Valentine’s Day Surprise!

Hello ladies!

Happy, happy valentine’s day!

I hope you get spoilt and take a moment to spoil the sexy man in your life.

For the occasion I have a little surprise for you…


A part two of the Valentine’s Meander that I posted last year on this very day 😉

Please note that this is a follow on to the main story, Fifty Shades Meander and takes place in the first February Christian and Ana spends together after their reunion. In the first half of the story, her pregnancy wasn’t mentioned because I couldn’t give away my game like that, but now you already know that she’s pregnant, so the bump is included in part two…. 😉

Also, part one is a little rewritten and a whole lot edited, reposted with some pics for your added pleasure… 😉

And no Valentine is complete without a little levity…

I saw this in Big W the other day… can you imagine CG in these Incredible Hulk PJ’s?


And then, proving that stunning, heartfelt gifts doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg…. How is this for meltingly romantic?

joke romatic

Have a beautiful day, ladies! 😉

Monique xo

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Surprise!

  1. Moire says:

    Hi MOnique
    Jumped to the pages to read Valentine meander – pages are black with dark writing in the background whaat ?? So sadly can not read what is probably a great meander :O)


  2. Moire says:

    no not sorted :O( sad —- and when I went to go on the next page you broughtup I got the same



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