Between the covers book club and more

Hello, lovely ladies 😉

With two months to go there’s lots of news surrounding FSOG and the movie. Fun for us, right?

Firstly, the Fifty Shades movie site got a makeover. Check it out by clicking the link.

Secondly, from the Laters Baby site; new stills from Universal:

Carrick Kate

Book Watch

Grace Mia

Diary Pen

Then, here are some new pics of Jamie on The Guardian site.

Also, a sexy slew of fan made trailers and music videos:

So Yummy!

Kereny updated the Spanish translation of Meander. Please find chapter 42 in the sidebar. Thank you, girlfriend!

ven button1


This week I read:

mtu c

Mai Tai’d Up by Alice Clayton, book four in the Cocktail series, was not my favorite in this range. I found it too similar to book three and not nearly as fun.

Chat by Theresa Rite was a great read. A standalone book that was sexy and well written. Good find! Thank you, Susan!

Currently I’m reading:


Ripped by Katie Evans, book five in the Real series. I love this author and as always I look forward to the hot and steamy she loves to dish.

On my shelf I have:


 Hard Limit by Meredith Wild, book four in the Hackers series.


 As we’re still falling headlong into the Christmas season:

dog christmas

This, on the other hand, is completely unrelated but soooo cute!

Have a giggle at your local hardware store….


That’s it from me, ladies. I hope you have a stunning week and remember to share your sexy finds with us!

Monique xx

M heart

10 thoughts on “Between the covers book club and more

  1. Katherine says:

    😀 I should shop at that hardware store………look exciting!
    This week I finally finished reading Wild Card, even though I found it hard to get into I loved it in the end and just adore Nathan/Noah
    I have just started to read Hard Limit so no opinion yet. I enjoyed the rest of the series so looking forward to getting stuck into it.
    Regarding the casting of the FSOG characters…………..absolutely abysmal the more I see the more I’m convinced its going to be a load of rubbish, we all know that books are always better than the film but no one that has been cast meets my expectations at all I thought Ana was bad but Mia is a whole other level that’s all I can say thats nice….ish
    this feels like a disaster waiting to happen


    • Monique Lain says:

      I does, right?? LOL! I want to know where I can find that store!! I vacillate in my movie feelings, Katherine but I remain hopeful. I’ve booked my ticket. Two of my mates and I are taking the day off; going for a champagne breakfast, then heading for the 10am movie in star class…. Not sure how I feel about going to s steamy movie in the morning but I HAVE to be the first to see it! 😉


      • Katherine says:

        Sounds like a fab day out I can’t wait to hear what you think.
        I’m going to watch it with some old workmates dinner movie and drinks and not forgetting wearing my silver balls 😄 I don’t really have high expectations so if it’s better than I think it will be good if not then I can drown my sorrows with alcohol lol x


  2. KereCB says:

    You are welcome my friend! As for the movie I still don’t like Rita Ora as Mia, but for what I’ve seen in the trailers I like they way the movie looks like… This week I read Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren and I olved it! Is funny, sexy and hot. Also I read Zzz by Tammy Falkner from the Reed Brothers series and I loved it too, like every book of the serie is so down to earth, stories that are so real and like characters so real that I really enjoyed it. Have a lovely week my friend! Kx


  3. tracy says:

    This week I read The King by Tiffany Reisz. It’s the 6th (there are 8 total) in her Original Sinners series. Even though it has m/m, a sadist priest, and bdsm, it’s still one of my favorite series. Crazy, right? The 3 main characters have such a close bond…that’s that part I really like…and the humor…honestly 😉 Just started reading Ripped by Katy Evans, only 4 chapters in so I can’t comment , yet. I loved the rest of her books so I hoping for good things with this one as well.


  4. MAC says:

    Hi Ladies: I so wanted to send you my naughty but worth it Santa 😉 ~But I cannot get him to paste into our comment box. 😦
    Well I am very excited to say that I ventured out to a new author for me writing about our hot military alpha’s… “Perfect Chaos” by Ashoda Rose
    And perfect it was !!! Score. Just the book I needed. It is listed as the first of 3. The characters were awesome. The story is addictive, suspenseful and sexy. The main alpha male character is Deck!! But the book is full of others just as noteworthy if you like this kind of story.

    Thank you Monique for all the characters and tidbits about the movie. I am not sold on Rita or Ana and do whole heartedly agree with Katherine’s nice…ish comment. All our bloggerrs seem positive about the “King” so I think I will venture that way… ❤


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh my! A naughty Santa, huh? You can e mail me and I’ll put it on the blog for you if you want: Mmmhhh… Your book sounds very promising. Gotta’ love HOT alphas in a military setting… Yum-yum! Do you follow the Original Sinners series? Tiffany Reisz rocks! If I had a smidgen of that talent I would be super stoked! Love your comment, as usual! 😉 Thank you!


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