Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies 🙂

I had a nice break away but am facing a full and busy school term ahead. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could spend our lives beside a pool or ocean, reading with not a care in the world? *Sigh* One can dream, right?

As per request – thank you MAC for the suggestion – the new books from the authors we love to read coming up in October:



These screen shots are taken from Goodreads.  You can follow me there by clicking:


goodreads png

Thanks to Sharon we have a VERY naughty share, one that will make you look at Kermie and Miss Piggy in a WHOLE new light….

kermit1 kermit2



This week I read:

slr  d

Sex Love Repeat by Alessandra Torre was another amazing book from this creative author. Still a departure from the regular vein in our genre but damn, this woman can write!

Deacon by Kristen Ashley, book four in the Unfinished Hero series, was a first for me by this writer and WOW. It took me a bit of time to get into it, but I did – in a big way.  Personally, I’m not crazy about the monosyllabic male protagonist, and at times I found it hard to read because her writing style is a little unusual, but overall I loved it. If you’re looking for a strong, rough, and ready anti-hero/Dom then this is the book for you!

Currently I’m reading:


Knight by Kristen Ashley, book one in the Unfinished Hero series. I loved Deacon so much I’m indulging in more by this talented author. You can read this series out of order though the characters are sometimes cross referenced throughout the series.

On my shelf I have:

swm  t

Stay With Me by J Lynn (still) and Tied by Emma Chase (or I will have it on my shelf by by 7th October). Yay!

If you happened to enjoy Black Lies by Alessandra Torre check out this bonus scene thanks to Susan:

Black Lies Bonus scene


Seeing as our stores over here are already bursting with Christmas goodies I thought I’d start my advent calender early this year….


Good plan, right? LOL! 😉

Hope you have a beautiful weekend, girls. Drop me a line if you have something good to share 🙂

Monique xx

M heart

19 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique glad you enjoyed your break. We also have Christmas stock in the shops! Under normal circumstances I’ve my shopping nearly finished by now but haven’t even thought about it yet.
    Last week I finished Hardline by Meredith Wild enjoyed it but Blake is no longer a book boyfriend 🙂 I found him to be a bit of a prat in part three!
    I was very disappointed to discover that there is another part to the series Hard Limit which hasn’t been released but I will read it when it is.
    I also read Her Fantasy Men by Shayla Black and I agree it was hot but found it a bit predictable not unlike her Masters of Menage Series.
    At the minute I am reading Break the Sky by Nina Lane, it is a spin of from the Allure trilogy which we loved and tells Archers story (Deans brother) I won’t say so far so good as it doesn’t do it justice it is just a good as her previous books. I’ll give my final verdict next week but based on the little bit that I’ve read I will probably recommend it.
    Have a great week x


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh no! Love loss of the book boyfriend? LOL! That’s funny, Katherine! 😛 Yes, Shayla pretty much sticks to her formula but damn, she can write a lemon like no one else! And the treesomes? Yes, please! 😉


  2. OfficeLadyProbz says:

    Glad you enjoyed Kristen Ashley. That’s probably my least favorite series so u hope you give the other series a shot – Burgh, Chaos, Rock Chicks, Colorado Man.
    I can’t wait to read Tied!
    Reading Locke by Harper Sloan right now and next up With the Father by Jenni Moen


  3. Vanessa says:

    Thanks for showing us the extended scene from Black Lies. I loved it and wish there was more.


  4. Mercia says:

    The first book I read of Kristen Ashley was, The Will. That is a recent book,and her writing in that one is brilliant.. I have read all her other series, ( except paranormal / vampire stories) the unfinished hero series, is a very different, darker series than anything else. I find that reading her series out of order, can spoil the story for the reader..
    Because The Will is the first and only book yet in the Magdalene series, I would highly recommend that story to a first time KA reader..
    Thanks for all your suggestions Monique
    PS. Of all the books and stories I have read, I don’t think anything has moved me to re read over, and over again as did the first 17 chapters of your FSoG FF story 🙂


  5. Sharon says:

    One fun bit in Deacon is that she tied in characters from not only the Unfinished Hero series, but also her Rock Chick and Colorado Man series. If all those studs really lived in the same area, I would vote to relocate our book club there. And they will obviously play roles in the book following Deacon. I have not read The Will, so will add to my shelf. I read the Rock Chicks a month or so ago. Not favorites, but they were a fun read.
    Loved the extra chapter of Black Lies. Noticed a review on the page said it would be a trilogy….I liked it as a stand alone, nice for a change. But I REALLY appreciate she didn’t leave on a cliff hanger.
    Very much looking forward to Mr. Beautiful. Have it marked on my calendar. Up In The Air is in my top Five favorite books. Can’t wait for More!!
    I’ve been reading out of our genre this week, so nothing new to add. I’ll get back to spicy this week. Have tax returns to do, so I will need it!
    And the Muppet Show has taken on a new dimension for me. I have no doubt Miss Piggy is an awesome Domme!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Yes, we gotta’ move there, I think… 😉 Snag us a couple of bad boys 😉 Yes, I think Black lies on a cliffie would have been a b&tch! I was wondering about a follow on because she had that bit at the end about the aunt plotting revenge. Which Up In The Air are you referring to, Sharon? Yes, nothing like a saucy book to forget your bean counting woes! LOL! Good luck with your tax! Miss Piggy rocks that whip!


      • Sharon Starr says:

        Holy Hell, woman. Have you not read the Up in the Air trilogy? It is awesomeness. Based around a gorgeous flight stewardess meeting the gorgeous man of her life, up in the air….and many vigorous lemons fling themselves from New York to Las Vegas. The first of the trilogy is “In Flight”. And her gay best friend, Stephan is completely wonderful. I would gladly leave my husband to have a best friend like him. There are several books written to complement the trilogy, which I enjoyed all, but the main trilogy is the best (as is usually the case.) The Mr. Beautiful coming out is an offshoot of the original trilogy…I’m thinking perhaps more of a lengthy epilogue. And I wait for it with quivering expectations! Up in the Air is one of those books that I love to go back and read again anytime I’m not finding a book to suit me. Love Bianca. Love Mr. Beautiful, Love Stephan, Love all the crazy friends….This trilogy is a Sharon Best of the Best. And if you don’t love it, I have to find a different New Zealand best friend!! 😉 Just kidding. Would have to meet someone else from there first. HEA, light BDSM, wonderful book characters. I’ve been looking forward to Mr. Beautiful for months. Hoping it won’t disappoint!


  6. tracy says:

    I haven’t been reading much either. Alessandra Torre’s and Katie Ashley’s names keep popping up so I might have to give them a try. I too am looking forward to Mr. Beautiful and Tied. The only reading I have done is the little novella’s Tiffany Reisz has written about Nora Sutherland. Nora’s crazy, I love her!!! I CAN’T WAIT for her 5th book in The Original Sinner’s series due November/December. I haven’t “shared” in a couple of weeks as I’ve been too busy to read 😦 but I still check in weekly to see what everyone else is reading. I’m thinking of going back in your archives to see what I have missed.


  7. MAC says:

    Welcome back Monique. Love the list of books thank you for posting them. I went off with the author you introduced me to Alessandra Torre because she really did reach me with her style. But I am reading the “Masked Innocence” series of three. Wow I really am hooked by her style and twists. Hot for sure but the story is also awesome. You know as I read it I lose track of all time and am really holding my breathe waiting… I got really excited because I realized I have not really done that since our meander… Granted I loved alot of others but not with that “kick to my chest” that I feel when I am all in!! You know Monique, you have that gift of being able to get me to hold my breathe til I am almost blue!! Yelling at my Ipad like I can change the outcome of the plots… Thanks for continuing on this blog I look forward to all the comments and talk… So gotta get back to Brad DeLuca now almost at book 3!! ❤


    • Monique Lain says:

      Thank you. It was nice to take a break but day one on my new job and any and all holiday was completely forgotten! LOL! So? Masked Innocence, huh? That’s quite a review you posted. Now I’m going to HAVE to check it out! Thank you for your continued support and, just so you know, making you hold your breath, I must admit, is one of my absolute favorite pastimes! LOL! 😉 So many books, so little time! As always, it’s great to hear from you! 🙂


  8. MAC says:

    Okay I loved this series!!!

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