G’day ladies!

I hope you heard my budding Aussie accent there! 😉

ven button1

I just updated the Spanish translation of Meander with chapter 18 – thank you Kereny!

Look what one of the readers sent me:

Baby r8

Suzan and her hubby was out shopping for their baby and came across a mini Audie R8. How cute is this??

Thank you for sharing, Suzan and good luck with the bub!


2 thoughts on “News

  1. andrea says:

    The true warrior of the world. The person who most fight for their ideals. That moves mountains, and everything else that comes from the front. She has no fear. Faces. Sees. Strengthens. Stronger Every day, each day more sure of itself. Women are changing the world. Make the planet rotates. Make the sun to warm up. Because they have the power. Has the hand of God in his creation. AND nothing more fair, that a special day for them! Happy International Day of Women!


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