Between the covers book club

Hello lovely ladies!

Phew, what a hectic time these last few months was… I need a holiday to recover from this holiday period… Not that I was holidaying! 😉 Thank you again for all the kind messages of understanding and support. I appreciate your patience!


On my shelf I have:


In The Flesh by Sylvia Day. I’ve not started it, hopefully I will get to that this week. This is a very brave choice for me as I don’t generally read the supernatural stuff… Let’s see if Sylvia can make a convert of me… 😉


sp button1 Kereny has been very hard at work translating and I’ve posted chapter 12 for the Spanish readers of Meander! Thank you, Kereny!


Australia has been very hot lately, so I thought I’d share this with our freezing Northern hemisphere readers! 😉

I hope you have a beautiful reading week, ladies.

Remember to share your awesome reading treasures with us.

Monique xx


4 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Sheila H. says:

    Hello Monique glad to hear that you are finally getting settled in your new home, sometimes when you move house you do feel like you need a long, long holiday.
    I have already read the Sylvia Day In the Flesh book, I thought it was another of her historical novels, which I love. It is not the type of book that I would normally buy but I certainly did enjoy the book.
    I have been re-reading the This Man trilogy, I like it when you have all three books and can just carry on to another book when you have finished the first one. I liked this trilogy although the main character Jesse, is not like Christian, other then he has money and likes control-ish.
    I even got out FSOG Freed and read that again. Still a special book and I am really looking forward to the film. Although Jamie Dornan was not my personal choice of Christian, the more photos I see of him working on the film, the more he is growing on me. My choice was Matt Bomer, but as I said the choice was always down to EL James, and Jamie Dornan matches her looks etc for Christian in her books.
    Have a good week Monique and also to all my other fellow readers, take care now all of you.


  2. Jen says:

    Hi Monique just want to share what I’m reading! Jake Undone , Penelope Ward was really good . Bully and Until you by Penelope Douglas was a great read. Romance depth and steamy ! trouble by Samantha Towel. Pretty good but not as great as into the deep. I’m going to start the IN FLIGHT trilogy. Heard anything on that? Happy reading and Congrats on the new home !


    • tracy says:

      I read the In Flight series and really liked them. There is now another trilogy in progress, “Bad Things”, about Tristan and Danika, two characters from the In Flight series. I’ve read the 1st two and really liked them, also. Book 3 is not out yet.


  3. Valerie says:

    I just finished Fighting for Irish by Gina Maxwell; outstanding, great story, and I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads. Her other books are excellent as well. Now I’m reading Forever With You, the 3rd installment of Hudson and Alayna’s love story by Laurelin Paige, also a great read. I am itching to reread Fifty Shades and the Crossfire books but need to tackle the 150+ books in my Nook. Next up: Holy Friggin Matrimony by Emma Chase, the follow-up to Tangled…Drew is a hoot!!


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