Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies. 

I hope this weekend is treating you well. 

I have to say that I’m thrilled to see all the new readers on the blog. I love that FSOG still seems to be an evergreen love. To my long suffering followers, thank you for your continued support and a hearty welcome to the newbies 🙂


This week I read:


Aftershock by Sylvia Day. This is book two, the final book in this super short series. Again, I loved it, but I really disliked how short is was.

Currently I’m reading:


Fueled by K Bromberg. This is book two in the Driven series. It took me a while to get around to reading book two. It’s not that I didn’t like the first one, it’s just that it is so like FSOG in so many ways that I always feel like I’m reading a copy of of the original. I know a lot of readers thoroughly enjoyed it and, so far, it is a good read.

On my shelf I have:


Theirs to cherish by Shayla Black. Please note that, if you read it prior to my review, this book might contain menage scenes 😉


I hope you have a blessed week, ladies and please pass on your best book finds!


Happy reading!

Monique x


11 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. andrealucia says:

    Não vejo a hora de vc posta o proximo capitulo,aguardo aki ansiosa.Bjs


  2. KereCB says:

    Hahaha I love the wine pic. So funny, not even a grape should die in vain! I’m reading book 6 of Maya Banks Sweet series, I really love how Maya can make all characters keep going through the six books, everything relates. I really love this series is to hot, sensual and off course sexual. My favorite book was Number 4, Micah’s book is so f’ing great. So I really recomend the series…


  3. Sheila H. says:

    Love the wine picture. I have just finished reading the Sylvia Day Books Afterburn/Aftershock as well. I have to agree with you, very short but still an interesting read.


  4. Janien says:

    Just read 4 books by Kristen Proby, Rock with me etc. Loved them!!!!! Pleasures of summer and Pleasures of winter by Evie Hunter, very good too! Still love your story the best Monique……write some books girl! 😉 Janien


  5. Mrs.C says:

    Never long suffering my dear, just loyal fans that have been with you through good and not so good times. Monique you have been so giving in sharing your talent with us and I am so glad new fans have come aboard. I remember when I first found your site and have enjoyed every word of it. Welcome newbies and best wishes to faithful fans:)


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