Between the covers book club, news and Chapter 60

Hello Ladies!

I hope that you’re enjoying a beautiful weekend.

Let me start off with announcing that Chapter 60 is ready for your reading pleasure! Unedited, so please be kind 😉

Onto some movie news, we have Victor Rasuk playing Jose Rodriguez and Jennifer Ehle playing Carla.

victor  jennifer


This week I read:


Driven by K Bromberg, book one in the Driven Trilogy.  This came highly recommended here on the book club last week and I was not disappointed. True to the strong male lead and the fireworks between him and the female lead plus a bit of drama on the side and you have the making of all that we love on a book.

On my shelf I have… (Almost!)


Mine by Katie Evans. I cannot wait! The Amazon release date is the 5th of November and I’m psyched! I adored her first book, Real and am looking forward to more intensity between Remy and Brooke!



it disk1 Paola has sent  me chapter 56 in Italian – thank you Paola

ven button1 Kereny has updated the Spanish version of Meander with chapter 6 – thank you Kereny


Thank you for sharing your great reads ladies! 

I hope you have an awesome reading week!

Monique xx


14 thoughts on “Between the covers book club, news and Chapter 60

  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while but I’m still here!
    I am in the middle of reading Theirs to Keep by Maya Banks, so far very different from her other books but I’m really enjoying it.
    Like you I cannot wait to read Mine I’m so excited about it and hoping that I wake up in the morning and it has arrived a day early 🙂
    I look forward to comparing notes with you next week xxx


  2. KereCB says:

    Reblogged this on Kere CamBi and commented:
    Capitulo 6 Cincuenta Sombras de Grey y mas….


  3. Maisie Scarlett says:

    Something Great by M Clarke was a lovely read! I am so excited to read Mine.


  4. Amy says:

    Hi Monique, I enjoyed “Driven” as well….the second sequel book I thought was also good was “Fueled” and their story continues with “Crashed” that comes out in early 2014. I enjoyed this series so far so am looking forward to the third book although I hate the long amount of time I have to wait between books cause with all the others I read in the meantime makes me kinda forget the series and then I need to re-read to get my myself refreshed and emotionally invested back into the series to enjoy the next book…much like “Mine” to be released….I can’t wait for this book! but of course I will need to re-read “Real” to get refreshed and emotionally back into the book to really enjoy when “Mine” comes out on Tuesday….I can already feel that Tuesday and Wednesday will be unproductive days for me since my nose will be in this book! can’t wait!!! 🙂


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Amy, yes, I know exactly what you mean. I wish authors would get into the habit of writing all three books in one go, then publish them like a month or so apart… would be great. Yes, I’ll read book two next I think, there was just nothing that was going to stand in my way of reading Mine… 😉


  5. Janien says:

    Just read the second S.E.C.R.E.T book. Nice, but I liked the first one better. And I reread the Crossfire books. Now I do want to read book 4 please! Lol ! I must say, Christian stays my number one but Gideon is a very good second! 😉 . Janien


  6. Dark is the best, I loved this book.


  7. samara1031 says:

    I live such a silly personal life!!! I wait every week to see what’s new, when something is gonna happen, and how the week/weekend will go with my beloved Christian and Ana, and my love of books. I can’t truly say I’ve ever really has a terrible week. Lol.
    I really am loving the books you present to read until I can read Meander. I TRY to make myself wait a few weeks before I read it, so I have a few chapters to read. Talk about a book hang-over!!! Lol. Love it!!!
    Anyways, Thanks for all you do girl!!!
    You’re writing is so wonderful!!! Thank you for keeping us with Christian anf Ana!!!


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