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Hello, lovely ladies 😉

I hope this post finds you well and happy!

My wonderful editor, Susan, recently shared this little nugget with me: a site that “…alerts you of limited-time free and discounted ebooks matching your interests.” Check it out! Subscribe for free and get e-mail alerts of deals that suits your taste in books.


This week I read:

sfb  av

Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina and Lauren. As I predicted it was fantastic. A very sexy read with a nice, meaty story to back it up. I’m sticking to my Best Of The Best rating from last week.

Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan was a beautiful, bitter-sweet story; hot and well written. What more can a girl ask for? Thank you, Susan for the e-book! 😉

Currently I’m reading:


Frigid by J Lynn/Jennifer Armentrout. Sweet, young romance – exactly what I’ve come to expect from this great author.

On my shelf I have:


Against All Odds by Angie McKeon. Another strong recommendation from Katherine.


Then, the Italian readers will be thrilled with the translation of the second part of Valentine’s Meander that I’ve posted thanks to a very dedicated Paula.

it disk1


Have a lovely weekend, ladies, and please share your treasured reads with us!

Monique xx


16 thoughts on “Book club and news

  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique,
    So glad you enjoyed Sweet Filthy Boy sometimes I worry about recommending books as we all get different things from each book we read but I thought this one was a winner.
    Just finished Archers Voice, I enjoyed it and just wanted to take Archer home and mother him lol
    My only criticism of this book was that I really couldn’t reconcile his age with his character he just seemed to me to be so much older
    I’m still working my way through books that I haven’t got around to reading and at present I’m reading Beautiful Beginning hopefully I’ll get it finished before Hudson is released on Tuesday.
    Have a great week x


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Katherine 🙂 I love your book recommendations and if you keep in mind that there may be an occasional one isn’t an absolute instant favorite its not like the books are generally a torture to read. LOL! I think you can definitely trust your book taste 😉 I hear you on Archer’s age, his life a set of weird circumstances that’s pretty hard to fathom IRL. I think it was mostly plausible. My small criticism would rather be the needle sharp manipulation from his cousin. I don’t think people are generally that good at understanding people’s internal thoughts enough to influence them so effectively – but it’s fiction after all 😉


  2. Sheila H. says:

    Hello everyone. I have only read one book this week and it was the latest book from Jane Harvey-Berrick Playing In The Rain. This was a lovely book and once again it brought a tear to my eye, she writes such good books. Like Katherine, I am waiting for the release of the next book about Hudson, which I pre-ordered. I quite fancy some of the books that have been recommended so I will have a look on Amazon for them. Only just got my Kindle a few months ago, but they joy of one click and the book is there still thrills me. No waiting for the books to be delivered in a couple of days. Happy reading to you all.


  3. gillywedg says:

    Monique, thanks for letting us know about Sweet Filthy Boy!!! Such an amazing read. Absolutely agree with your best of the best rating too!!
    Regards, Gillian


  4. Janien says:

    This week I read Free me ( don’t no if it’s the correct title in English…) from Julie Kenner. Very good! And there are 2 more books to come from this series so….. I have one very full week of work to go and then the school is closing and I have my summerholiday! Enough time to read I hope…..on the beach! 😉 I miss your story Monique…:( please write your own story soon! Liefs Janien


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello Janien 😉 Holidays are the best! I hope you have a wonderful time. Thank you for the book share and thank you for the encouragement, but first, sort out Meander and get to that epilogue! 🙂


  5. Sandi says:

    Hello 🙂 Thanks for the tip about Sweet, Filthy Boy !!! It was a great story not the same old virgin/billionaire story. Now have to wait for the other stories to come out 🙂


  6. Sharon says:

    Hi Monique – sorry I didn’t get to this yesterday. I pulled up “wait for you” by J. Lynn due to your recommendation – and I had already read it! And loved it. As soon as I opened it I remembered which one it was. I get lost in the zillion titles between my ibooks and my Kindle. However, I didn’t realize J. Lynn had added two follow up books to the series, “Trust in Me ” and “Be with Me”, so downloaded them both and enjoyed both very much. Apparently she has several more planned. Thanks for pointing me in that direction. I have one of her Gamble Brothers series, but didn’t like as much.

    If any of you have found a really good way to organize your ebooks, please share. I’ve thought about doing something in Excel – would love to know where I had a book, and a little “note” about the story and if I liked it. I try to keep same authors in the same program as much as possible, and that helps a little. Can’t tell you how often I’ve clicked a book to buy it, and Amazon tells me I’ve been there and done that!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Sharon 🙂 No worries. Ha! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does that! All the titles, covers, and even authors run into one sometimes. It makes it very hard to tell them apart. I use Goodreads to organize my books. It’s not perfect but I list them from latest read and I rate them on there; giving them a star value. They have a blurb to remind you what the book was about and when you click on the author it gives you a list of ALL their available books. I find it very handy. You can also become friends with other readers on there and follow their lists/get updates from them. On there you can make a read, to read, and a currently reading list and you can customize it a little by making favorite (or other) lists also. Hope that helps 🙂


  7. MAC says:

    OMG…Just finished sweet filthy boy and now I know why you gave it your crown award. Absolutely loved these characters and am very spoiled by always being able to move to the next book or chapter… So yeah sweet filthy boy 2 … Where are you?
    As usual I am smiling over yet another good read suggested from my Monique. ~ Merci


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It took me a moment to get into it but once I did I LOVED it. One of the sexyest books I’ve read in a while. Yes, I would also like to see a sequel to that one! They’ve done it with most of their other books so I’m hoping… 😉 You are so welcome. I love sharing and finding good reads with you guys!


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