Hello ladies 🙂

I’m feeling a little more myself this week so I’m hopeful for getting the latest chapter done by the weekend some time 😉

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Thanks to Kereny I’ve just updated the Spanish version of Meander – enjoy!


Have an awesome week 😉

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Hello ladies….

Thank you for all your get-well-soon messages! 😉


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Then, with winter on it’s way here in the Southern Hemisphere, how about a little something to keep your man warm?


LOL! 😉

Have a good weekend! 😉

Delays and between the covers book club…

Hello lovely ladies 🙂

You know how much I hate doing this, and I know that you’re looking forward to the next installment of Meander, but I’ve had a rough week plus I seem to be coming down with something. I’m sorry! I’ll be taking it easy so hopefully I’ll be back on track by next week 🙂


I know I can bank on your understanding 🙂


This week I read:


Arouse by Nina Lane. Every now and again a book comes along that’s unassuming, beautifully written and touching.  I really enjoyed this gentle take on a new direction in our sexy genre. I loved it. Enough to award it my Best of the Best award! Thank you, Susan for turning me on to Nina Lane 🙂


Currently I’m reading: 


Allure by Nina Lane. This is book two in the three book series. I’m loving it as much as the first one.


Remember to share your great reads with us!


Have a good weekend, ladies!

Monique x


Blessed Easter


Monique 😉

Between the covers book club

Hello lovely ladies 😉

I’m loving the speculation about Meander at the moment! Thank you for all your feedback 😉 


This week I read:


Found in You by Laurelin Paige, book two in the fixed series. It was good and I will be reading book three, but for the moment, another series has stolen my attention…

Currently I’m reading:


Arouse by Nina Lane. This seems a little different from our usual Dom/broken male books but I’m loving the great writing and her gentle approach so far.


I saw this at a coffee shop the other day…. Truth!  LOL! 😉


I hope you have a beautiful reading week!

Monique x


Between the covers book club and chapter 67

Hello lovely ladies.

Hopefully you’re having an awesome weekend.

I had a crazy busy one but here it is… The next installment on Meander – please find chapter 67 in the sidebar 🙂


Currently I’m reading:


Found In You by Laurelin Paige. This is book two in the series and I’m enjoying it but I’ve had very little time for reading this week.

On my shelf I have – thanks to my lovely friend Susan:


Arouse by Nina Lane, book one in the Spiral of Bliss series. I’m looking forward to this one. I have it on good authority that it’s a stunning read.

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Paula will be away for a little while but she’s managed to send me an updated chapter for the Italian readers. Find chapter 66 in the sidebar 😉


For those of you with teenagers…. LOL!

Happy reading ladies! Please remember to share your treasured reads with us!

Monique x


Between the covers book club and more…

Hello, lovely ladies!

I hope you’re having a spectacular weekend, and of course that it’s filled with lots of time to spend with a great book, or two, or three….;)

It is the start of the school holidays and all that that implies but I’m hoping to make time to write the next chapter. Please don’t hold your collective breaths though… Little beings demanding attention does not make for ideal writing circumstances… 🙂


This week I read:


 Theirs To Cherish by Shayla Black. As always her books are smoking hot and I love that they are threaded with a good measure of action. This is part of the Wicked Lovers series, number eight in fact, featuring characters that you encounter throughout the series, but they can all stand alone. A word of warning though, if a threesome or in some cases a foursome is not your thing, this is not the series for you.

Currently I’m reading:


 Fixed On You by Laurelin Paige. This is book one in the Fixed series. I’m liking it so far. It’s the classic un-tamable bad-boy gets tamed story.

On my shelf I have:

fiy  twisted

 Found In You by Laurelin Paige, book two in the fixed series and Twisted by Emma Chase, book two in the Tangled series. I’m having a hard time deciding if I should give my book hangover a break and go with the more lighthearted Tangled follow-on or if I should just immerse myself in more of the Fixed series….. Decisions, decisions…


Thanks to Paola and Kereny I’ve updated the Italian version of Meander with chapter 65 and the Spanish version with 23 🙂

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 And as it’s one of my favorite pass times I’m going to tease you some more with a little taste of 67….


“…“Here’s what’s going to happen. We’re ditching this vehicle and taking another. Please, no squandering time, no funny business. We don’t have time to waste and I won’t hesitate to… coerce your cooperation.” His pointed look is sharp and directed at me, bearing an intensity that I instinctively know not to underestimate….”


I hope you enjoyed this little joke as much as I did. Too true! LOL!

Have a good reading week, ladies and please remember to share!

Monique x