Happy 2015!

Dear friends,

Thank you for another year of support. I’m grateful to you and wish you only the best of what’s to come in the new year. May your heart’s desires become your reality, may the love bonds in your live grow in strength, and may you always have a good book waiting for you. Happy 2015, girls!

new year

Monique ❤

18 thoughts on “Happy 2015!

  1. Mercia says:

    Happy New Year to you, Monique. And thank you so much for, Fifty shades Meander! Please write some more in 2015!

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  2. Karen says:

    Happy New Year Monique! Looking forward to reading more of your work in 2015!!!

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  3. Marlene Cadogan says:

    Hi Monique,

    Thank you for all the beautiful books.
    Wish you and your love ones, a super happy new year and more book tips in 2015.

    Best regards,

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

    > Op 31 dec. 2014 om 06:36 heeft fifty shades of grey and more het volgende geschreven:

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  4. Patricia says:

    Have a great 2015 wishing you and your family a great year. Wishing all your readers,fans a happy new year

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  5. MAC says:

    For the last time this year I will say… Monique it has been a life changing adventure being with you… through Meander and now being a part of the book blog. I can say beyond a doubt that my weeks would not be complete without being able to go to “our spot”… You are a writer with a deep love for all things romantic but you are also a writer with deep loyalty to us… Yes Meander sadly came to an end… Epilogue pending… But you still connect with all of us so we can carry on with our book blog despite your busy life. I cannot imagine you not in my creative life… So I am going into 2015 hands up ~ fist pumping… As we get ready for sharing another memorable year in books, scandals and smokin hot sex!! ❤

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  6. MAC says:

    See you on the other side ladies… 2015. All the best. ❤

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  7. Lucia says:

    Dear Monique, thank you so much for your work and your
    May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations and good reads on your life. Wishing you an year fully loaded with happiness.
    Wishing all your readers, fans a Happy New Year

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  8. Katherine says:

    Happy New Year to you Monique and to all your book club girls.
    Thanks for all the time and effort you have given to us keeping us up to date on all the best reads xxx

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  9. Carmela says:

    Happy new year to you too Monique. I am grateful I came across your story. I have loved reading it so much and cried when it ended. Thanks for all the time you have devoted to us with this amazing story. Hope to read more from you in the future. Wishing you lots of good things always

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  10. Sheila H says:

    Thank you Monique and I wish you and your family a very happy 2015. Thank you for Meander and the Book club. I also wish all my fellow readers in the book club all the very best for 2015.

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  11. mothergolf says:

    Happy New Year to you. I go back and reread Meander again when I feel the need , its such an awesome take on our beloved characters. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent……hope there is more to come………

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  12. atterbury, Liz says:

    It’s already New Year you !! Hope it is a Happy and Healthy one!! Monique, please keep writing, you really have such a talent. Meander is a gift that keeps on giving. Thank You my dear sweet lady! xx, Liz S.

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  13. tracy says:

    Happy New Year, Monique and Book Club!!!! Looking forward to another year of steamy reads! Thanks for keeping the book club going…it’s my favorite place for new book ideas. Happy reading ladies!!!

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  14. Sharon says:

    Happy 2015, Monique and to all book club friends. Hope the New Year brings good things to all of us as we Meander our way out of 2014! Wow – this year did fly by.

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  15. Nicole Alers says:

    Happy christmas and new year Monique!

    Thanks for the many many wonderful mails this year- always loved opening them and enjoyed your little funnies too

    Sent from my iPhone


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  16. KereCB says:

    Happy new year Monique!!!! I still have 6 hours till new year, so getting ready to party all night long!
    Thank you for another wonderful year of reviews, news, books, and good coments.
    Hope you have an amazing 2015, also hope that maybe this year we could maybe meet us… lets see what happens…

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  17. Valerie says:

    Happy New Year Monique!! I’ve been trying to read, not very successfully, and I haven’t posted for a while now, but I still read your weekly emails! Thank you for writing for us all! Have a wonderful 2015 🙂

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  18. Mrs.C says:

    A Happy and Healthy New Year to you Monique and all who participate in the adventure called “More of Fifty Shades of Grey”!

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