Don’t hate me

Dear ladies,

I was hoping to get writing this week but as I suspected, admin has kept me away from my laptop, and now we have guests that will be staying with us for the weekend… I’m sorry. You know I hate doing this. Also, I’s so drained from the move and the insanely busy times we’ve had until now, I’m desperately hoping to get in a week of rest next week before the schools begin again!


sp button1 Thanks to Kereny, I’ve posted chapter 11 of the Spanish translation of Meander 😉

I hope you have a good week, and know that I’ve not abandoned my story!

Monique xx

11 thoughts on “Don’t hate me

  1. tracy says:

    No worries…we’re still here. I have quite a few (understatement) books on my bookshelf I’m trying to catch up on while I wait for you to return. Just finished Before Jamaica Lane (One of the Dublin series) by Samantha Young. Loved it….


  2. TJ says:

    Life happens! Rest, relax and have fun with your guests! Can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds. Thank you!


  3. I just found you about a month ago and have read it all at least twice. You have got excellent talent!!! I have yet to actually read 50 shades of Grey, but from what I am reading and what the book says I think I like yours much better. 😉 I only like happy endings. You are doing awesome and Keep it up!


  4. gmbizette says:

    Never hate you Dear just miss you and you lovely story!! Enjoy your company and your downtime!!!! Cannot wait for the update because I know it will be smashing!!!


  5. Chinyere says:

    For Book Club Suggestion-Reading E.K. Blair’s (NA) The Fading Series! From three different character POVs: “Fading” – Book 1 in Candace’s POV, “Freeing” -Book 2 in Jase’s POV and “Falling” -Book 3 in Ryan’s POV. Love the Ryan Campbell character and the rest of the cast. Tough subject matters and journeys for characters handled with great depth.


  6. Annette says:

    I just found this about a month ago…, love, love your twist on the books!!! You do what you need to do…..I’ll still be here, as will everyone else who loves your writing……you’re awesome!!!!


  7. Mrs.C says:

    Girl please, you do have a life. If it is anything like your readers lives; we are amazed that you are able to give us your fantastic chapters. Enjoy your time with friends and family. See you when we see you:)


  8. Teadora Morgan Hill says:

    Dear Sweet Amazing Monique! You just moved… One of the most stressful things a person can do… Your Muse probably needs food, wine, massage with extra foot rubs… Therapy for anything broken or lost (my husband accidently ran the car backwards over my favorite delicate, Victorian lamp shade during a move… I still grieve! :::sigh:::) so be kind to yourself… We’ll still be here…waiting patiently… with a cup of tea… wearing a periwinkle blue garter belt…And a smile! :::wink:::

    p.s.- Don’t freak while unpacking, have fun unpacking! 😉


  9. Sue says:

    I’ll just echo what the others have said. Come back to us when you can Monique, you’re always worth waiting for. Enjoy the company of your visitors and try to get some rest x


  10. Have to admit really missing the story. I guess we have to understand that you do have other things that require your time. You are a human being and need and deserve rest also, but really, really missing your story. I’m just saying. It’s been over (OVER) a month.


  11. LaTesha says:

    We couldn’t hate you if we tried. We are just anxious and excited. Take care of yourself and we will all still be here excited and waiting for updates. I am in the midst of my own transitions right now too, lol.


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