Between the covers book club and teaser

Hello lovely ladies.

I hope this Sunday finds you well and happily reading a fabulous book!

Let me start off with more FSOG movie news. According to the Laters Baby website, Luke Grimes is to play Elliot Grey.


Personally I’m not too sure about this choice, but let’s hope Hollywood knows what they’re doing…


This week I read:


Come Away With Me by Kristen Proby. This is another one of those authors that I’ve been eyeing for a long time, but never had a chance to read. Well, I can say that I’m glad that I finally got around to it. A good read, the fist in the With Me In Seattle series.


I should, if all goes well, have chapter 60 (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT NUMBER??) ready for you by next weekend, including the last teaser that never made it into the chapter!


A further teasing taste for you…

“…I don’t bother knocking, but take a steeling breath as I open the door, and it serves me well because I stop breathing all together when I clock my husband’s agitation. His hands are in his hair, both angry fists gripping tufts of hair. “That can only mean one thing,” he says bleakly, looking at Taylor who is quick to nod his grim assent…”


I wish you a beautiful week ladies, with lots of good reads!

Monique x


12 thoughts on “Between the covers book club and teaser

  1. Valerie says:

    Hi Monique! I was so happy to see that you read Come Away with Me…Kristen Proby’s writing is awesome and you will like the second in the series (Fight with Me) even better! See, I would never steer you wrong. This week (which includes the week before that) I reread A Discovery of Witches which I loved, then read the 2nd, Shadow of Night, in preparation for the 3rd which doesn’t have a release date yet. It was harder for me to get into that one due to 1) too many characters and 2) the story muddied with too much detail, but that’s the way Deborah Harkness rolls. Now I’m finishing up Insatiable by Cari Quinn…it’s just ok which surprised me. Usually I really like her books. I also read Kidnapping his Bride by Karen Erickson (aka Monica Murphy); liked it.

    I have no idea what I’m reading next…140 books in my Nook…I need to decide!

    I am DYING to read Driven by K. Bromberg and Lick by Kylie Scott! Not available to Nook users 😦 but I’ll keep stalking!


  2. moire says:

    to quote an ad here -” You stinker!!! ” ( LOL) HBow could you leave us dangling like that ! – heck even your teasers are beauts!! CAN NOT WAIT for ch 60 – and rather like the new casting for Mr CG the movie – we may not get what we all wanted – but the second choice is pretty easy on the eye


  3. Jo Fergus says:


    So I’ve read lots of wonderful books this past couple of weeks, including Driven & Fueled by K.Bromberg – loved these books! You all have to meet Colton Donavan 🙂 Sexy alpha male indeed 🙂

    Anyway, I just had to mention the one I finished yesterday, Making Faces by Amy Harmon, LOVED this, it’s in my top 3 of 2013. Not my typical genre, there is no sex/smut but there is a love story interwoven and I cried four times! If you want to try something a bit different and you enjoyed Hopeless by Colleen Hoover then this book will be perfect for you, bump it up your TBR list asap.

    I am excitedly awaiting my paperbacks of This Man & Beneath This Man in the post this week so I can finally share Jesse Ward with my friends 🙂 And I just got an email from Book Depository to say that Mine by Katy Evans has been ‘released’ by the publisher so will be in the post soon too – can’t wait for more Remy 🙂 I think we will all be eagerly anticipating the release of Mine, right ladies?

    Have a great week 🙂


  4. nettiejow says:

    just wondering when chapter 60 is coming out? looking forward to it


  5. Penny says:


    Just want to say that I ran across your blog last Thursday and read all weekend to get caught up. You are very talented! It is probably the same for many but I can’t get enough of the Christian and Ana love story and I sure hope this will continue after chapter 60. Thank you for giving me (us) a place to escape the real world.

    And, thanks to the other ladies for the next books to read ideas.


  6. Brittanie says:

    Ahhh that teaser makes me super excited to read the next chapter!

    I think Luke Grimes is really handsome and To be honest the only two people I cared about them casting were Christian and Ana. I’m happy with Christian now that Jamie is playing him but I don’t think Ana is a good choice. Any who I wasn’t too familiar with Luke but I looked at a couple of his pictures online and he does resemble Jessie a little which I don’t know if they did that on purpose but it’s kind of pointless considering they aren’t blood related. Lol.


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