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Hello lovely ladies 🙂

As I’m about to go on holiday – a much needed break – I thought I’d do the book club post early and also take the opportunity to wish the American readers a happy Thanksgiving. 


Fresh news from the Laters Baby website is that FSOG will be re released on the 6th of January with a new cover; one that boasts the release of the movie….

book cover

…Oh so exciting! 😉


This week I read:


Captivated By You by Sylvia Day. It was a helluva’ long wait for book four, and now -again – we wait for book five; the concluding book. But this one, just like book three, felt like one long bridging chapter to me. Was I not so thoroughly addicted to Gideon and Eva I would have ditched the series. I adore Sylvia’s writing style but I almost feel as though she’s bored with the series. Was I the only one that raged at the cut-short swing scene? We’ve been hearing about this damn swing throughout the three previous books and finally, with this one, Gideon gets Eva into the swing and sizzle, sizzle, fizzle, fizzle… I was expecting SO much more from what could have been a scorching scene. Still, I’m holding my breath for book five. It’s will have to be a magnificent one if it is going to encompass all the loose ends and still bring the heat and drama.

Currently I’m reading:


Maverick by Lora Leigh, book two in the Elite Opps series. Like the first one it’s intense and sucked me in right from the start. I’m loving it so far.

I’m so looking forward to Katy Evans’s as well as Tiffany Reisz’s new releases. Here’s a list of books we love being released in December:




These are screenshots taken from the Goodreads site where you can see more details:




That’s it from me today, girls. I hope you have a stunning weekend and get to immerse yourself in an all-consuming read.

Monique xx

M heart

19 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Karen says:

    Monique, Happy Thanksgiving from the United States. Enjoy your break and thank you for sharing your thoughts on the various romance books. I haven’t read Captivated by You yet but now I’m thinking of skipping it after your review. I was captivated by Gideon and Eva but book 4 sounds like it doesn’t meet reader’s expectations. Hope you have an awesome weekend!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Thank you, Karen. I liked Captivated but I hate that the series is being drawn out for what feels to me like simply making more bucks. It would be better if we didn’t have to wait so long between books or rather – if you can – wait for the final book before you read Captivated. Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! 🙂


  2. OfficeLadyProbz says:

    I agree with Captivated by You. As in book 3 I thought there were so many good storylines to take advantage of but it was just drawn out and boring. I will give kudos to Gideon’s POV. That was a nice change.


  3. Mrs.C says:

    I agree with Monique and the other two commentators. It seemed to me that the book was written by another author(?) I have finished reading “The Saint” and “The King” by Tiffany Reisz. She is a magnificent writer and I will forever be a fan. For those who have yet to discover this writer of some of the best erotica, please give it a try. 🙂


  4. Michele Harris says:

    Omg. I have yet to read Captivated because I thought the book could have been wrapped up with the last one and the reviews are not good. This week I did a reread of Layne Harper’s series Falling into Infinity. The book was amazing. Don’t sleep on the series ladies. You will be missing out.


  5. gabyaveledo says:

    I was soooo anxious to read Captivated by You, and just felt dissapointed by it. I think she tries so hard for Gideon to be like Christian Grey, that they even share their initials (in reverse), but in the end, its like she is not breve enough to push the envelope and write a real bdsm scene. Come on, everybody has been tied up, so to me, that didn’t even count. The swing was promising, but suddenly it was over, so fast, that I wasn’t even shure if Gideon and Eva were really over. Then, we have all this people they mention, but never come forward, so it makes me think the Last book is going to be really long, or else, leave many loose endings.


    • Sharon says:

      Too funny about the initials. I never noticed that…but ya gotta say, both Christian Grey and Gideon Cross are rockin’ strong names!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh the swing. I think that was my biggest let down of the book. I so agree with you! Over in the blink of an eye after she built up our expectations for that scene over the length of the three previous books. I hope you’re right about the last book – a super long thorough one is what we need to pull this series back into the top form it started!


  6. Sharon says:

    I enjoyed Captivated….but didn’t love it. It did feel like “filler” to stretch the series further. If you are reluctant to read it, I think it would probably be a better read with book 5 when it comes out. I’m glad book five is supposed to wrap it up as stretching it weakened it a bit. But it was still good. I love Carey, just want to kiss the boy all better. I would really like him to find a happy place.
    And I was ecstatic that “The King” by Tiffany Reisz came out earlier than the projected December 5 date. She never disappoints!! It was during my vacation (same as a holiday for those down under, Monique), so it made for unexpected and yumptious vacation reading. Loved, loved, loved, loved it. Damn…but the girl can write.
    Don ‘t know what’s next….Infinity series sounds interesting, Michele. I downloaded the sample to see if it grabs me.
    Monique, hope your holiday is totally awesome. You SO deserve a fun break after all the moves!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      That’s good advice, Sharon; waiting for book five but hell, I did not have the discipline to wait. I so love Gideon. Yes, Sharon, Reisz is da bom! Hope you also had a good rest. I really need to recharge my batteries!!!


  7. MAC says:

    As well as you ladies I was not as “Captivated” as I would of liked to be. Yes I love Gideon and I love looking into his tortured soul as often as possible… I think that’s why I WANT to love it. I want to be so pulled into the story that I cannot get out so I have to hope the 5th book will do it. I was also disappointed by that fact! Please don’t screw with Gideon he is a strong alpha male that we have come to love and he is in line with the finest… Christian, Jesse. Give us the story… The hot sizzling Gideon eye rolling, panty-melting story…
    After this I switched gears hoping to fall back on my tried and true “Braydon” from Nicole Edwards… Again did not come through for me this time. It was a good read but I kept having to go back to the cover and make sure the book was titled “Braydon” and not “Brendon” his twin cause she talked more about the twin than she did about the hot, sizzling panty-dropping Braydon. Did not do that twin justice.
    Two down… Well back to the elite ops I go. I’ve enjoyed a couple of these on Moniques recommendation so I will go with Heat seeker.

    Thanks for the monthly list Monique I have already downloaded previews to some. Hope all is well and you enjoyed your vacay! Miss talking with you but so appreciate my meander ladies and our book group. Happy reading ladies!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey girlfriend! Sorry for being MIA. Life gets in the way of blocks of time to spend with you guys! Good to see we’re on the same page – so to speak 😉 My vacay was awesome but as always, way too short! You’re welcome for the monthly list. This last one was a great one! Thank you for your regular, stunning contributions to the book club. It’s always appreciated!


  8. MAC says:

    Hey ladies… I detoured and read “Forever with you” it was funny, spicey and Domenic is ADORABLE… The ending was a bit abrupt I was totally expecting more but it was a great read really.
    Anyone else got a winner??


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