Book club and teaser

Hello ladies,

I hope you are all having a good weekend!

It was my hubby’s birthday last weekend and I had the pleasure of treating him to  a show. Le Soiree is an Aussie production, and if you ever have the opportunity to see it, do ourself a favour, but I wanted to share the finale with you. It has nothing to do with you FSOG, but it’s a little titbit I’m sure you’ll enjoy, if for no other reason than to marvel in the sheer showmanship of the act:

book club

This week I read:


Fever by Maya Banks. I finally I got around to it, 😉 and  It was good. I enjoyed it and will be reading the third instalment shortly!

Currently I’m reading:


Wicked Ties by Shayla Black. I’ve read it before but I felt the need to return to this incredibly steamy novel. As far as I’m concerned, one of the hottest ever, and a firm favourite of mine. Be warned though, it is smoking hot and contains menage scenes… but the male lead is a super Dom, and just yum!

On my shelf I (almost) have:


Everything For Us by M Leighton, book three in the Bad Boy series. It is to be released on the 12th of September from the Kindle store and I cannot wait. I loved the first two; Down To You and Up to Me.

I thought this would be appropriate in the light of our movie news this week… I hope we are all recovered fro the shock of finally having a cast. LOL!

Also, don’t forget to leave your review on chapter 56 to stand a chance to win a hamper from Spicy Subscriptions 😉 The competition will run until I post chapter 57.


As I’m updating fortnightly, I will be teasing you on the alternate  weekends with a taste of the following chapter:


Chapter 57

“…”It’s much worse than we thought sir. The GE mainframe server is completely overrun, and despite the various press releases it doesn’t seem to be letting up.”…”

I hope that gives you something to chew on during the week. LOL!

Have a great reading week ladies, and don’t forget to share your treasured book finds with us!

Monique x


26 thoughts on “Book club and teaser

  1. Sharon Starr says:

    First of all, dear Monique….you have a little sadist in you to leave a teaser like that! (And the scary part is….I kind of like it.) You must remember to be gentle with us, and keep our limits in mind as we are unable to say no! Please, please, please post soon! I will be overdosing on chocolate until then!
    Ok..moving on after that little heart attack, I read “Being Me”, the second in the Inside Out trilogy. The third book is due this week. Mixed feelings, as the protagonist just irritates the hell out of me, and I just want to skip her thought processes. However, stud artist Chris is as hot as can be, and is the reason to finish the trilogy….which will be my next read.
    Enjoyed “Price of a Kiss” which was recommended last book club. One book read with some real LOL moments for me….so, that is all for me this week. Did enjoy reading three Jesse POV’s on Jodi Ellen Malpas website, so go check out if you haven’t read.
    Think I will be OK w/Charlie as Christian….after they do the hair and dress up. He has awesome lips and body so big plus for him. Not so happy about Dakota, but will trust they made right decision for the chemistry. Wish the book club could all go to the movie together!!


    • Sharon Starr says:

      Ok-I’m back. I totally could vote bathtub guy to be CG. Love when Christian gets playful with music….and after all, he does have all those carabiners in the playroom. We just need to move a bathtub in. As Ana would say, “Holy crap!”
      And I forgot to mention For Tiffany Reisz fans, found a smaller book on Kindle called “The Mistress Files” with five short stories about her Domme experiences. If you like the Sinners series, you will enjoy this book. Now I feel the need for a lovely bath…


  2. Clare says:

    Are you sure that show wasn’t a birthday present for you 😉 phew!!! 😳


  3. Jen says:

    I was reading some old posts. What books do Jese and Travis go with?


  4. tracy says:

    Loved the bathtub routine…had to share it with a couple of my friends. Wish that show was available around here, I think I would thoroughly (sp?) enjoy it. This week I finished the Sinners on Tour series…really liked it, with 5 different band members you get quite the variety of um…lemons. I also read Stripped by Jasinda Wilder about a young, virgin minister’s daughter that becomes a stripper to survive. Good story…fast read. Wallbanger is still on my shelf and Beautiful Bombshell arrives tomorrow. Look forward to reading that as I enjoyed Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Bitch and the other one that I can’t remember at the moment.. . lol

    Jen…Can’t remember who Travis is at the moment…jeez, I need some more coffee to get my brain going this morning…But I definitely remember Jesse Ward…Lord of the Manor from This Man series by Jodi Ellen Malpas…love love love that series 😉 😉 😉


  5. Valerie says:

    I finished The Marriage Merger by Jennifer Probst…simply AWESOME! Each book in this series gets better and better! I want to read Wethering the Storm, already read The Mighty Storm and loved it, but it is not available to Nook users as Samantha Towle sold the rights to an Amazon publishing company so it is only on the Kindle. AHHH…patience…one day I ‘ll get my hands on it. For now, I started reading Knight by Kristen Ashley. I bought the next one in the Beautiful Bastard series, and I also pre-ordered Everything for Us…can’t wait for that one!!


    • Winterstorm says:

      I read the first book and really enjoyed it but I didn’t continue because I thought it was a stand alone book. Wasn’t fond of the models on the cover either. I’ll need to circle back now!


  6. Jen says:

    Thanks. I loved all the marraige merger books. Read beautiful
    Bombshell yesterday. It was an easy sunday read. Nothing too note worthy. Looking forward to reading about Will in beautiful player.


  7. Winterstorm says:

    Travis is from beautiful disaster – loved the alpha story fairly clean in comparison to the other reads reviewed here ;). I loved Gage in Rush so of course I had to follow w Fever which to me jumped to fast into a whirlwind love affair but the lemons were ther by the bucket full!


  8. luana says:

    Hi Monique, following the suggestion of one of your follower i have read “me before you” by Jojo Moyes…an amazing story of romantic love,i want to thank this follower (i dont remember who is ) for a wonderful experience 😉
    This book is very touching… a reflection on the experience of life…
    I can’t wait for the chapter translate in italian 🙂
    P.s. Sorry for any errors i made…im italian and i learn english “home made” !!!


    • elicerea says:

      I loved “me before you”, I cried sooo hard… it’s a different kind of (love-)story. And just like Luana says: it makes you reflect on life. I also want to thank whoever suggested it here.
      I have also read “Geoducks are for Lovers”, a beautiful love story for those who would like to read a story of group of people who are 35+. Not that I don’t like college stories, I have read “Easy” by Tammara Webber as well as Jessica Sorensens “Callie and Kayden” and “Ella and Micha” and loved them.
      If you like a little BDSM you might also enjoy the “80 days” series by Vina Jackson (a little weird here and there), “The Forbidden Room” a boy-boy-girl story and “The Agreement” by S.E. Lund (oh and I just found out that there’s a second book “The Commitment” – I guess I know what I am going to read next). I also really liked “What Wendy Wants”, which was suggested by one of your followers – it’s a story one can really relate to if you know what I mean ;-).
      “Fear of Falling” by S.L. Jennings is another book I really enjoyed.
      And of course I loved the “This Man” series (wouldn’t mind if there were more to come) and the “The Storm” series.
      At the moment I’m ready Cody McFaydens “The Face of Death”, it’s not a romance/erotica story, but really good nevertheless.
      Ladies, I always enjoy the read about what you are reading and I hope we will be able to keep this up in the future. Mo, love your Ana and Christian to death!!! xxx


    • Janien Meissner says:

      Hello Iuana! It was me, and I am so glad you liked it! I think this book is very special, it makes you laugh and cry all at the same time! Nothing like the books we are talking about here but I still wanted to mention it.
      Janien 🙂


      • luana says:

        Yes i know but i am falling in love with this book and this author… and i never stop to say thank you 😉
        I have loved fsog and all that trilogy specialy for the romantic part and at last for the sex scenes but in first place i like the love story! Thank you again janien:-)


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello Luna, so glad you got a lovely recommendation and enjoyed it. Don’t worry about any errors. Your English is very good! 😉


  9. Paulette says:

    I cant eat, sleep or work – withdrawal symptoms. Please give us chapter 57! 🙂


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