Between the covers book club

Hello ladies 🙂

I hope you’ve had a good week and are enjoying all the recent delicious reads  from our fav authors 😉

If, like me, your first choice for Christian’s role was Jessie Pavelka, then you’ll LOVE this little fan made trailer by “Mylifeascynthia” featuring him as lord Jesse from the This Man trilogy of books  …. 

Oh my…. 😉 As a side note, you should check out her Youtube channel. She’s got some very well made “trailers” on there!

This week I read:


Ripped by Katie Evans, book five in the Real series. I enjoyed it but I struggled to connect with the characters. Still, she’s a great author and deserves a read.

Currently I’m reading:


Hard Limit by Meredith Wild, book four in the Hackers series. I was under the impression that this was the last in the series, but MAC set me straight (thanks for that!) – it seems we’ll be waiting for yet another installment before we can close the book on this one 😉


In keeping with our Christmas joke theme, I thought I’d share this cutie:


Then, I saw this on Facebook….



Funny, right? LOL! 😀

I hope you have a blessed week and get all your Chrissy shopping done in time!

Monique xx

M heart

29 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. mothergolf says:

    Merry Christmas, or if that is not appropriate, then happy holidays. Love reading what you write and all your rec’s……..


  2. patsy55 says:

    I love what you write but want more, when will you add more to your story. The Christmas Day fight was good but want more after chapter 70. Thank you.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Glad that you enjoyed the story but after over two years of blood sweat and tears it’s time to say goodbye. I’d like to do an epilogue but I have to find the time…. 😉 Thank you for your feedback.


  3. It Was so funny … I’m so totally stealing it … Mera christmas! Loge your Blog… How the book going ?


  4. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique, this week I read Hard Limit by Meredith Wild it was just ok but not happy to see that there is another part, not sure how much more she can get from Blake and Erica?
    Have a few books to read over the holidays if I have the time.
    merry Christmas to you and your family and to all your readers and a very happy 2015 xxx


    • Monique Lain says:

      Thank you, Katherine! Yes, I was hoping for it to be done with now. I’ve enjoyed the series but five books is just too much. Thank you also for your kind wishes. I hope all the best for you and your lovely family for Christmas and the coming year 😉


  5. Katherine says:

    Just watched the Jesse and Ava trailer On My is right…… how sexy is he I don’t think I’ve seen him before.
    puts me in the mood for a bit of the lord of the manor 😀


  6. MAC says:

    Hi ladies: hey I was looking back through the Meander writings Monique and wondered how long “we have been blessed with you”… We should have an anniversary date, right?? Glad others think the road with Blake and Erica is getting thin. Can’t wait for your insight Monique.
    I went from my new read… “Perfect Chaos” last post onto another writer T L Swan… ” Stanton Adore & Unconditional ” there is unfortunately another book in this trilogy which frustrates me a lot more than it used to!! First book I could not put down ~ the story is intense, sexually charged with the Stanton family at its centre… And their lies. If you are searching new reads plug it in and read the summary!!

    I wish all our awesome ladies happy and safe holidays…
    For Monique… I will be always indebted to you for fostering my adventurous love of reading…

    Deck the halls of Jesse’s manor… Falalalala lalalala
    Fill the rooms with all things naughty… Falalalala lalalala
    Dom’s await us in the playroom… Ohlalalala lalalala
    Strike the pose you know what’s coming ~
    If its not hard it will be thrumming!!
    Take your pick and join the party… Falalalala lalalala
    Jesse’s in his office, Gideon’s dressed for play
    Christian as always in fifty shades of grey!!
    Hohoho ladies! ❤


  7. Sharon says:

    Jessie Pavelka would have been a beautiful Christian. Some of the fan trailers are so professional looking, it just seems it would take countless hours to locate all the footage. Would love to see how they do it, totally beyond me.
    I’m not reading much, spending my time driving around looking for the two guys that need to go to McDonalds!! Yowsa!
    I had a few short Christmas romances that I’ve been trying to get off my unread shelf. Nothing overwhelming, and nothing that makes me want to go buy a series to continue, but kind of a nice seasonal thing. One thing I have learned, historical romance just really does not do it for me. I’ve tried it several times…it just isn’t my cup of tea.
    Merry Christmas,everyone. And thank you for all the time you dedicate to your blog, Monique!! Looking forward to good reads in 2015! (And sharing one very anticipated movie with my book club friends!!!)


    • Monique Lain says:

      IKR? Jessie is the perfect CG! And I love the fan made trailers! They are so good. So? No historical romance for you then? Have you tried Sylvia Day’s ones? Seven Years to sin is apparently the book that inspired her Crossfire series…. I just love all that strange terminology 😉


  8. Sharon says:

    I will add that Tiffany Reisz put a Christmas story on her website…which is definitely the best Christmas romance I’ve read. It is male on male…which isn’t my thing…but also love and romance which is. And I love all things Tiffany Reisz. Here is the link if you love her writing as much as I do.


  9. Renuca Mahadeo says:

    On Dec 21, 2014 6:51 AM, “fifty shades of grey and more” wrote: > > Monique Lain posted: “Hello ladies 🙂 I hope you’ve had a good week and are enjoying all the recent delicious reads from our fav authors 😉 If, like me, your first choice for Christian’s role was Jessie Pavelka, then you’ll LOVE this little fan made trailer by “Mylifeascyn” >


  10. Such a good post i so want to still it and send it to my friends…. 🙂


  11. Reblogged this on Home is Where my Books are… and commented:
    This one Was so Good just had to show you … ( Thanks Monique)


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