Between the covers book club and more….

Hello, lovely ladies 😉

Hopefully you are enjoying a lazy, relaxing weekend. Here we have school hollies on at the moment so I get to spend some precious time with my daughter.

Also Musikstar shared this…. Fifty Shades of tree lovin’. See? Even Mother Nature has FSOG fever!


  tree2  tree3

Thanks to Susan I have a little titillation for the David Gandy fans out there….

This week I read:

rd  tsftl

 ilwam  hfm

Reasonable Doubt by Whitney G Williams was a good read bar the come/cum issue.

Three Signatures For The Lady by Suzanne Graham, in one word, gets a NO from me. Nuff’ said….

In Love With Her Master by Jason Luke, book two in the Interview With A Master series was a disappointment for me. As hot as the first one was, the second one seemed like an afterthought. Pity really, as I had high hopes.

Her Fantasy men by Shayla Black was smokin’ hot as only she can write but be warned, if foursomes are not your thing, this one is NOT for you 😉

Currently I’m reading:


Sex Love Repeat by Alessandra Torre. I enjoyed Black Lies so much I thought I’d give this author another whirl and so far, so good.

On my shelf I have:

swm  d

Stay With Me by J Lynn, book three in the Wait For You series and Deacon by Kristen Ashley.


Again by Musikstar (thank you, girlfriend) this little gem…. eewwwwwwwwww…. LOL!


I hope you have a beautiful weekend and please share your sexy reads with us!

Monique xx

M heart

21 thoughts on “Between the covers book club and more….

  1. Mercia says:

    I have become a Kristen Ashley addict! Deacon is another, amazing story. I love her choice of music too 🙂


  2. Sheila H. says:

    Thanks for the review Monique. I did read Interview with a Master and the follow on book In Love with a Master and I enjoyed them both. The Interview book was certainly the hot book, and I felt that the second book was the story behind the couple, and not so hot. I still enjoyed them both. At the moment I am reading Jane Harvey-Berrick’s Summer of Seventeen. Happy reading everyone.


    • Sharon says:

      Glad you enjoyed Sheila, and sorry you didn’t Monique, the “Master” books were just the right touch of something different for me when I needed the change of pace. And I quite liked his little trick with the belt. Worked for me! Much preferred the book two ending!


      • Monique Lain says:

        LOL! Yes, gotta love a creative man in the bedroom. I didn’t hate and it was well written but these days, to titillate me, a book has to be saucy or it ain’t getting my vote! 😛


    • Monique Lain says:

      Thank you for the feedback, Sheila. You gotta’ love finding awesome books, huh? Good to hear from you 😉


  3. Katherine says:

    I will take a look at the Shayla Black book I love her writing.
    Last week I started The Hacker Series by Meredith Wild. The first book was Hardwired which I enjoyed, second was Hardpressed a bit more drama but I loved it. The main characters are Erica and Blake who I think could very quickly become my new book boyfriend 🙂
    At present I am on book 3 Hardline and loving it, Blake is showing his dominant side more in their relationship so looking forward to more of that 🙂 I would recommend this series but like FSOG they aren’t the best written books I have ever read
    The trees are hilarious some of these pictures amaze me.
    Glad you’re enjoying the school holidays maybe you will start your original book??
    Have a great week


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh my! I’m going to have to check that out! A new book boyfriend, huh? Yummy! 😉 I can forgive a lot in a book if the story is gripping and the lemons delicious… 😉 Love that you like the trees. I thought they were awesome! The school holidays have come and gone and I’ve started a new job so, as far as the original book is concerned, I have even LESS time than before 😦 And then, barely a year later we are moving AGAIN… 😛 Change, change, and more change…


  4. Sharon says:

    Geez, love David Gandy. He is just so…so….well…Yums. Ok, to business. I read Black Lies by Alessandra Torre. Got about midway and thought It wasn’t the book for me. So, Before I gave up, I read the last chapter. and went back and really enjoyed the book. I know. Don’t judge me. Laughed when she said in the book that she knew we were hating her, because I was!
    Read Kristen Ashley’s Deacon. I loved it. Deacon is now tied with Lady Luck as my two favorite Ashley books. Love a gorgeous, damaged hunk that just needs the love of a good woman. Sigh.
    In process of deciding my next book. not sure what is next for me.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Isn’t he just? Delicious and that last bit of that clip where he throws the pillow at you, looking right at you…. Oh my! LOL! for your book reading method… Yes, it took a bit to wrap my head around Black Lies but it was an excellent read. I’m glad you gave it another chance. I’m interested to read more of Ashley. I understand that Unfinished Hero series is a departure from her usual style so I’m keen to explore more from her. Thank you for the contribution, Sharon 😉


  5. crazy4bam says:

    I like Kristen Ashkey she is great. I will have try and find room for this book. You should read Lora Leigh books she is good too! She writes alpha male books. Too many to list but they are smokin…


  6. OfficeLadyProbz says:

    Have you read the Driven Series by K Bromberg? I’m on the 3rd book. First book was FSOG and Crossfire inspired but who’s complaining. LOL. she’s come into her own in book 2 and 3. I’m finishing book 3 now.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello. Yes I’ve read book 1 and got about halfway through book 2 and then I gave up. The writing style really bothered me and I felt the story was too predictable but it sounds as though you’re saying it’s gotten better over the course of the series. Maybe I should look at it again…. Good to hear from you, BTW 😉


  7. MAC says:

    I went on to read “Sweet Possession” the 2nd book after sweet addiction. I really did enjoy it and it has a great underlying story with easy to love characters. I did just finish “Unravelling” the second book from Timberlyn Scott and true to her alter writer ego “nicole edwards” she does justice to her characters and a story that kept me turning the pages until I finished the whole book. In one night.
    Well not sure where to head next so I think I will just hang here and wait for Monique!! Happy reading.


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