Between the covers book club and more

Hello ladies!

How was your week? Read anything good lately?


This week I read:


All the Pretty Poses by M Leighton. This is book two in the Pretty series, but you can read them in any sequence. I enjoyed her Bad Boys series but I’m LOVING this. Great writing with a deliciously hot romantic trail to set your imaginings on fire.

On my shelf I have:


All The Pretty Lies by M Leighton, book one in the Pretty series.


Then, on my favorite source of all things Fifty, the Laters Baby site, I found this trailer. It’s another unofficial one but but holy smokes! If this is what this movie is going to be like, I say bring it!

So hot! 

Hey, look! Even Miss Piggy isn’t opposed to a few shades of kink!


You can check out the Laters Baby site here:

Have a great reading week, ladies!

Monique x


6 thoughts on “Between the covers book club and more

  1. Sharon Starr says:

    I will check out the Pretty series, & I thought this was best Fifty clip yet with these characters. Song choice was compelling. As far as my reading…Was thrilled to see third book of the Fae Chronicles come out “Escaping Destiny” by Amelia Hutchins. Thank goodness because book two was a major cliffhanger. I’ve only read one other paranormal romance, but the cover on her first book coaxed me into the purchase, and so glad because I completely L.O.V.E. this series. Very strong female protagonist, intriguing storyline, and all the Alpha males you could want. As with most books these days, would love to see better proofreading…these books deserve it. On a scale of 1-10, I’m a solid 10 on this series. Only sad there are just three books so far.


  2. Sharon Starr says:

    Oh – and Twilight was my first paranormal romance, which I enjoyed, but it wasn’t nearly as…umm…spicy as the Fae Chronicles. And I do enjoy some spice!


  3. Dee says:

    Hi Mo,
    I got my hands on a copy of MOTU outtakes through and loved it. Desperately trying to find the rest, not sure if you’ve seen it or have a copy. Did you ever read it on FanFiction?? Its now got me intrigued did eljames write from both Ana n Christian pov?? Any ideas where to start looking for a complete copy of it??


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