Between the covers book club

Hello lovely ladies 🙂

As I’m about to go on holiday – a much needed break – I thought I’d do the book club post early and also take the opportunity to wish the American readers a happy Thanksgiving. 


Fresh news from the Laters Baby website is that FSOG will be re released on the 6th of January with a new cover; one that boasts the release of the movie….

book cover

…Oh so exciting! 😉


This week I read:


Captivated By You by Sylvia Day. It was a helluva’ long wait for book four, and now -again – we wait for book five; the concluding book. But this one, just like book three, felt like one long bridging chapter to me. Was I not so thoroughly addicted to Gideon and Eva I would have ditched the series. I adore Sylvia’s writing style but I almost feel as though she’s bored with the series. Was I the only one that raged at the cut-short swing scene? We’ve been hearing about this damn swing throughout the three previous books and finally, with this one, Gideon gets Eva into the swing and sizzle, sizzle, fizzle, fizzle… I was expecting SO much more from what could have been a scorching scene. Still, I’m holding my breath for book five. It’s will have to be a magnificent one if it is going to encompass all the loose ends and still bring the heat and drama.

Currently I’m reading:


Maverick by Lora Leigh, book two in the Elite Opps series. Like the first one it’s intense and sucked me in right from the start. I’m loving it so far.

I’m so looking forward to Katy Evans’s as well as Tiffany Reisz’s new releases. Here’s a list of books we love being released in December:




These are screenshots taken from the Goodreads site where you can see more details:




That’s it from me today, girls. I hope you have a stunning weekend and get to immerse yourself in an all-consuming read.

Monique xx

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Between the covers book club and more…

Hello ladies 🙂

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. Moving, as always, is stressful and all consuming, but – hopefully – I’m back now 😉 Thank you for all the e-mails and good wishes. I always enjoy hearing from you. 

So, a LOT has been happening as far as the trailer is concerned. Mostly extra edits or fan made versions of our delicious couple’s red room antics….

I LOVE this one…

This one is from Universal Latino:

And another…

Then, this from Sharon: What if Fifty Shades was a romantic comedy? Too funny!

MSN Video

And I’m happy to hear that Jamie is growing on some…

JD does James Dean

I agree with you, Katherine. This one certainly bodes well 😉

I saw this on the Laters Baby facebook page. Fifty Shades inspired washing detergent… 


Oh my… What ever next???

The Spanish readers will be delighted with the next chapter from Kereny. Find chapter 41 in the sidebar.

ven button1

This week I read:


Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina and Lauren, book two in the Wild Seasons series. It was awesome. A delightful read filled with all the yummy drama we’ve come to expect from this super writing duo.

Currently I’m reading:


Captivated By You by Sylvia Day, book four in the Crossfire series. It was a loooong wait but I’m enjoying it so far. I just hope that she’s moving on with the story.


I’m excited about a whole bunch of fabulous books coming over the next month or so. Perfect for the upcoming holidays. Yay!


Have a beautiful weekend, girls. If you read anything special, remember to share 🙂

Between the covers book club

Hello ladies 😉

I hope you’ve had a good weekend and enjoyed the second glimpse of our movie. I always love all the spinoffs that come after the release of new footage. Have a giggle at this one – Barbie does FSOG

And then, thanks to the Laters Baby Facebook page, check out these delicious stills from the trailer:



This week I read:


End Of The Innocence by Alessandra Torre was stunning. The only complaint I had were the loose ends.

Currently I’m reading:


Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina and Lauren. This is shaping up to be a fun read. I’ll keep you posted.


I’m keeping it short today as I’m exhausted after our marathon move! 😛


Have a beautiful week, girls. Chat soon 🙂

Monique xx

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Oh my, oh my, oh my!

It’s here…. The second trailer and it’s so deliciously looooong!


Love it! Especially the bit in the hardware store!!! 

Movie trailer news….

Hello lovely ladies 🙂

Just saying hi, touching base to let you know that Mr Grey will see you soon…. Yay! 

Mr grey

Also, the movie has finally been rated! 

r rated

Mercifully, holy hotness will prevail! 🙂

TV ad for the trailer…

Hello, girls 😉

Just sharing a quick link with you…. The Laters Baby website posted this, a recording of the blurb advertising the new coming trailer… 

Oh my…. I can’t wait! Bring it, Mr Grey…. 😉


Between the covers book club

 Hello, lovely ladies 🙂

As expected my weekend is another whirl of boxes and cleaning. I hope, with all I have, that this latest move will the the final one in a LONG time! Also, my actual move day is the same day the trailer is being released so I’m not sure if I’ll have decent internet access by then, and being so far ahead in time here in Oz complicates matters further. Following the release of the trailer and then posting from my phone is sadly not possible, even with the latest in technology, but I will see what I can do. Please bare with me if my blog is not up-to-the minute on this one. I so enjoyed following the previous one’s release with you all.

This week saw the 100 day mark before the release of our long awaited, breathlessly anticipated movie and as if we’ve not been teased enough, there seems to be two teaser trailers for the second trailer; one for the US:

And one for the UK:

According the EL James’s Facebook page the full trailer will be released in the US on the 13th of November during Scandal on ABC. Beyonce remains closely tied to the movie. Her song; Haunted, will be released on the same day as the trailer it will feature in. See more on this from the Hollywood Reporter site.

fsog nails

Lastly on the FSOG news front, this week O.P.I nail varnish announced the launch of their Fifty Shades Of Grey range. This is set to happen early next year. I just love thee names of them, each named after a different aspect of the film: My Silk Tie is a pale, gleaming silver, Romantically Involved is a classic red, Dark Side Of The Mood is a stormy charcoal, a shimmering silver is called Shine For Me, Cement The Deal is a cool stone, and Embrace The Grey is described as a “chic, moody grey crème”. You can read more on the Laters Baby UK site.


This week I read:

bit Eoi mi

Break In Two by MJ Summers was not for me. I managed to get about one third through before I abandoned it.

Blindfolded Innocence and Masked Innocence by Alessandra Torre, book one and two in the Innocence series, in stark contrast, was FANTASTIC. I loved the first book, promptly bought the rest of the series, and commenced serious immersement. I might even have a new book boyfriend. It took me a little while to warm to Brad but I am warm now; H.O.T actually! LOL!


Currently I’m reading:


End Of The Innocence by Alessandra Torre, book three in the Innocence series.

On My Shelf I have:

drt m

Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christine and Lauren, book two in the Wild Seasons series. I’m excited for this one, and was it not for my current Torre addiction, I would have jumped into this one ASAP!

Maveric by Lora Leigh, book two in the Elite Opps series.

For those of you following Tiffany Reisz, and with the imminent release of The King, you can check out the free stories on her site: Free stories


So, wish me luck. I hope you guys have an awesome week and don’t forget to share with us!


Monique xx

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