Between the covers book club and more…

Hello, lovely ladies!

I hope you’re having a spectacular weekend, and of course that it’s filled with lots of time to spend with a great book, or two, or three….;)

It is the start of the school holidays and all that that implies but I’m hoping to make time to write the next chapter. Please don’t hold your collective breaths though… Little beings demanding attention does not make for ideal writing circumstances… 🙂


This week I read:


 Theirs To Cherish by Shayla Black. As always her books are smoking hot and I love that they are threaded with a good measure of action. This is part of the Wicked Lovers series, number eight in fact, featuring characters that you encounter throughout the series, but they can all stand alone. A word of warning though, if a threesome or in some cases a foursome is not your thing, this is not the series for you.

Currently I’m reading:


 Fixed On You by Laurelin Paige. This is book one in the Fixed series. I’m liking it so far. It’s the classic un-tamable bad-boy gets tamed story.

On my shelf I have:

fiy  twisted

 Found In You by Laurelin Paige, book two in the fixed series and Twisted by Emma Chase, book two in the Tangled series. I’m having a hard time deciding if I should give my book hangover a break and go with the more lighthearted Tangled follow-on or if I should just immerse myself in more of the Fixed series….. Decisions, decisions…


Thanks to Paola and Kereny I’ve updated the Italian version of Meander with chapter 65 and the Spanish version with 23 🙂

it disk1 ven button1

 And as it’s one of my favorite pass times I’m going to tease you some more with a little taste of 67….


“…“Here’s what’s going to happen. We’re ditching this vehicle and taking another. Please, no squandering time, no funny business. We don’t have time to waste and I won’t hesitate to… coerce your cooperation.” His pointed look is sharp and directed at me, bearing an intensity that I instinctively know not to underestimate….”


I hope you enjoyed this little joke as much as I did. Too true! LOL!

Have a good reading week, ladies and please remember to share!

Monique x


22 thoughts on “Between the covers book club and more…

  1. anicesecret says:

    It’s a shame how ya teaser got me on the edge lord help me…Your the best Monique thank you soo much and please please please don’t quit this story


  2. Nina says:

    Just a heads up, Twisted is not as light hearted as the first. Just thought I should share. I was hoping it would be, but it is my more emotional than the first.


  3. Winterstorm says:

    Just picked up the fixed series too, at 99 cents can’t go wrong! I just finished Lick from the dive series by Kaylie Scott. If you like rockers this was a good read!


  4. Carmela Dimattia says:

    Your teaser makes us want sooooooo much more. Can’t wait for chapter 67 and beyond. Please let them all be happy and safe as they were before Jose. Please Monique don’t quit on us your writing is brilliant and we all love this story.


  5. OfficeLadyProbz says:

    Have you all read Carnage by Lesley Jones?. Yowza!! Has it’s own Facebook support group for when you’ve finished.


  6. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique, I read the Fixed Trilogy last week don’t want to say too much because your still reading it but I enjoyed it a lot and have ordered Hudson which is his POV which will hopefully fill in blanks, it’s due for release in the UK in July.
    At the minute I’m reading Their virgins secret by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake it is book 2 in the Masters of Menage series there are 6 in total with the 6th being released in April.
    If you don’t mind reading about menage want strong men and hot loving these are for you.
    Teaser _ cannot wait for chapter 67 I’m assuming that Jose speaking??
    Why has a few of your comments said please don’t quit writing?!
    Please tell me your not going to?? 😦
    I would miss you and meander so much xxx


  7. Sheila H. says:

    I have just finished reading The Fixed Trilogy and although at times during the second book it went off a bit for me, I still enjoyed the books and would recommend them as a good read. There is a stand alone book about the main character Hudson due out in July and I have pre-ordered it on Amazon.
    Thank you for the teaser Monique, got me thinking again! 🙂
    Enjoy the school holidays with your children, look forward to more chapters and thank you for the chapters so far.


  8. tracy says:

    Finally, finally read Wallbanger and loved it! I was literally laughing out loud. For those that have not read it, it’s about a woman and her “wall banging” neighbor. They share a bedroom wall…and she hears it all…lol! Not as many…lemons…(love that word that I learned from you) as some of these other series, but it’s a great romance comedy. Just learned it’s the first of 4 parts.
    Ok…I’m going to try something new…Monique, I’ve got my whip out and I want to see the next chapter by Friday morning! Yeah, that probably won’t work…I don’t have a drop of Domme blood in me. My damn dog won’t even listen to me! Thanks for the teaser!


  9. Jen says:

    Hi Monique! Have not had time to
    Read lately but getting back on the horse. Always look forward to your posts! Thank you 🌷


  10. Sharon says:

    I just finished the Fixed trilogy. The whole trilogy for .99 – figured I couldn’t go too far wrong. Absolutely not 50 shades or crossfire for me as quoted in many of her reviews, and Hudson is not my new book boyfriend, but still overall liked the trilogy. I had to keep putting it down when the dysfunction in the book got a little too much to take, but I kept going back to it and finished. And I have other trilogy series that I put down and never went back to. So, it was a good read….might get the Hudson POV coming out in July. Depends on what else is on my shelf. Looking forward to “Out of the Shallows” coming out on April 15th – the follow up book to “Into the Deep” by Samantha Young. A little nervous to see what she does with the characters…I’m always rooting for a HEA.
    And on pins and needles waiting for your next chapter, Monique. Breaks my heart that this Jose is so cruel…never thought he would harm Ana this way, even though she broke his heart. But maybe he doesn’t perceive things that way.


  11. Diana says:

    OMG!!!!! The teaser for 67 is a nail-biter for sure!!! I anxiously await your generousness when you put ‘Pen to Paper’ it will be explosive I just know it will be!!! HuRrY…


  12. Diana says:

    geniousness not generoisness… 😦


  13. Kandy says:

    Ugh… I’m not enjoying d story like b4! Its bcomin BORING! Cos i have to wait 4 so o o long to read d next chapter. 😦

    When are u posting chapter 67?


    • Monique Lain says:

      Wow. Okay. I’m sorry you feel that way, Kandy but as that’s the nature of fan fic I’m afraid that’s not going to change. I’m hoping to post the next chapter by this weekend. Also there are so few chapters left that all too soon, the story will come to an end.


      • Carmela Dimattia says:

        Please Monique if the story has to end (I wish it doesn’t you have done a brilliant job with your writing) make it a happy ending for Christian and Ana and their family. Will miss reading about them. Am already having withdrawals.


    • Hayden says:

      Nothing about her story is boring. I have a feeling, had Mr. Grey been a real person he wouldn’t like your impatience. Anticipation is key. 😉 You’re doing a wonderful job, Monique. I love it!


  14. I am so looking forward to see what happens next and how it will all play out I am dying for a new post hopefully it will be very soon its very suspenseful to know what happens with everything. Sorry now I am not making any sense now lol I am just really looking forward to more 50 shades


  15. Ava says:

    Love this story so much. Patiently waiting for next chapter. I’m biting my nails. Update soon please.


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