Between the covers book club and teaser

Hello ladies,

I hope that you’ve enjoyed a good weekend. I don’t know about you, but the end of the year seems to be hurtling toward me like there’s no tomorrow! 

photo (1)

My hubby took this picture for me today, a car parked at the servo to get gas… Gotta’ love the way Fifty has made it into the mainstream of society! 😉


This week I read:


Mine by Katy Evans. This is book two in the Real series. It’s seldom that I break out the Best Of The Best award. Book one in the series qualified, and so did this. I LOVE the way this author writes. Colourful, descriptive, pushing the envelope at times, but damn, she pulls it off! I LOVE! 


I’ve been so caught up in Katie’s work that I’ve not even bothered with a new book yet. I wish I could stay in Brooke and Remy’s world… This series is easy the best books of the year for me 😉


ven button1 For the Spanish readers, I’ve just posted chapter 7, thanks to Kereny’s hard work.


Here is a little taste of what’s to come in chapter 61:

“…He‘s gripping my hand, his fingers curled around mine in a death clutch as his eyes dart between the screen and the doctor. I can tell that he’s holding his breath, eyes growing larger with every second that passes…”


Love this! LOL!

I hope you know that I’m grateful for your continued support!

Have a great reading week ladies. 

Monique x


12 thoughts on “Between the covers book club and teaser

  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique
    Love the car number plate where can I get one lol
    I also read Mine this week really enjoyed it, I just want to take Remy home and love him to death
    My only criticism is the way the author repeats herself, if she had said he was scenting her one more time I would have thrown the kindle through the window!
    Saying that it was good to have me some Remy and I’m really looking forward to reading Mine on 25th November.

    Regarding your teaser nice to know that you still torment your readers
    I’m guessing that Ana is having a scan but Christians reaction makes me think she is having twins?!!
    I’m probably away of the mark as usual lol but can’t wait to read the next chapter xx


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! Yes, I thought that might appeal to you Katherine! 😉 Yes, I agree! Remy does bring out one’s nurturing instincts. LOL! But you love me anyway! You know I’m the queen of tease! 😉 Thanks, as always, for your contribution and continued support 😉 I think of you so often! Hugs!


  2. tracy says:

    Poor Christian…I hope it’s just a routine scan and there is not a problem or it will be poor Ana because he will not allow her out of her bed for the remainder of her pregnancy! Love the tease…can’t wait for ch 61!

    I too have Mine on my bookshelf. I also have the 8th book in Cherise Sinclair’s Masters of the Shadowlands waiting for me (it also came out this week). And, I started reading Olivia Cunnings “One Night with Sole Regret” series. There are going to be about 15 books in all. Each one is about one night with each band member. I’ve only read the first 4 and I really liked them. I believe the 1st five books are the first nights with the band members, 6-10 are the 2nd nights with the band members and 11-15 are the third nights…I think. Oh, and if you haven’t checked out Olivia Cunnings Hottie Hump Day on Wednesdays, do it now. Holy Moly!!! And don’t forget to click on each picture as it leads to even more!!!


  3. KereCB says:

    Reblogged this on Kerecb's Blog and commented:
    Capitulo 7 Cincunta Sombras de Grey y mas…


  4. Mrs. G says:

    I too read Mine this week. At first I was a little disappointed but in the end I loved it! Pages and pages of lemony sweetness for all you lemon lovers! Remy is a special one! Can’t help but love him! I think I’ll enjoy reading his pov with her next book, Remy. I believe Ripped and Raw are in the works as well. So glad there’s more to come from Katy Evans.
    Monique, your teaser is doing its job as always! I’m patiently awaiting #61. It’s gonna be emotional, exciting, and…just…aahh! : )


  5. Sharon says:

    Love that license tag…and love that your husband knows you well enough to snap the pix for you! and we need more true gentlemen in our lives! LOL. “Mine” is next up in my bookshelf. Just finished “This is who I am” by Cherise Sinclair. I was curious about where she would take this book, had no idea a sadist could be such a sweetie pie. All flavors as 50 shades would say.


  6. mscleighton says:

    Love the book Mine can’t wait to read Remy’s story :)) best book for me also :))


  7. moire says:

    Love the ‘gentlemen and doors’ pix

    DId not get to leave a review on the last ch life is crazy – but I did enjoy taking a quiet moment and reading it ( altho at 0100 ) LOVE LOVE YOUR WORK MISS M – is that like the divine MISS M???

    I have been reading some of Samantha Kane’s books since reading FSOG and Meander – oh I wish I ws a young woman again – do Iget to go around again ??


  8. Sheila H. says:

    Hello everyone, Monique I love the teaser, thank you, got me thinking until I can read the next chapter.
    I loved the last photo of the true gentleman, just my type of man 😉
    I bought another trilogy, I keep saying I won’t buy them because you have to wait too long before they are all published. This time it is the trilogy by Jodi Ellen Malpas This Man. Luckily the second book was due out the week after I bought This Man, so I was able to read Beneath This Man sooner rather then later. Good books, not much BDSM but plenty of sex and a good storyline, I just have to wait until December for book 3.
    Then I read Sylvia Days In the Flesh, as you know I like all her historical novels, I must have missed the write up on this book because it wasn’t one of the historical novels. It was more a Sheik living on another planet with all the techno of the future. It was still a good read though and I am glad I bought.
    I hope everyone is well, and look forward to the next chapter of Meander.


  9. tracy says:

    Mmmmm…loved the Lord of the Manor in This Man, one of my favorite series. You won’t be disappointed in This Man Confessed…just saying… 😉


  10. Chantel says:

    I just finished reading “Mine” today. Parts of it were very good. I had a hard time not thinking of Remy as the Incredible Hulk in a lot of
    It drove me a little nuts when he had Scorpion blood on him from the ring and was carrying Brooke around and touching her face but that is just my personal crazy kicking in. I look forward to the next one but I do hope there is less scenting……


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