gewürztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc. White Silk’s flavors include floral aromatics of lychee and honey, tempered by flavors of crisp grapefruit, mineral and lush pear with a faint hint of butterscotch. Fermented cool and aged in stainless steel tanks, this white blend offers a delicately playful experience.”

See this and other news of their fab website:


Between the covers book club and teaser

Hello ladies!

I hope you are having a fine weekend and that you found the company of a good read this week. 


To all the wonderful new bloggers, welcome to our cyber slice of FSOG continuation… I would just like point out that I have some one-shot stories featuring our favourite couple in the sidebar, below the list of music. These are all short stories, but sequels to the main story. And thank you to all my other followers, for walking this looong path with me. The blog is nothing without your continued support! 


Thanks to Kereny, I have also posted the long awaited first chapters of the Spanish translation of Meander. Please find the chapter 1 and 2 in the sidebar!

it fl

I have also updated the Italian translation with chapter 53. Thank you Paola!

book club

This week I read:


Everything For Us by M Leighton. I love this series. It has a little more action than your average erotic read, but I loved the first two and the third did not disappoint! Nice and twisty with just the right dash of spice! Great read.

The whole series is on my favourites list on Goodreads 😉

On my shelf I have:

price of a kiss

Price Of A Kiss by Linda Kage. This is a new author for me… Let’s see 😉

Thanks to reader Henry-Cavil-for-Fifty, we have our first fan made trailer with Charlie and Dakota 😉

book i1


I know we are all waiting for the fallout from the GQ article….

A little tease of what’s to come in chapter 58

“…“I take it these queries are more than just requests for interviews then?” he asks, not showing even a hint of the nervous energy I’m practically buzzing with.

“Yes, sir,” Barney all but squeaks, “uhm… much more, uhm…” he falters, grappling with his word choice in order to soften the blow that now looks to fall like a sledgehammer. When Christian raises a prompting brow, Barney blurts, “Personal in nature.”…”

I hope you all have a stunning week.

Happy reading!

Monique x


Between the covers book club and chapter 57

Hello ladies!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed a good week.


Firstly, let me say that the latest chapter, chapter 57 had been posted – enjoy! 🙂

UNEDITED!! So please bare with me 😉

Then, it gives me great pleasure to announce our Spicy Subscriptions winner, randomly chosen from the reviews of the last chapter by my very enthusiastic daughter! LOL!

Congratulations to DeeDee! Well done and thank you for leaving a comment! 😉


I will be in contact with you via your e-mail address.

book club

This week I read:


Wicked Ties by Shayla Black. A reread for me but damn, just as hot as the firs time! Just as a side note, it contains menage scenes so steer clear if that’s not your thing!

On my shelf I have:


Everything for us by M Leighton, book 3 in a series that I really enjoyed. It was only released late this week, so I’ve not started, but I cannot wait the crack its virtual spine!


I’ll see you next weekend with the teaser and book club provided that there isn’t any explosive news in our FSOG world 🙂

Have a beautiful reading week ladies, 

Monique x



Hello ladies.

Firstly, let me say that the following chapter should be up some time this weekend, I am busy with it as we speak! LOL! 😉

Lizette sent me this photo of Charlie. He looks a little older in this pic, but I can see the grey eyes of our beloved Dom….

Maybe he can work as CG.

Charlie Hunnam

Lizette also shared that the movie will be shot in Canada which makes me very nervous. I have nothing against the beautiful country, quite the contrary, but with Seattle being such a strong feature in the book, it leaves me with yet another thing to worry about…

Boy, the pressure is so on for them to get it right!


Paola is so close to catching up with me, I can almost feel her nipping at my heels 😉

I just posted chapters 51 and 52 for the Italian followers. 


Also, it’s your last chance to leave a review of the last chapter if you want to be in line to win the Spicy Subscriptions hamper.

I will be announcing the winner in the book club post 😉

Happy weekend ladies 😉

Book club and teaser

Hello ladies,

I hope you are all having a good weekend!

It was my hubby’s birthday last weekend and I had the pleasure of treating him to  a show. Le Soiree is an Aussie production, and if you ever have the opportunity to see it, do ourself a favour, but I wanted to share the finale with you. It has nothing to do with you FSOG, but it’s a little titbit I’m sure you’ll enjoy, if for no other reason than to marvel in the sheer showmanship of the act:

book club

This week I read:


Fever by Maya Banks. I finally I got around to it, 😉 and  It was good. I enjoyed it and will be reading the third instalment shortly!

Currently I’m reading:


Wicked Ties by Shayla Black. I’ve read it before but I felt the need to return to this incredibly steamy novel. As far as I’m concerned, one of the hottest ever, and a firm favourite of mine. Be warned though, it is smoking hot and contains menage scenes… but the male lead is a super Dom, and just yum!

On my shelf I (almost) have:


Everything For Us by M Leighton, book three in the Bad Boy series. It is to be released on the 12th of September from the Kindle store and I cannot wait. I loved the first two; Down To You and Up to Me.

I thought this would be appropriate in the light of our movie news this week… I hope we are all recovered fro the shock of finally having a cast. LOL!

Also, don’t forget to leave your review on chapter 56 to stand a chance to win a hamper from Spicy Subscriptions 😉 The competition will run until I post chapter 57.


As I’m updating fortnightly, I will be teasing you on the alternate  weekends with a taste of the following chapter:


Chapter 57

“…”It’s much worse than we thought sir. The GE mainframe server is completely overrun, and despite the various press releases it doesn’t seem to be letting up.”…”

I hope that gives you something to chew on during the week. LOL!

Have a great reading week ladies, and don’t forget to share your treasured book finds with us!

Monique x


Movie news…

Hello lovely Ladies,

I hope you are enjoying your week, and that you are not in too much shock about the casting news LOL!  😉

As I’m posting fortnightly now, I will be moving the mind week teaser to alternate Saturdays, just so you know… 😉

So, well, yes… the casting news sure got us all talking. Sooo many mixed feelings, but that was always going to be the case, and I think no matter who they chose, somebody, somewhere was going to be unhappy. Christian is such  powerful character, he’s so unique as far as our book boyfriends are concerned, and each of us has such a strong mental image of what he should look like, that real life couldn’t possibly live up to our impossibly high expectations.

I’m not too fussed about the choices, I’ve faith in Hollywood’s ability to make them look the part, but the depth of Christian’s character, the essence of the scorching chemistry between the two, and portraying that aching emotion – those are the things I’d like to see become animated reality. To me, that will make or break the movie. I also hope with my fervent little heart that they STICK to the story, and not add a whole bunch of Hollywood hoo-haa in the name of screen play adaptation.

We fell in love with the story, just as it is – NO DEVIATION Holywood, I say! I hope E L James keeps ’em in line!


So Hollywood, from us to you:


Have a good week ladies!

Monique x