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Hello, lovely ladies 😉

Here’s hoping that your Sunday is a relaxing one; filled with nothing but loved ones and good reads.


As I’m sure you’ve seen by now, it seems we have a release date for our long-awaited movie trailer – straight from the horse’s mouth…. Circle this date in your calendars, girls: July the 24th!!!

Personally, I’m burning with curiosity! See more on EL James herself tweeting on the trailer release date on the Laters, Baby site:

Also, I’ve recently noticed annoying pop-up advertising on my blog. I know that from time to time WordPress allows advertising on the sites they host but nothing like this. Is this something you guys see when you visit my blog? Does it bother you as much as it irks me?? I really dislike the flashing, distracting nature of these ads, some of them placed inside of a post making it look as though it’s part of the post itself or using key words in the text as links to unrelated stuff. Let me know what you think, please 🙂


This week I read:

fr aao tlgk

Frigid by Jennifer Armentrout/J Lynn was a cute, romantic story of young, burning love complete with all the drama and angst that goes along with it. I enjoyed it. It’s right up to standard to her previous books.

Against All Odds by Angie McKeon was one helluva’ intense read. I had a massive book hangover after this one. It was well written and certainly steamy in places but damn! Emotionally loaded is not the word. Phew! If you’re looking for something to grab you by the… uhm… heartstrings and shake you up, then this this will definitely put you through the emotional wringer. I gave it four stars on Goodreads. Thank you, Katherine 😉

After the heart clenching of Against All Odds I needed something a little more frivolous so I read all five in the series of the Last Good Knight by Tiffany Reisz. Five sounds like a lot, but really, they basically contain a single chapter per a book. You can hardly call them novellas, but they were just what I needed and I ADORE the way this woman writes. I LOVED them but would have prefered to buy them in a single short novel – just as she’s done with the other short story spinoffs from the Original Sinners series.

Currently I’m reading:


Tempted By Trouble by Susan Arden. I’m reserving judgment on this one until I’m done but who doesn’t love a bad-boy cowboy? 😉

On my shelf I have:


Rusty Nailed by Alice Clayton, book two in the Cocktail series. I’m excited to see what she’s going to do with this novel. Wallbanger was an unexpected surprise read; funny and fun, so I have high hopes.

If you have a to-read list as long as mine then this might help…. 😉


Ha! Yes, this happens to me all the time!

PicMonkey Collage

I hope you have a beautiful week and don’t forget to share your awesome reads with us!

Monique xx


29 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique
    This week I read Hudson it was fine I always like to read the pov from the male character and try to understand whats going on in their minds!
    I also read Against All Odds again, I don’t find it as intense as you but really love the story.
    I also signed up to Bookbub last week from your link and downloaded Pleasure Extraordinaire by Liv Bennett it was full of sex, started of with quite a good story line but that was somewhat lost.
    It was short then when i got to the end discovered it was book 1 of 4 so im now on book 2 im hoping that the story will make another appearance 🙂
    I enjoyed Tempted but I would say its a poolside read.
    On the subject of the pop ups I haven’t noticed any so far, hope never those things annoy the hell out of me!
    Have a great week


    • Katherine says:

      Forgot to say I saw the trailer at the cinema………not impressed with the actor’s playing the parts of Christian and Ana. I’m afraid this film is going to ruin all my fantasies 🙂


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Katherine 🙂 Great share – thank you! Hudson is part of which series again? Yeah, AAO was rough on me I must say but it was a good read. I just felt exhausted afterwards for them. I see Grayson’s story is on the way. Don’t you just hate when a great story gets lost in too much heat. Never thought I’d say it but there is actually such a thing as too much sex! LOL! Yes, I’ve sorted out the pop-ups! It was malware attached to a torrent app I downloaded. All good now. It was a right pain in the hiney! No! I Don’t want an Asian date or a free iPhone, and I REALLY don’t believe the little pop-up that says I’m the 9999th person on this site because I actually have the site stats!! LMAO! Gotta’ watch yourself on the internet 😛


  2. Sheila H. says:

    Like Katherine, I have read Hudson by Laurelin Paige, this is the next book in The Fixed Trilogy. This book is about the main character in the Fixed Trilogy and it was a lovely book. It is a stand alone book, but to be honest I think you have to read the trilogy first. What I liked about this book, it was not full of repeats from the other three books, it was just a good story about Hudson. As for the trailer, goodness me I hope the film is good, I am so looking forward to it. Jamie and Dakota would not have been my choice for Ana and Christian, but from all the photos from the film that I have seen they seem to look good together. Somewhere on the internet it mentioned that they are starting to make the next film of book 2 of FSOG. I also read Entwined with You again, the next book must be due out soon! I just wanted to get back into the series and remember where the book left off. Sylvia Day has been getting some nasty comments from people (again on the internet) that book 4 and 5 has still not been given a release date yet. There are so many excuses made of why the books have not been published that I have just given up and will wait until the release dates are announced. Happy reading everyone.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Ug, Sheila! I’m so nervous about the movie. We all have such huge expectations. I just don’t see how they are going to manage to keep everyone happy. We each have such clear pictures in our heads and they are all so different from each other. Yes, I have to say the Crossfire thing also irks me especially as she’s published other books in between. It’s very frustrating. On a positive note, Katy Evan’s new book comes out at the end of the month, so that should be good! Thanks for the share! Always good to hear from you 😉


  3. Peggy says:

    I read both Wallbanger and Rusty Nail. I love Alice Clayton’s fun, witty and full of sexual innuendos banter as well as make up sex. Seriously, had Simon and Caroline withdrawals when the book ended. Looking forward to Screwdriver and Mia Tai. Also read her Red head series.


  4. Sharon says:

    Is “Against all odds” standalone? Happy ending?

    I had a series recommended to me that I’ve started….incredible Alpha antihero. Hated SO much about the book, but it gripped me by the throat and I could not put it down. It’s like the nightmare book version of “sleeping with the enemy”. Yet, you are also drawn to this guy. I have refused to buy book 2 for a couple of weeks. I have too much I must get done, and I know it will suck my brain cells out again until I have consumed it. So I cannot recommend this series yet. Don’t let it get you. I really hate it, but I am completely suctioned to it. (Repeating to self….You Will Not buy next book until you have time for the pain.) I’ve been told to stick with it, that amazing things evolve with characters over the series. So, if you’re curious, the book is “Sinister Kisses” by Adriana Noir….and I cannot recommend it yet, but damn if I won’t read the series. Augh. I will make the one who recommended it to me suffer. Don’t know how yet. If I live through the reading, I will report if it was worth the pain.
    And now I have all this angst over the FSOG trailer. Just too much stress in my life. I loved The Knight books by Tiffany Reisz. She is one author that I just would buy anything she put out there. I agree, would much prefer one book to 5 novelettes. I think she would have sold just as many, don’t know the reasoning with an author of her standing.
    And hate, hate, hate all those marketing popups, but think they are here to stay.
    Golly, what a negative post this is. Sorry. Love me anyway, I need it.
    Now I’m going to go find some chocolate.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Sharon 😉 I know exactly what you mean by having a love/hate relationship with a book or series. They are like black holes you get lost in. Hope the series proves a good choice for you eventually. Against All Odds is a stand alone. Mercifully I’ve managed to sort out the wild pop-ups on my site so you should’t see any more. Hope you found some chocolate, girlfriend. Best remedy in the world, I believe 🙂


  5. tracy says:

    I haven’t been reading much lately….wth??? I know, right? I did just start my first Tiffany Reisz book, The Siren. I’m a little behind as I think you all have read this. I am liking it so far. I mean, what’s not to like about a submissive turned dominatrix trying to get her romance novel published by a ….mmmm…stuffy British editor (no offense to the British, I love my Brits!) and whom lives with a 19 year old male virgin that she’s always hitting on…but wait, there’s more! I think (haven’t read that part yet) that her Dom is a priest! So, yes, I am enjoying it! I believe there are 6 books in all.

    On my bookshelf….STILL…and waiting very patiently for me…My Sweet Filthy Boy (or something like that) Rusty Nailed, and Twisted. I swear I’m buying a little black book and I’m going to start taking notes on my stories because I can’t remember who is who anymore!
    Monique, you asked if we are having trouble with ads on your blog. I do not have trouble with ads, but I have had a hard time leaving a comment for a couple of months now. Words overlap on top of each other and I can’t see what I’m typing. It only happens when I leave a comment on this blog. Sometimes it gets so frustrating I just exit and don’t leave my comment.


    • Sharon says:

      Tracy, so envious you are just starting on Tiffany Reisz. It will be an unforgettable journey for you. She is an amazing writer.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh no, Tracy! I’m glad you told me because I’ve had one other complaint like that also! I’ll have to check with WordPress. I would love for you to take a screen shot for me when that happens again and e mail it to me, please? Ug! I LOVE Tiffany’s books! There is a LOT more than 6 books! There are the main books in the Original Sinners series and then there are shorts and novellas that fit into the main series; like The Last Good Knight I just read. Her character development is exceptional and over the span of the series you’ll see them bloom before your eyes, you’ll get to know them so well they’ll feel like friends! I LOVE Nora!!! She’s so spunky! And yes, Wes is…. Well…. Like you say, a hot 19 year old virgin! Phew! 😉 She’s a lucky, lucky girl! 😉


  6. tracy says:

    And…I just found out Jodi Ellen Malpas has a new series and book one comes out July 17th!!! I think it called Promised. Can’t wait…I hope 2 and 3 aren’t too far behind!


  7. Sophia Ramirez says:

    i recommend you reading LEFT DROWNING BY JESSICA PARK, it’s really hot and so cute


  8. Valerie says:

    I am near the end of Hudson by Laurelin Paige right now, and boy it’s good! I have read Wallbanger and look forward to reading Rusty Nailed, but first…Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren is next on my hit list. I can’t wait!!;)


  9. MAC says:

    Hi My Monique… Well have been lost in the sweet filthy boy and we are leaving Monday for Rome so need a couple really good ones to get me through. I see above that there is a Jodi Malpas or maybe the hudson book? What do you think. I bought a few but they are so short it makes me mad that they sell them as novels!! Ohhh I know Nicole Edwards has one out tomorrow – dead heat ranch I think. I was going to try the against all odds but not sure its a vacation book… Maybe I’ll just download my fifty trilogy and go with that…. 😉
    So glad you stayed on this blog really really miss your writing my friend.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello!! Tamed, book 3 in Emma Chase’s Tangled series came out this last week and I’m near breathless to start with Jodi Malpas’s new book. I also love Nicole, very HOT read usually so, girlfriend, you have some choice reads waiting for you!!! I’ve not read the Hudson book so can’t say myself, but the readers sure seem to have liked it. Rome is beautiful. I hope you have a stunning trip! :*


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh, and I forgot! Yes, I love the book club. It’s lovely when the readers share like this. Thank you for that and now that the school hollies are over, hopefully I can get to that epilogue… 😉


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