Chapter 56

Hello dear readers.

It’s here! Hot of my laptop! LOL! 😉

I will do the book club post tomorrow as there is just too much news in this post.

Also, I’m trilled to announce a little competition here on our blog! A company called Spicy Subscriptions approached me, offering one, lucky reader a chance to win a Deluxe 50 Shades of Grey product with sample products

ss2  ss1

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  • I will randomly select a reader who reviews the current chapter, chapter 56, within this week.
  • The competition will close on Sunday the 8th September and the winner will be announced in the Sunday’s Book club post.
  • My decision is final
  • The prize is not exchangeable

I’m also pleased to introduce to you, Meander’s Spanish translator:

Kereny Camargo: was born in San Cristóbal, Venezuela. She is 26 years old, and works as a telecommunications engineer. She loves to learn about new cultures, lifestyles, new adventures, and getting to know the world around her is a fascinating pass time.
Kereny  ven

In Kereny’s own words: ” I enjoy being surrounded by the nature.  I’m in love with a fictional character, the great Master of my Universe Mr Christian Grey…  I’m multifaceted, I love art in all its expressions, music, films, painting, theatre and television, all those connect to the windows of my soul. I enjoy photography, which capture memories of my life which seems more real caught on film. Sensual literature has become a favourite of mine, along with romantic fiction. It lets my imagination take me to places I never knew it could go. I love and enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also host a radio show every Wednesday. It’s called “Generation Mix” which I really love doing as it entertains people. It’s a pleasure for me to be able to give life to the Spanish Meander, I thank Monique for the opportunity, and hope you guys like it.”


As with all the wonderful translators who offer their precious time and efforts for Meander, I’m the grateful one. Truly touched that Paola, the Super Hot Portuguese Translator Team, and now Kereny are passionate enough about my story to contribute in such a big way.

Thank you ladies!

10 thoughts on “Chapter 56

  1. tracy says:

    Monique, fyi…ch 55 and 56 are out of order..I thought ch 56 wasn’t posting…I had to look for it. Have a good day, or maybe it is nighttime for you now. Thanks for posting, I need to go read it now 😉



  2. samara1031 says:

    Omg, I’m such a freak. Lol. I’ve been checking my phone, my laptop, and my iPad every hour, waiting for this. I just dropped the baby off with my parents and my man is at work. Lol
    Now, for some action!!! Yay!!! Thank you… I freaking Love Love Love it!!!


  3. kerecb says:

    Reblogged this on Kerecb's Blog and commented:
    Thank you Monique!


  4. fanny rebellon says:

    Hola monique gracias por presentarnos a la traductora en español nos puedes dar su facebook para hablar con ella, yo soy venezolana vivo en maracaibo y deseo con el alma esta traduccion y para cuando la inicia, he contactado como varias fanaticas y me piden que les avise te agradezco una respuesta un beso.


    • KereCB says:

      Hola Fanny, como estas? Estoy trabajando actualmente en la traducción no ha sido facil, pero los capitulos son largos y quiero darles el enfoque que Monique le ha dado en su version original (ingles) toma un poco de tiempo, pero ya casi terminando el 1ro… @kerecb en twitter me puedes seguir escribeme por allí… Un abrazo


  5. Kathy says:

    Oh my god absolutely loved it… U r a true genius…… Keep em coming… Can’t wait for chapter 57


  6. samara1031 says:

    Uhggg, you’re killing me. Lol. I keep seeing (new post) and think it’s a new chapter!!! Lol… I’m reading another book right now. Melody Anne’s Surrender:book one. It’s pretty good!!!
    But it’s no my love of FSOG<3….
    Anyways, I can't wait for 57.


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