Book club and MORE of the trailer…

Hello, lovely ladies 🙂

I hope you’re all still on a high from watching the trailer and lucky us, now that it’s hit cyberspace, there’s a whole slew of fan made delights to titillate us even more:

This is a short clip of an interview with Jamie and Dakota talking about the steamy scenes in the movie. I think it went much better than the pre-trailer interview.

All clips thanks to the Laters Baby UK facebook page:

Also, Sharon shared this:


Like her, this pic gives me hope that just maybe Jamie will be able to pull off the darker scenes that will come from Christian’s tortured confessions during the unfolding of their beautiful story. 

Then, I’m posting the book club post now because Kereny sent me the updated Spanish chapter early. Find chapter 32 in the sidebar, girls 😉 Thanks, Kereny!

ven button1


This week I read:


Tamed by Emma Chase, book three in the Tangled series. I enjoyed it. The first two featured Drew and Kate’s story and this one is written from Drew’s buddy, Matthew’s POV as he pursues Dee-Dee. It was cute but a little more serious than the first two.

Currently I’m reading:


One Night Promised by Jodi Ellen Malpas. I absolutely adore her This Man series, and I was so keen to get to this new creation of hers but so far, (and I’m about eighty percent through), I’m disappointed. I really dislike giving negative reviews and I would love to get feedback from you guys on this one. It’s left me a little stumped, actually. Frankly, I’m only finishing it because I’m hoping the final twenty percent will shed enough light on the way the male protagonist acts to make me forgive him being such an a-hole.

One my shelf I have:


The Saint by Tiffany Reisz.

And of course Katy Evans’s new book, Rogue will be here shortly. I can’t wait! 😉

You’ve gotta’  love pre-ordering a book and one-click-buy! 😉

book stack

Sharon is also responsible for our book club joke this week and ain’t it the truth?

FSOG joke

Thank you for your wonderful support of the countdown and all the great feedback and discussion surrounding the trailer. It was fun sharing it with you.

Have a wonderful weekend mooning over the smokin’ trailer and all the spin-offs that YouTube spoils us with 😉

Come on, girls; share your best reads with us!

Monique xx


17 thoughts on “Book club and MORE of the trailer…

  1. aimeerhiannon says:

    Re that still of Jamie; sure, he’s a wee bit baby faced and doesn’t quite have that hard edge one would expect someone like Christian to have, but that picture alone is why I think he’ll do a cracking job. He does dark and brooding well (Anyone who has watched The Fall should know that) and I see him having no issues portraying what we know is probably going around in Christian’s head, especially when he flies off the handle as he likes to do.

    I’ve said it before, but I truly like the casting choices and believe they fit. They’re pretty much a reincarnation of what was in my head when I read the books and I am stupidly excited for the movie and I’m hoping not to be disappointed.

    Just a shame the date got pushed back to February instead of the 1st which is a few days away. I could have gone to the release for my birthday 😦

    On another note, I read Tamed last week and had an absolute blast. Absolutely love the way Emma writes. Can’t stop laughing just about the whole way through and I can’t wait to get my hands on Tied for another Drew fix 😀 Read the first chapter of Tangled to my guests the other night at dinner while waiting for the trailer and even the blokes had a good laugh.

    I adored the This Man series (Though Jessie flying off the handle over everything made me a touch uncomfortable and the start of the first book was hard to settle in to) so I hope this one picks up a little.

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    • Monique Lain says:

      Love the comment and I’m so happy for you that you feel good about the casting. The Tangled series is excellent! I’m extremely disappointed with One Night Promised, it’s not a follow on of the This Man series, (which I adored) its a whole new one and personally it was not for me.


  2. Ariadne says:

    Monique, have you seen Jamie in The Fall? Nobody does tortured darkness better than him.

    I’ve read The Scientific Method by Joey W Hill, one of my favourite authors. It’s a novella included in a collection of short stories entitled, Mastered. Only 77P from Amazon at the moment. There are some other good authors in the collection but Hill is the stand out.

    It features two minor characters from her Vampire Queen series, Debra and Brian, both research scientists. Brian may be a Vampire but he could be any commitment phobic man who learns the error of his ways.


    • Monique Lain says:

      No, Ariadne, I’ve not but you’re not the first reader to mention the series and that he did well portraying dark and dangerous. It makes me hopeful. Thank you for the book share! 😉


  3. Sharon says:

    Sigh….that picture of Jamie is yummy Christian Grey perfection to me. I’ve saved it on my iPhone, iPad, and work PC’s so I can have a CG moment as needed.
    I’m not a Dakota fan, but I did think they needed to show her hair unruly early on so that you see the transformation to a polished Ana as she succumbs to the “Christian Effect”.
    Have read NOTHING. Hope to be able to contribute something to the reading pile next week. Re: the joke…I would think any male with a lick of sense would be studying those books bigtime to figure out what made so many women respond with such passion. Of course, they would probably focus on the wrong things….but there is a reason for over 100 million books sold!
    OMG. February is so very far away. Such a to-do over the trailer…can’t imagine the movie launch!


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! Yes, Sharon, February seems crazy far away now. Oh my, you are overdosing on Mr Grey, huh? I think we all like to indulge in a little eye candy 😉 Hopefully you find something good to read. I HATE not having a book or two waiting for me!


  4. aricasaca says:

    Monique you should definetly watch The Fall. Jaime does an amazing job in that one, just like Ariadne Said, a really good performance of tortured darkness, and a tid bit of creepiness too. But if he can do that, I think he can also make a great job performing Christian


  5. KereCB says:

    You are welcome my friend! I’m glad to be able to help ypu 🙂 I’m reading Tamed, and your are going to love one night promissed! Have a lovely week…. Kx


  6. Mrs. G says:

    Thanks so much, Sharon, for sharing the pic! That look alone tells me Jamie can do this…I have faith in him! God, he looks great! I’m so glad that this pic is here! I can now gaze at him for long periods of time…lol! I haven’t read either with all the trailer hoop-la. Getting back on the wagon soon, I promise. Enjoy your week, everyone!


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