Between the covers book club

Hello lovely ladies!

Thank you so much for all the well wishes. I’m feeling the love from ya’ all! 😉

First off, I’d like to wish someone well. A reader who has been following my story for a very long time is embarking on a new stage of her life. A true blue (or maybe Grey) FSOG lover.  Her colleagues at work treated her with this stunning cake at her farewell which, I can only imagine, must’ve been very hard. All the best for your new journey, I pray that you find joy in the service of your new role.

cake  cake1

Then, onto our book club segment…


This week I read:


All The Pretty Lies by M Leighton. True to her usual style it was a sexy, action filled read. I really enjoy her writing and could easily recommend all the books by her that I’ve read so far.


ven button1 Thanks to Kereny I’ve just posted chapter 8 in the Spanish translation of Meander.


I hope you all have a beautiful week, hopefully I’ll be catching up with you by the weekend with an update.

Happy reading ladies,

Monique x


9 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Fiona says:

    Congratulations to your fan Monique and what a great send off. The book you recommended is on my TBR list. Can’t wait. Thanks x


  2. KereCB says:

    Lol, I loved that last picture, I’m feeling like that just now between Christian and Gideon, well and Jesse, and Benett, Max… the list go and go…
    Hope you feel better soon Mo…
    Much love lady!


  3. Marion Evans says:

    Hi Monique hope you soon feel better xxx


  4. carla says:

    ciao monique e da tanto che non ti lascio un saluto ti seguo sempre con tanto affetto la tua scrittura e sempre meravigliosa e travolgente ti mando tanti baci dal’italia ti auguro di guarire presto e grazie mille per la condivisione della tua scrittura con tutte noi e grazie mille anche a paola per avermi fatto scoprire la tua pagina e ad apprezzare al meglio la tua storia un bacio grande!!! carla ❤


  5. Monique Lain says:

    Than you Carla, and you are so welcome! 😉


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