Full Today show trailer

Hello lovely ladies 🙂

Wow, I think we almost blew up the internet last night! I’ll get to your comments during the day but overall I was impressed. I LOVED that they seem to have stuck to the book and those sexy lines from Christian that just makes you melt.

Anyway, I digress. Here’s the link to the Today show as posted by the Laters Baby UK page:


6 thoughts on “Full Today show trailer

  1. crazy4bam says:

    All I can say is ” Holy Toledo, Batman!” I truly cannot wait to see this movie. My mom called me when the segmet was over and told me that I better not forget to take her to see this movie. She told me that she did not care what I had to say all she wanted was for me to tell her I would take her to see it. My mom is just has addicted to this has all of us are….ugh!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh dear! And? How do you feel about that? I think I’d faint if my mom wanted to come with me!! LOL! Fun times to come for you guys. It’s great that you’re so excited! 😉


      • crazy4bam says:

        I am okay with it actually. I got her hooked on the books. My mom and I have always been open to talk and share things together. Its weird, but we have always been like this. She shared her love of books with me and has always had a great way to spin those stories to make you see beyond the page. I cannot wait to see this movie.


  2. roballtheway says:

    Shit shit I just realized all your emails have been going into my junk mail. Caught it today thanks goodness. Your story is missed. Thanks for all the posting on FSOG.
    P.s…my ff name is ‘Rosiekin’, I guess I have an account at WordPress under Roballtheway…guess I’ll be using this now over here.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh no! That’s such a pain when that happens! I remember you from FF! Nice to see you here 😉 You’re so welcome. It was awesome to share the whole build-up with you guys 😉


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