Between the covers book club and news…


Long time no hear! Thank you so much for your patience and good wishes. I hope you had a beautiful, blessed start to your new year, and that you’re well on your way to enjoying 2014!

I have moved – finally, and 350 items later, my new home is beginning to resemble the tranquil place I like it to be! Yay! 😉 I’m going to try my best to start writing again this week, but now comes all the little admin details like address changes etc. to sort out! What I wouldn’t give to have a PA right now! LOL!

IMG_5911  IMG_5912

My slice of complete chaos… Can you see why I almost turned to drink??


I hope you’ll excuse my lack of replies on the blog, and I bet you would rather want me to spend my time writing than replying to your lovely comments. Please don’t think that I ignore them. I get every one as a notification on my mobile, I just have not had time to reply! I am grateful for every remark from you 😉


I finally finished:

take me on

Take Me On by Cherrie Lynn. Loved it, as I do all her books! A great read, and again, you don’t have to read the series in order.

I have been so thoroughly busy that I’ve not started a new book in all this time!


it disk1 Paula has been absolutely fantastic, and very busy. I’ve posted chapter 62 and the Quickie Meander short story on the blog for the Italian readers. 

I hope you have a stunning reading week as life settles around us into another new beginning.

Again, thank you for your continued support and long-suffering patience 😉

Love ya’ all!

Monique x


5 thoughts on “Between the covers book club and news…

  1. Charnelle Anderson says:

    We need outside pics to see what a lovely view you have as well as summertime In Aus. Cheers




  2. Franne says:

    Monique the house looks lovely. Moving is so much work and such a drain, emotionally and physicially. You have our support. Hang in there, girl.


  3. Monique, I’ve really enjoyed what you have written and look forward to your next chapters. Happy unpacking.


  4. Sharon Starr says:

    LOL….too funny. I love Big Books too! Now that stupid song is SO stuck in my head, thank you very much!! Hope you get settled in soon! We miss you!


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