It’s happened!

Ladies… cue breathless voice….

My e-mail was awash this morning with the breaking of the casting news…. It’s done. The wait is over!

Our favourite characters have been cast, and now we wait for the release… I hear a lot of disappointed groaning all around the world, but I guess we were prepared to expect a lesser known person with the way this was going.

Our Christian Grey is Charlie Hunnam:

ch  ch1

Our Anastasia is Dakota Johnson:


In most of the images I found of her, she’s blonde. This, at least, offers a glimpse of what she’d look like as a brunette.

Also, thanks to Paola working super quickly, I’ve posted chapter 50 for Italian Meander.

25 thoughts on “It’s happened!

  1. Jo says:

    I am happy with both choices. Christian had to be someone not too well known and really hot, and Charles is. He is British but has already perfected the american accent. I also like the choice of Anna, as long as she looks young enough for the part she is playing.

    So I am a happy 50 shader 🙂

    Do you think he actually signed the contract or said “fuck the paperwork” and kissed EL James – lol!


  2. rashida says:

    People are gonna be upset no matter whom was cast you can’t please everyone


  3. samara1031 says:

    Couldn’t have picked a hot guy!!! I love the fact he’s not in a lot of movies and its a great actor!!!! Such a sexy Brit!!! Uhggg, I need a cold shower!!! 😉


  4. Maggie says:

    LOVE him 😉 …my jury’s still out on Dakota, but the pic you have gives me hope. She needs bangs!! 🙂 Other than that, if it’s true that they were heavily focused on the chemistry between the two, then I’m happily along for the ride assuming that they have a palpable connection. Let’s see what they do with the rest of the cast –


  5. Jen says:

    I guess I’ll be the first to say, “yuck!”


  6. Shelley Monnich says:

    The perception that many have in theirs heads with the description of the characters does not match these two at all..Yes he is very sexy but he is not Christian Grey..sorry ..


  7. gmbizette says:

    I am ok with the choices, I am just so curious to see how they pull this off!


  8. HenryCavill4Fifty says:

    What do you think?


  9. Dee says:

    Thanks goodness it’s wasn’t Rob Pattinson, I still can’t believe EL James wanted him first…..yes agree that it needed to be an unknown. Dakota did look good in The social Network, gorgeous body…..And with Charlie I think is a great match! Now lets see how soon some fans will upload a new Fan made trailer with these 2…..


  10. Anna says:

    Ok he’s not my choice for CG but I like Charlies a good actor so I am fine with him. I know a lot of people are saying he doesn’t look the part but by the time the makeup department have had their way with him he will. A good actor is exactly that and once in the role they can become anyone. Dakota I don’t know at all so I have an open mind and will look forward to the film. I’m just saddened by the hatred towards EL James that is all over the twitter by people who didn’t get their choice!!


  11. Janien Meissner says:

    Couldn’t believe all the reactions on twitter! Really, people are overreacting! Getting angry and asking EL if she was insane!
    I already knew it was not going to be one of my favourites, Henry or Matt. I saw an interview with Charlie, looks very good. Didn ‘t like his hair, but that will be changed i’m sure. Let’s just wait and see. I do hope Dakota acts better than her mother…… And if Charlie has a girlfriend….poor girl! 😉 Monique, what do you think, who was your man for Christian? Janien xxxx


  12. Sharon says:

    There was no way they were going to please everyone. I’m sure by the time the movie gets here, we will be embracing these two choices. And if they do a good job in the movie, we won’t be able to picture anyone else in those roles. They wouldn’t have been my choice just by appearance, but probably a good idea to go with actors not as well known as some of the other options.


  13. Marina says:

    hei Monique, I read many negative comments, all hoping to Matt Bomer and Alexis Bladey.
    I must say that I like them both, and in any case will be to see how they work together and what will come of it, I am confident. Too bad that the wait will be still very long. A big kiss


  14. SapphireBella says:

    There is a better picture of Dakota with brown hair on google images. She looks like I would picture Anastasia. I think this will end up being a perfect match if the chemistry is there as they say. As well it is just the beginning of the creative process. They are going to have to do something about his wrinkles though – Botox lol


  15. M.A.C. says:

    Okay, me too YUCK!! I cannot believe the amount of money they paid for “these golden” books and then they cast… I’m sorry who?? She is not Ana not even close…my god they had the world to choose from. Hello ~ dark hair, compelling eyes. And then we have… who? Charlie ~ Sorry charlie needs a chest, dark hair and bewitching eyes and he certainly is not swoon worthy. Come on Christian is a compelling, leader of industry with a very dark side think Ian superimposed over this guy. Sure they can dye their hair but they cannot paint on charisma and to die for charisma. I guess they wanted to spend the money elsewhere… or their idea of Christian & Ana is severly watered down. Lucy Hale at least had the eyes, mouth, right color hair and sexiness. Yeah we might go see it just to see if you can pull it off but if you don’t word-of-net travels very fast! Good luck you’re gonna need it.


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