Between the covers book club and more…

Hello ladies 🙂

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. Moving, as always, is stressful and all consuming, but – hopefully – I’m back now 😉 Thank you for all the e-mails and good wishes. I always enjoy hearing from you. 

So, a LOT has been happening as far as the trailer is concerned. Mostly extra edits or fan made versions of our delicious couple’s red room antics….

I LOVE this one…

This one is from Universal Latino:

And another…

Then, this from Sharon: What if Fifty Shades was a romantic comedy? Too funny!

MSN Video

And I’m happy to hear that Jamie is growing on some…

JD does James Dean

I agree with you, Katherine. This one certainly bodes well 😉

I saw this on the Laters Baby facebook page. Fifty Shades inspired washing detergent… 


Oh my… What ever next???

The Spanish readers will be delighted with the next chapter from Kereny. Find chapter 41 in the sidebar.

ven button1

This week I read:


Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina and Lauren, book two in the Wild Seasons series. It was awesome. A delightful read filled with all the yummy drama we’ve come to expect from this super writing duo.

Currently I’m reading:


Captivated By You by Sylvia Day, book four in the Crossfire series. It was a loooong wait but I’m enjoying it so far. I just hope that she’s moving on with the story.


I’m excited about a whole bunch of fabulous books coming over the next month or so. Perfect for the upcoming holidays. Yay!


Have a beautiful weekend, girls. If you read anything special, remember to share 🙂

14 thoughts on “Between the covers book club and more…

  1. MAC says:

    Good evening… Miss Monique: have missed your insightfulness. Read “Dirty Rowdy Thing” purely entertaining gotta get me some of that!!
    Did crack open “Captivated”… And for me Gideon is just as damaged and riveting as Lord Jesse. Definitely had me and I was all in for the soul wrenching angst that is Gideon. A lot of it made sense to me and the characters were kept true but some slow like Cary/tatiana… The Clancy connection for the murder could have been sooooo much more it was the perfect game changer and I felt ripped off that it was just like oh yeah by the way I did it for Eva. The demons Gideon is wrestling with are gripping. We see Gideon right to his soul and so we have the opportunity to do some Gideon bonding. Not so with Eva… She did not do it for me this time maybe next. And there lies my next frustration… Another book. Great yes but when?? Now we are left waiting yet again. I know that is the goal and the book is powerful ~ truly ~ but we wanted an ending for Gideon and Eva. Please don’t tell us it will be another year!!

    Don’t know where to go next…waited a long time for Captivated. Well my friend take solace in the fact that where you go others follow… Yup I think I will wait for you. I did get Livewire to go with Wild Card… Maybe I will do some Meander for a delicious break!! Hugs


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello dear friend. Yes, well said. I’m so with you on Captivated. There is sooo much she could have done with this and again it felt like one looong chapter but it was over way too soon! I adore Gideon but, like you, Eva grated on my nerves this time. I’m hoping to fall back in love with the final installation. I’m so glad that you enjoy Lora. I just love that hot/intense rush! So good to hear from you and thank you for your awesome share!! 😉


  2. jean says:

    “Captivated by You” was awesome but you are aware that there is a 5th and final book, aren’t you. So it will be another year before we can put the story to rest…(sigh).


  3. Sheila H. says:

    Hello everyone. I too, have read Captivated by You and although I enjoyed the book, I felt as if I had finished reading a chapter but could not turn to another chapter. I enjoyed it and will certainly read the final (I hope) book when everything will fall into place and there is a happy ending for Gideon and Eva. Glad to hear the move went okay Monique, I wish you and your family well in your new home.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Thanks, Sheila. Yes, it was rough but all over and we’re thoroughly settled. Yes, I enjoyed Captivated but I don’t want to wait so long for the final installment and she’s going to have to bring it to tie all the threads! Good to hear from you 🙂


  4. Sharon says:

    We were all “Captivated By You” this week. Shame she hadn’t written it as a fan fic like EL James did and could release all the books at once. (Subtle hint to Monique). Enjoyed the read, but not fulfilling….back to waiting for the final book five. Thought the romantic comedy trailer for fifty was very appealing! I would want to go see that! They could have a lot of fun with our favorite couple.
    Thanksgiving for US this week. We’re doing something different and cooking Dungeness Crab by the ocean. Thankful for the good things in life, including my book club ladies! Laters!


  5. tracy says:

    I, too, read “Captivated by You” and feel exactly the same way. I did enjoy it…but I hate that I have to wait…again…for the next book. I am very excited that “The King” by Tiffany Reisz is on it’s way to my front doorstep! I love that series! Nora Sutherland is a hoot!

    Has anyone read “One Night Denied” by Jodi Ellen Malpas? The first book didn’t get great reviews so I put off reading it. Now I have the 2nd book and I’m wondering if I should bother with the series?

    I’m putting “Dirty Rowdy Thing” on my bookshelf.


    • MAC says:

      Dirty Rowdy Thing was truly entertaining…I loved it because it is a story unto itself. Funny, sexy and rowdy!! Gotta get me one!! Enjoy.
      The One Night Denied was in a way better than the first like the meat and potatoes of the characters I just don’t think it has the intensity or endurance as Lord Jesse, Gideon or Christian. Only my opinion though.


    • Janien says:

      I have read ‘one night denied’ and the second one to. Mmmm, I liked it but not as much as I liked the ‘This man’ books. It is a bit too much for me, they keep ending up with eachother every time….but it felt a bit forced to me. Christian is still the one for me, can’t help it! Lol. Janien


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh Tracy and how good was The King?? Just too damn short! Or maybe I raced through it…. 😉 I hated One Night Promised, Tracy so I’m so reluctant to read book two despite being a 100% Jesse fan. Not sure what I’m going to do with that one yet. Dirty was great. Hope you enjoyed it!


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