Between the covers book club and chapter 59

Hello sexy readers!

I trust that your weekend is filled with all the R&R you need to revive you after your week. 

Chapter 59:

Please find chapter 59 in the sidebar, again unedited, but written in the broad light of day, so it shouldn’t be too bad 😉 Just as a side note, as I write mostly from the top of my head, this chapter took on something other than what I was originally hoping to get done, so I DID NOT MANAGE TO WORK IN THE TEASER. It’s an organic process, so I hope you will forgive me. Hopefully I will get around to including that with the following one. 

On the movie front, Susan was kind enough to share this link with me, detailing the fall-out between Charlie and the FSOG movie clan.

It saddens me to no end that there are still people out there that misunderstands Fifty so completely.

I so wish the world could manage to look past the red room, and see the actual story!


This week I read:


The Edge of Always by J.A. Redmerski, book two in the Edge of Never series. This is a very tame series, erotica wise, but what it lacks in heat it makes up for in emotion.  The first one had me blinking away my tears, but this one had me bawling. It’s a great love story, powerful and touching.

book i2

ven button1

I’ve also just posted chapter 5 of the Spanish translation of Meander. Thank you for that Kereny! 😉


Thank you Katherine for sharing this! The music of Fifty Shades of Grey!

You may need to click on the image to make it play.

Too funny 😉

I hope you have a stunning week and find lots of GREAT reads to share with us. I don’t know about you, but I’ve started the countdown to Katie Evans’s second book, Mine. I cannot wait for more of Remmy and Brooke!

Happy reading ladies!

Monique xx


9 thoughts on “Between the covers book club and chapter 59

  1. Janien says:

    Still laughing about Katherines music! So funny!
    I read the third book about Chris and Sara! (Lisa Renee Jones) Not bad but I didn’t like the end! To many questions remain! I did read some other stuff, but nothing special! It is about time you write your book Monique! That one I would read ! About the FSOG filmstuff! I do agree with you, I wish they would stop writing and talking about the red room! Sometimes I think the film was not such a good idea…… I wonder how Erika feels now…..
    Have a nice week with lots of good books with great LOVE storys, because that is what we all love! Janien xxxx


  2. KereCB says:

    You are so Welcome M


  3. Heather B says:

    How did you get the edge of always already? I am sooo jealous


  4. luana says:

    hi ladies,i wanna ask a suggestion of read for my hubby, he want to read some kinky stories but for man…you have something to propose?


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