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Hello girls 😉

After a hectic first week at work I’ve forgotten all about having a holiday! LOL! And on top of that we are on the steep, swift downhill to the end of the year…. *sigh* Where does the time go? The light at the end of the tunnel? At least it brings us closer to February and the release of the movie…. 😉

From the sexy to the cute and right up to the downright bizarre; FSOG has touched EVERYTHING around us…

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This week I read:

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Knight by Kristen Ashley, book one in the Unfinished Hero series, was chock-full of hot, Alpha male and all the delicious little bits that goes with that… It was a great read.

Stay WIth Me by J Lynn, book three in the Wait For You series was another good book from this author. I always enjoy the action/romance aspect of her stories.

Currently I’m reading:


Tied by Emma Chase, book four in the Tangled series. Already I’m enjoying the fun this series is known for.

If you enjoyed the extra bit of Black Lies from last week, click the link to sign up for Alessandra Torre’s newsletter at the end of her e book; Black Lies and receive a PDF copy of one of the deleted scenes from her book. Thank you, Sharon for sharing this little gem of info with us 😉


Here’s me, every day of the week 🙂 LOL!


I hope you have a great week. Remember to share your best reads with us!

Monique xx

M heart

13 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Sharon says:

    Just amazing the impact FSOG has had on so many levels (at least 50). Those cupcakes are gorgeous! And incidentally, so,is this blog. You have really done a lovely job on your whole site! Totally loved the meme on going to the gym. Too True!!!
    So. I don’t typically like dark books, but once or twice a year I decide to go there. If you have ever read Captive in the Dark (Dark Duet series), that is about as dark as I care to go. And I do recommend those if you want to walk on the dark side. So it’s been a long time since I read dark, and I came across Twist Me and Keep Me by Anna Zaires. They are not quite as dark as the Dark Duet books, but dark enough for me. Totally gorgeous criminal kidnaps young girl to make her into what he needs her to be. By the end of the first book, the story isn’t terribly dark at all. I enjoyed both, and think maybe there will be a third, but no cliffhanger. Yay for that!
    I liked the author enough that I picked up the first of an erotic trilogy called the Krinar Chronicles that she teased at the end of her books, and while I thought there were promising elements, I just didn’t care about the characters. So that one I didn’t finish.
    Think Stay with Me is next for me. And I downloaded Blindfolded Innocence by Alessandra Torres…so that might follow.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Thank you, Sharon! I’m so glad you see the effort that goes into it. I’ve heard of Dark and its storyline and I must admit that I’m very curious. I believe it’s a great read but damn, that subject matter seems VERY heavy. Did it make you cry? Thank you for the super share, Sharon 😉


      • Sharon says:

        The subject matter is very heavy….but the ending on both dark series, while not exactly happy, wasn’t sad. I’m sure there are much darker books with much more abuse available, but I don’t want to go there. If you want to start with Twist Me and Keep me….they might be better to give you a lighter taste of dark. (Interesting phrase!) Dark Duet is quite a bit more twisted. Neither series made me cry, but that is maybe just me, I rarely tear up. You’ll have to let me know if you do.


  2. MAC says:

    Loved the “Blindfolded Innocence” Trilogy!! Hope you do….


  3. MAC says:

    Yay…It’s great to be on the blog with you Sharon. Just finished Sex, Love, Repeat… that Monique had listed. I really do love Torre’s writing style and she always has a surprise around the corner much like Monique!! I loved meander because everytime Monique took us over another hill in her roller coaster she then whipped us back in another direction… Usually upside down!! I connected with Alessandra much the same I guess and so love when I am left shaking my head…Nope totally did NOT see that coming. But this book in particular left me so sad… I don’t know HOW I expected the three of them to walk off into the sunset I just did!! You know Stewart comes to his senses and maybe surfer boy runs off to catch a wave but not Stewart finding it with another woman right in front of her… Well I guess in the end it is an authors dream to have her audience “react” so dream is accomplished… Excellent!! ❤


  4. MAC says:

    Just finished “Deacon” anyone else read this yet? Felt extremely slow to me. Then sort of just ended with no impression. Maybe just didn’t speak to me… They all can’t right? Hugs ❤


    • Sharon says:

      I really enjoyed Deacon, but I’ve read many of Kristen Ashley books and I’m accustomed to her cadence of writing. And she has it set up for at least one more book in the series, I think perhaps that is why it felt like an open ending to you. It ended, but with a lot of loose ends. But hell yeah, I could make good use of Deacon if he came by looking for a place to stay. Yum. Deep, dark, and da man has skills!


    • Monique Lain says:

      I enjoyed it but yes, at times very slow. Also I wasn’t crazy about his extremely stilted conversation, the one-word-grunts… 😛


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