Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies 😉

I hope you like the blog’s new look, just a little facelift to keep things fresh. It’s another cold weekend here but luckily I had a great book to keep me warm this week 😉 


This week I read:


Ask for it by Sylvia Day. This was a good read, very typical of the books in her Georgian series. If you like hot Lords and Ladies and ripping corsets then this one is for you 😉

Currently I’m reading:


Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina and Lauren. I was supposed to read Frigid by J Lynn, but after a strong recommendation from Katherine I opted for Sweet Filthy Boy instead. I’m going to go out on a limb here and give it my Best of the Best award even though I’ve not finished it yet.


This has to be one of the hottest books I’ve read in a long time – hot as doughnut fat! Not sure what that says about me, but damn! I think it’s smokin’ 😉

On my shelf I have:


Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan. Another strong recommendation from Susan. Thank you, Editor Fairy! 😉


Then, Kereny just sent me the latest Spanish chapter. Check the sidebar for chapter 30. Thank you, girlfriend! 😉

ven button1

This made me chuckle….

booze1 png

I hope you have a stunning week, ladies and I hope your books keep you in great company!

Remember to share your greatest reads with us.

Monique xx


24 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Sharon says:

    Your redesign looks great! Very cushy looking backdrop. I haven’t read any of the Christina Lauren books. Guess I will get there at some point.
    Just finished “The Saint” by Tiffany Reisz. And it was here best book yet, IMHO. I’ve started to read “Dazzled” by Jane Harvey-Berrick a couple of times and been distracted. Finished her “At Your Beck and Call” and it was fabulous about a gorgeous young man working for an escort service. Her best yet, I think….so time for me to get back to “Dazzled” and see how it compares! So many books, so little time!


  2. tracy says:

    I love Sylvia Days historical romances. They’re fun stories to read in between some of these 3-4-and 5 book series. This week I read biker books…never new I had an inner biker-chick in me… I started with Unbeloved by Madeline Sheehan, the 4th in her Undeniable series. Loved it. I was still in biker mode after reading that so I continued with the Reapers Motorcycle Club series by Joanna Wylde. I read the first 3 books “Reapers Property”, “Reapers Legacy”, and “Devil’s Game” in 3 days. I couldn’t put them down. Not that I’m into “club whores”, “murder” or “drugs”…something about the possessiveness over the “old ladies” keeps me reeled in. Good reads.

    On my bookshelf…Sweet Filthy Boy. I met Christina and Lauren at a book signing this spring and they were very excited about their new book. They promised me I’d love it.

    Has anyone read Chocolate Lovers by Tara Sivec? It’s 3 stories in 1…Seductions and Snacks…Futures and Frostings…Troubles and Treats. It looks hilarious, but it’s huge…I need some motivation to crack it open.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Tracy 🙂 Good to hear from you! Gotta’ love biker boys, huh? I’ve read Tara’s first book in the series and it was funny but I was a little put off by the swearing. It was just a little too much. Sweet Filthy Boy is AWESOME!


  3. KereCB says:

    I liked the new look on the blog, is fresh and looks great!
    You are welcome my friend! Xoxo


  4. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique, loving the new look blog, looks good.
    Last week I finished Maya Bank Giving In it was predictable as I thought it would be.
    After that I decided to read some of the books I had downloaded and never got around to reading and I’m so glad I did.
    I read Against all Odds by Angie McKeon wow wow wow! This blew me away I stayed awake all night to read it.
    Do you ever read a book that you just want to jump into and fix the characters well this was it for me. I can confidently say the best book that ive read in a while and I would highly recommend it 5 stars on Amazon and that happens very very rarely from me.
    This is an author I will definitely read more from, she is writing a sequel about 1 of the other characters in the book don’t want to say too much but l can’t wait for it
    I also read Trouble by Samantha Toule another one I’d recommend i enjoyed that as well.
    Hope you have a great week x


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Katherine. Thank you so much for the Sweet Filthy Boy recommendation. I loved it. Wow, I checked out Against All Odds on Goodreads; the content seems super heavy and I have a love/hate relationship with books that make me cry. Was it as intense as the blurb implies? Is it in the erotica genre? Let me know. Now, on the other hand, Trouble seems more like my kinda’ read. Great share, thank you 😉


      • Katherine says:

        I don’t think it will make you cry, I didn’t and I’m an emotional wreck 🙂 my heart was breaking for her only because she was a mess!
        The events that led to their whole world imploding was sad but the book was beautifully written and very raw in parts. It’s not erotica per say think Allure that we all loved it is that sort of thing.
        At one point I was cheering for Cooper and when we got his pov i think i felt worse for him. I never even give FSOG 5 stars and you know CG is my man lol this book is most definitely one of my favourites, give it a try.
        I actually cried at Trouble for the pain and suffering of Mia the main character……………who knew?


        • Monique Lain says:

          Oh wow, that’s an incredible recommendation, Katherine. I’ll check it out, thank you 🙂 I’ve started Arthur’s Voice this week, one I definitely think you’ll enjoy!


  5. Maisie Scarlett says:

    Kings by Mimi Jean Pamfiilof blew me away this week. A original & thrilling read!


  6. Gabriela says:

    At first i Was kind of mmm meh ! About sweet filthy boy but boy Was i wrong because i LOOOVE IT !!!!! And i thought that the beautifull bastard series Was good , but the se one id waaay better i just conected with the story and could not drop the book untill IT Was finshed … And then i Was so sad because i wanted so much more Ansel …. Wich is funny because i Was kind of evoidng this book and now is in the top 5 all time favorites. By the way i love your book recimendations.


    • Monique Lain says:

      IKR? I’ve also enjoyed their other books but they’ve outdone themselves with Sweet Filthy Boy! I loved the ending; so sweet! I’m so happy you enjoyed it. Have you read The This Man series?


      • MAC says:

        My Monique I was just finishing my reread of “this man series” and my god I forgot just how good the epilogue was… That Jesse!! I had tears running down my face I was laughing so hard. Well now on to your next recommendation… Not sure about this filithy boy… But everyone seems keen on it so maybe its better than the prologue!! I know never judge a book by its cover!! ❤


        • Monique Lain says:

          Hey girlfriend 🙂 Oh it is. Just like another reader; initially I wasn’t too sure about it but it certainly grew on me! I loved it! Sweet Filthy Boy is deliciously Filthy! 😉 I know what you mean about This Man!!!! I love Mr Ward!!! Yummy! Have you read the Tangled series by Emma Chase?


  7. MAC says:

    Just reading “fight with me” Kristen Proby and actually I always feel sad when I finish a great book (there have been many since I met my meander goddess!!) because I think I won’t find another but … Surprise surprise yet another book I cannot stop reading!! Awww… So many stories so little time… ;). ❤


  8. tracy says:

    Is Sweet Filthy Boy a stand alone book, or is it part of a series?


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