Translated chapters

Hello ladies!

I hope you are having a good week, finding some time to relax with a good read and a glass… or two… 😉

I love this little joke! I don’t know about you but I think it’s pretty fair! 

joke56 (2)

Just q quick note to let the Italian readers know that Paola has translated the GQ article. I’ve posted it, nestled under chapter 51.

Kereny has also been very busy and I’ve just posted chapter 4 of the Spanish translation.

Also Sharon posted this as her means of survival between chapters. I think it’s an excellent idea…



Happy week!

Monique x



2 thoughts on “Translated chapters

  1. Maxime Noyes says:

    Hello Terrificness,
    You obviously work so hard at what you do… but also with great passion and love for your craft and art… I look forward to every chapter you write with such giddy delight!

    I by no means want this story to conclude, any more than I wanted to say goodbye to the Shire or Howarts… or Tara in Gone with the Wind…

    But… and there always is one, ::: chuckle and a smile::: The Thought that you will soon begin to delve and grow within your own original works…is very exciting!!!



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