Delays and between the covers book club…

Hello lovely ladies 🙂

You know how much I hate doing this, and I know that you’re looking forward to the next installment of Meander, but I’ve had a rough week plus I seem to be coming down with something. I’m sorry! I’ll be taking it easy so hopefully I’ll be back on track by next week 🙂


I know I can bank on your understanding 🙂


This week I read:


Arouse by Nina Lane. Every now and again a book comes along that’s unassuming, beautifully written and touching.  I really enjoyed this gentle take on a new direction in our sexy genre. I loved it. Enough to award it my Best of the Best award! Thank you, Susan for turning me on to Nina Lane 🙂


Currently I’m reading: 


Allure by Nina Lane. This is book two in the three book series. I’m loving it as much as the first one.


Remember to share your great reads with us!


Have a good weekend, ladies!

Monique x


13 thoughts on “Delays and between the covers book club…

  1. Katherine says:

    No worries Monique, hope you feel better soon
    Take care x


  2. Carmela Dimattia says:

    Hope you’re feeling better Monique. Take care and rest up. Hope you enjoy the weekend.


  3. Karen says:

    Get well soon Monique.


  4. Sharon says:

    Feel better!!! We aren’t going anywhere. Arouse is definitely headed toward my shelf! Reading “The Boss” at the moment.


  5. Mrs. G says:

    I hope you feel better soon! I am enjoying the suspense of Meander! I just finished reading all 3 books by Nina Lane…Wow! Some of my all time best books ever!! What a trilogy!


  6. KereCB says:

    Ohhh Monique, I hope you get well soon… I been busy these past weeeks too… But at the end is all worth it, I think!
    And started reading “Adivina quien soy” from Megan Maxwell an Spanish author she is so good, one of the best and one of my favs…
    Sending you a huge virtual hug and my best wishes my friend…


  7. andrealuci says:

    Melhoras minha querida…..


  8. Winterstorm says:

    Feel better soon! Rest up w a good read! I started reading Backstage Pass (the Sinners on Tour series) by Olivia Cunning -one word – addictive! It can be a stand alone read but the others just keep getting better and more risqué. There are touchs of “sharing” scenios but not over the top but all varieties of relationships are touched on ;). Note that if you read the series and love it as I do – the publisher royally messed up by publishing the 5th book before the 4th so it can be a spoiler!


  9. Marlene says:

    Hope you are already feeling better, Monique. I’m glad you mentioned Arouse. I read all 3 of the set and loved them — Liv and Dean’s story, the descriptive settings, the other characters. (The Madison tourism office should send Nina Lane a thank you, too.)
    Still anxious to see what’s happening with the Grey family!!


  10. Marlene says:

    Oops … after I looked at a map, I’d better retract that comment about Madison — make that the Wisconsin tourism office. ( And I’ll go review 3rd grade geography!)


  11. I hope that you at least continue through the pregnancy I want to see how C.G. handles the whole thing and I want to see Kate and Ana pregnant together and hopefully Mia and Ethan’s wedding but as always your story is amazing love it all. Feel better real soon take care 🙂 <3.


  12. Diana says:

    Monique, as Long as you get better, that is all that matters!!! Rest, rest and rest some more!! Make sure you are back to the closest 100% healthy you can be!!! Cannot wait until you’re well my friend!! So we have to wait a little longer to see what your ‘superb writing skills’ has come up with!!!!! Uhhmmmm, I think it’s worth the wait!
    I’m sure we all can, get well……..until then………..♥


  13. MAC says:

    Please feel better and sorry to hear winter is coming for you…ours just will not go away!! Read Phenomenal X … It was phenemenally short!!


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