It’s in his kiss….

Firstly, I saw this link on the Laters Baby Facebook page; an FSOG quiz! Fun, fun, fun! 😉

Do the MTV FSOG quiz here

Also, the stills from the Universal movie compliments of a reader on G+. I loved the elevator scene ones so much I thought I’d share them with you… Oh my…. 😉















Makes your toes curl, right? 

14 thoughts on “It’s in his kiss….

  1. Sheila H. says:

    Yes, it does make your toes curl Monique. I am sooooo looking forward to seeing this film. I am getting used to Jamie and Dakota because I think they look good together. Dakota is a good actress but she does not have that gentleness in her face that I picture in my mind of Ana. Still, it makes no difference who we wanted for the parts in the film the decision has been made and I am sure we will all enjoy the film.


  2. Mercia says:

    No. I just can’t relate them to. FSoG .
    A book takes place in the mind.
    When we go to the movies we say,
    ” Oh, the book was better.”
    I hope the movie works well though. If only for E L J.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Yes, that’s true, Mercia and this one, I think, more than most. I am worried but I like to think that I can be objective despite the cast not being my personal ideal. Now I just want them to stick to the story, show the beauty of the love blooming between them and the way she heals him.


  3. It pretty does make your toes curl!! So hoping the movie does justice to the book..


  4. Sharon says:

    I think books will definitely be better, but looking forward to a fun ride at the movies! What a fun quiz….definitely have read the series too many times!


    • Monique Lain says:

      I think that’s inevitable but I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised. I will be happy if they manage to capture the love between the two and stick to the vein of the book. LOL for the quiz. It was fun! 😉


  5. MAC says:

    OMG… What a great Monday heat-up!! Hope we all get to do this once in our lives!!


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